Eugene Jenkins
I like the way she's sleeping
Thank you..
Cody Campbell
Put the live cam up please
Diana Briscoe
Is this the live feed?
Jennifer Steele
I'm so sad I missed it! I think I was at Animal Kingdom at Disney World when she had her baby ;-)
Pat Montanez
Where is the baby?
Lu Johnson
Um Pay attention, people. This is not a livestream. smh.
L .Hall
People actually watch this :/
Lily Hutcherson
she is 20 by the way!
Sue Seagraves
April made another nest. Wish they would stop picking it up every day. She didn't do one last night but this one makes four .
Sharron Frommann
where is the live feed?
Kathy Stafford
Is this a live feed now!?
Maggie Elias
its coming out!
Diane S
Why is the live feed shut down?
mine doesn't show live,,
Julia young
How many months has she been pregnant now
Paige Turner
Why ask if she'll die from giving birth? Who knows until it's born.
Harry Morley
youtube...must be ran by a bunch of dingbats..bring back the live feed...
Brock Halbeisen
this is not live
Pat Strullmyer
The next full moon is April 11th she won't give birth until after then if the full moon theory holds true!
Sinnamon Sevening
Why do they keep going offline??? Hoping all is okay
siete degli imbroglioni, sembrava dalla vostra descrizione che la giraffa potesse partorire in questione di ore o pochissimi giorni mentre è passato oltre 1 mese. dovreste essere da denuncia. capisco la necessità dei soldi ma qui si esagera tenendo chiuso un'animale in uno spazio troppo piccolo
Anne's Reborn Babies and fun in The nursery
Good morning everyone. I am worried that she will not be able to birth this large baby. They will not pull the baby out? I hope she has it today. April 1 we could name her Aprils Fools .
Anton Meyer
wer ist auch eingeschlafen
Amber Pierce
does she ever get to go outside?
Is this live
CLB Nghệ Thuật GROUP
Diane Jenkins
Lainey Arnell, depends if you read the comments.
beverl lambrecht
It looks like we are going to have baby soon
April is waiting until April to give birth!
Barbara Pennell
Has it been taken off again? Although they say LIVE they all seem to be recorded. What is going on.?
Michaela Radford
I've been watching Alice and Oliver for nearly two weeks now. It's 10.30pm at night in the UK. Now I've lost the live stream. Please please help I'm so gutted I can't watch anymore.
Paul Keating
why is the live cam down, what is going on!? is April okay?
Don't suppose anyone knows if she's actually in labour yet??? Please?
PokeBlade101lol Lol768
Say something allready
PokeBlade101lol Lol768
Hey jey
Linda Bonner
Hope you have a good nite April...
Louie Owens Foster
Herchman Farm
Thank you for sharing April's adventure with us. We live on a farm and get to experience the birth of many animals, but nothing so exciting as the birth of animals from around the world. This is an educational experience that we can follow from the feeding, Vet checks, handlers of April to the enclosure they need. Very informative and can now take this experience with us when we go to our local Zoo. Many Blessings to you for sharing April with the world!
Mary Sanchez
who would want to get rid of live feed?
Manders Salamanders
Hey Jordan Patch...💩💩💩💩💩
Dawn Hales
how do i see the video from overnight
Barbie pharis
Barbie pharis
is that a baby hooves ibsee?
Cade Hall
Carol LaFountaine
Is she giving birth???
Carol LaFountaine
what was the due date?
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