Times have changed.

For every woman who's ever been told how to live her life, here's a song dedicated to you, sung by Singapore’s very own Tanya Chua.  And to find out how Income is evolving with the needs of today's women, go to income.com.sg/women. Because times have changed, and insurance should too.

Jade Tsang
she looks like older on 30 and younger at 40?
Chrissi Babee
All I'm here for is the song name and I found nothing. Rip
Gully bahar
i love you mom💞💕💞💕💞💕
gintobi tim
A good creative video. They should make one for the males too. There are way more things expected out from a male than there is from a female (at least in Singapore). It's a privilege to be born as a female in Singapore. That's why if I have children, I want a daughter instead of a son. Haha.
Michael Hunter
As long as people don't complain about the declining birthrate, sure.
Daniel Lim
Kudos to NTUC Income for this TVC. Well done. The rest of movie TVC sucks so bad... The previous travel insurance ad was quite well done too. Just a little too long. Regardless, love them!
It's funny that I got this ad in the cinema just before watching Wonder Woman
This is the only time I did not skip an ad :) Girls should not be confined to a certain standard! Let us be what we want! Anyone who dislikes this video is prolly an old-fashioned sexist mountain tortoise.
Laura Law
the only ads that i will never skip. Love the rhythm and the meaning of the ads. Well Done income and the team bring out this ads. Thanks a lot!!! u guys are AWESOME!!!!
Nurulain Md. Noor
This hits me like a Bullseye. Love it.
Weng Chenxi
In my family it is similar to this except that it is the oldest girl do the housework. I had to help with laundry,cooking,dishes,sweeping and mopping the floor,help my younger brother and sister with their homework.
I started learning cooking when I was 8 years old while my sister start learning this year when she is 12 years old. Being the eldest child I had to prepare meals for my siblings as well as clean up after that. Even if my sister cook(she only know how to fry an egg)but she didn't clean up, I have to do it. Often my siblings will criticise about the food,rejected to eat.
I help with the dishes when I was 5, my sister learn to clean the dishes when she was 9. My sister is lazy so I will have to do the dishes. When I am doing the housework,my siblings sit there enjoy watching the television,order me around as if I am a maid.
My sister often told me to help her with her homework,well if she is willing to learn I will. When I help her,she is playing with her phone,not even knowing what on earth I am talking.
When I complain my parents will repeat themselves that I am the eldest child,so what if I am the eldest child?!
Jax Targaryen
What if there were a male version of this song? :P
Guuui Feng
Replayed this video for a number of times :) Nice! True that there's all this pressure and expectations that we grow up along with unknowingly. Let's not follow blindly 😉
Xue Fu
i hope more girls or woman could see this
Sante Scartozzi
I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😘😘😘
Rebecca,Yexin Ma
So touched❤
《Times have changed 各按其时》
Dedicated to today’s women 献给今天的她
Sung by Tanya Chua 演唱:蔡健雅
Translation中译: Rebecca Ma

Before I was 5
I was told that ladies sit with their knees together
That I shouldn’t play rough with my brother
That girls played house and pretended to be a mum or a wife

Before I was 10
I was told to help with the dishes
That I had to do things against my wishes
That this was less expected of a man

Before I was 20
I was told I was fat
That nice ladies don’t dress like that
That a salad for lunch was plenty
Blah blah blah…

Before I was 30
I was told I had an expiration date
That I had to find a good mate
That it was about time I marry
有人告诉我: 女人有保质期

Before I was 40
I was told I had to be thebest mother
Do well at my job and focus on my daughter
That I should still look like I’m 30
有人告诉我: 要做全能妈妈

Now that I’m 40
With a daughter growing up so quickly
Who is soft and feminine and also tough and gritty
I’ll raise her to make her own rules and be
Whoever she wants to be
Weng Chenxi
What's the name of the song?
Zhu Yan
So touching and made me tear
this song is horrible
eliza h
Thank you
Huilian Haruki
I was thinking the voice sounds like Tanya. It is, lol. Nice ad!
Aidah Razali
This is the best ad I've seen in ages.
Jonathan Beauchamp
Accidentally stumbled upon this gem 💎
Navyantara Reddy
Love this!!!! <3 <3 <3
Evi Ningsih
i don't know why...this time i don't skip this ads.
nice video..
Haipan Jiang
A well-done YouTube advertisement! Award worthy!
When she's 10
She looks like me
Love to watch movie
Sabrina Barbarbrina
8 people who dislike this vid are probably sexist mcps ...zzzz great ad i teared at the end omg 💓💓💓☺️☺️☺️
Dark Shadow 87
My life but i disobey my mum and i have playful fights with my friends at school
Nguyễn Hưng
Beautiful <3
Lnbj24/Lina NBJ
If I didn't skip an ad, means it has meanings and is good. Well done.
This is too great
Lizzie McClane
AWWWWWW Adorable being a tomboy girl myself this warms my heart so much
Nice Ads and great song!! 👍👍🤗
Blue LoverMangle# Team Sapphire
I wanna cry😭
made me wanna tear ..
Kim Dahyun
The girl looks cute
The first time I didn't skip the ad because it was so good. I actually click on the channel to find this video. This video made me chocked abit. TT This ad Did a Very great job!!
Dan Surprise
Nice ad with a great message. Well done.
Elfina Murni Awangahad
I actually really really like this!!!! It resonates with me. Thank You❤️
Fishball Noodle
Really really nice song sung by a great singer!!! :))
The first time I didn't skip an ad and wanted to watch it twice lol
Great message! Let girls be whoever they want to be and never raise them any different from boys! Finally a company that gets it
Jennifer L.
A great ad with a good message.
Yellow dolphin
I seriously click on the ad cuz it was so amazinggg
Meg La
Nice ad!
Christine Wong
I want to download the song~
what a great ad omg
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