Why the world is worried about Turkey

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How Turkey's president gained so much power.

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-- Erdogan as important to Turkey as Ataturk, and trying to shape it in his own image as significantly as Ataturk did decades ago.
-- They’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum in their beliefs: Ataturk was a militant secularist, Erdogan a committed Islamist
-- Erdogan’s rise shows arc of Turkish history, from democracy to an ever more theocratic authoritarian state
-- This all matters because a more religious version of Vladimir Putin is now at the helm of the biggest, richest and most militarily powerful US ally in the region.

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Saksofon Kafa
Erdoğan = Hitler
and everybody know story of Hitler
Movout Of The Net
Trump refers himself in third person, repeatly denies the possibility of dictatorship. Is the world worried about US?
This video is boolshit !! Islamic state bla bla i stopped watchin at 4:18 .
v for Vendetta
long live Turkey...great leader
WTF is this guy saying? 0:07
Terran Marine
the poor ones like erdogan, the rich ones hate him.
can can
more than 200 journalist in jail by erdogan..
Vedat Kuşaklıgil
Why EU peoples are so amazing and loving Kemal Atattırt,Is he your spy or your agent,why you like him so much.Seems like Kemal dont father of Turks,but father of Christians and jews,also father of İranians.Hmm he is Atakafir
Raja Ejaz
May ALLAH help Erdogan.
Selim Tosun
"If the englishman says something to you to do, do the exact opposite thing because they don't want you to be great."
Not a single mention of the Kurdish problem and the issues of 20 million Kurds living in Turkey.
Sexism is stupid.
The election was super wrong there are millons of unsealed unacceptable vote and they accept them to win. Cheater bastards!
One issue is completely wrong in this, if the whole military wanted a coup noone could have been able to stop them besides the people not supporting the coup it was also not supported by the vast majority of the army. THe coup was staged by a group of military personnel under command of Fethullah Gulen who is a US ( Pennsylvania ) resident and most certainly under CIA control !
Haseeb ghaffar
World is not Worried about Turkey. Only USA, West and Israel are worried.
naraki rai
this is the most terrible video from vox
Ismail Abi
You worried about Turkey to not to be democratic country in the future. Allright what about past? Every ten years the military staged coups against their people. Is that normal at all? Who wants to live such a country? Military overthrew many legal elected goverments like they are superior or they have right to determine peoples choices instead of them. Actually this is not democracy, never a democracy. But you don't mention this and talking about Turkey's future. Sorry altough many of us not aware of this, Turkey's people constructing their future on their unfair past.
thats why you have to seperate chuch and state.. free to practice religion but you cant force one religions rules on all citizens..
David Quintana
This fight is being play all over the world and it has been fought for many decades now. Secular against Religion. By design the abrahamic religions can't tolerate others and so they will always be against the Secular movement that sets them all as private philosophies and not enlarge social movements. In a religious run government one must follow the religion in a secular government religion cannot be practice to the level that Abrahamic religions ask their followers to be practice. So either one or the other must fall.
Galatasaray The Best
Erdogan The Best
Rahmi Fehmi
Only Americans believing this kind of videos. so Thats why the west could never understand new world. and in confusion... go Lufy go (: if you continue like this. China will pass ahead you johnnies. do not fight with erdoğan, try to make deal if you want to have invests in future.
I voted NO in the referendum. We have won Erdogan have cheated by changing the rules after he lost the elections!
I don't recognize his rule and authority.
Master Piece
I live in turkey and %49 of the people is worried too because there are something going on and we cant stop it erdogan is using our religion to manipulate us but we cannot stop it how much we try we cant stop it....... sadly.
Ahmad Nasser
I think countries has it freedom unless there is no harm on neighbouring countries, while other countries put harm on the neighbouring countries. The majority of people will identify the identity of the country even the force will try to change it.
Yalnız Gezen
Batılıların tipik endişesi ile kaybedenlerinin ağlama duvarına dönmüş yorumlar.Çoğu kişi 1.30 tan sonra izlememiştir bile videoyu.
Khalud Benwalid
they always hate success of ummah
US wanted it ...
videos like this are the reason why English contains the word Bullshit.
Mujo ALB
What u care about turkey. USA is worse, RUSSIA is even worse. Shut up is not ur country, turkish love theyr leader. All muslims love him. As for other, well go to hell bcoz we dont care what u think about our leader. Long live REIS
Hey Dude
Ataturk was not a dictator and there is no resemblance between tayyip and atatürk lol
Hey Dude
Ataturk was not a dictator and there is no resemblance between tayyip and atatürk lol
Geographer 4 fun
I can only see more war for our childrens
lee zeo
world is worried about Iraq, iran, Israel followed by Afghanistan.
Look at the face of his wife, she seem so depressed and sad....
ناصر الزعبي
Not sure why he is labeled as an Islamist.. Removing the ban on headscarves is far from Islamist but rather a good move towards personal freedom. Yes, Erdogan has done some pretty unthoughtful decisions such as the recent polls, but I don't see what he is doing that is making people call him an Islamist dictator. A military coup is nothing to joke about..
Kadir Burç
World is worry about Turkey's developing. For what?!
I'don't think this is good thing for'em
secular dictator = good
muslim dictator = bad
the hypocrisy is real
its only return to the orginal settings. The state is becoming like us. We didnt choose secularizm or Kemalizm. We didnt choose this kind of state. We fight aganist kemalist system since 1930s .they forced us change. They change our alphabet. they changed our dress. they try tochange our religion. They try to change us. We never want becoming like eu. We r happy in turkey now. We dont care eu or us thoughts. we are we. in our way. But eu havent got tolerance different. they forced us to resemble.

Cheap propoganda about Turkey same lies same games same scums 👍🏻
Yalova Parkour
i wish Atatürk came back and help to the humanity :(

he is living in our hearts , he is not lost but we are losing his gifts...
Surah Al-Hujraat, Verse 10:
إِنَّمَا الْمُؤْمِنُونَ إِخْوَةٌ فَأَصْلِحُوا بَيْنَ أَخَوَيْكُمْ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُرْحَمُونَ

Mü'minler ancak kardeştirler. Öyleyse kardeşlerinizin arasını bulup-düzeltin ve Allah'tan korkup-sakının; umulur ki esirgenirsiniz.

via iQuran
cihangir gulsan

eye opening...
Naturally-High Beast
Misdirected Religion in general is the biggest cause of conflict throughout the planet.
Whether it be Christianity or Islam or whatever religion it is.
I am also living in this country and you know what the people who said no was actually higher but he changed the votrs. And for some reason we didn't vote there for the system we justed voted for AKP or NOT
Give some sort of true information and just squeez in some irregular facts that will drag attetion ... Media doing its job again. Way to go jews keep washing peoples minds.. Just like you did with Hitler. And i dont understand why you're worried about an islamic country obeying their religions rules. Atatürk gave women every political right which is what should have been done but that doesnt mean women and men are equal does it. I love how you drag attetion of certion groups now erdogan is a sexist which is a bad thing i guess. No one is discriminating women and no one is forcing them to do something they dont want. Absolutely brilliant job on washing peoples mind. Wake up people . We cant let this happen its not about erdoğan or atatürk.. This is the worlds tyranny ruling the entire world without no one noticing it.. They will say that Erdogan is a dictator and invade our country just like they did for centuries. Hitler., syria, libya.. DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRICKS, STAY UNITED, THE MOST PRECIOUS THING YOU HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS YOUR OWN PEOPLE!
why is it that only foreigners who have no say in whst happend in turkey have a problem with turkey and erdogan wheras turks the one's whose opinion matter love him? worry about your own bloody country
Hüseyin Kerem
Most of the information are misleading. Erdogan's quotes are taken out of context, many crucial background information is left out, and many claims like presidency rights after referendum are just false. The language and chosen information are clearly biased. As a Turkish citizen and a person who witnessed the coup attempt myself, I can clearly say that the things being told about Gezi Parkı protests and the fail coup attempt are misleading. This video is nothing but a propaganda in the name of journalism...
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