First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners - THEN and NOW

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First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners - THEN and NOW
How first 5 Mr. Olympia Champions such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane look like now?
Watch video and leave your comment about them!

- Mendum - Elysium [NCS Release]

purushot thalapathi
lendens don t give up don t die
purushot thalapathi
for ever best only arnold only
brooks skroorb
big big body.but super tiny small penis. thats the truth yeah...
back when bodybuilders look like Greek gods straight outta the history books, nowadays they look like mutant steroid and synthol induced freaks.
I wonder why most bodybuilders now have a big bulging stomach. I mean, they look super bloated. Something to do with the diet?
was 1 larry der erste.
Dave Overbey
Bodybuilders' You can sure as hell tell they use steroids making themselves a cartoon balloon.that can also pop like a balloon too. They are big, stiff, bulky & clumsy. What good is it anyway?They are a bit over infatuated with it that they can't even pass up a mirror without admiration of it. It's really sick & disgusting & down right sad. It's such a pity. I think in their head they are insecure & feel the need to believe others will fear them if they flex their muscle image of super strength they really don't have without the balance of natural abilities due the deformity & immobility. It's too bad they are so obsessed & in love with themselves to take time to notice or even care for others to a point of just ridiculous.Most of them can't even work a regular job as due it's a handicap problem.
EDU menteInquieta
Esses caras são fodasticos
why me
when Arnold used steroids to when he doesn't
Luck Vieira
Sensacional o cara com 75 anos tem um corpo melhor que muita gente jovem.
Münir Baki Kavçakar
old but gold
Allclass GamingTv
Arnolds Body Like a Fucking Monster !! AWESOME <3
Art'Mik Mik'Art Richard
le ki qong maintient en bonne santé et prolonge la vie *... Avec ce qu'il a ingurgiter comme toxicité je ne suis pas surpris d'une mort aussi jeune et je pense qu 'il a vécu longtemps !!!
no roids pure talent and muscle
Basil Alzubaydi
Zane always looked great.
Elise Tyler
Pure class 😎
Ralph Gibbs
ya uh those pics are from wen Frank Zane was in his 50s n 60s. look on his instagram. I assure u he looks nothing like that anymore
Larry Vanhaze
Andre 1997
wtf is this shitty music?
charles dickens
We are given a short time on this earth... and a shorter time when we are thriving and young; and then it is over. ...such a short time. Make the most of it. ...Frank Zane still looks pretty good though; amazing. But then, he was not a massive roid user if I am not mistaken. Avoid those chemicals and be a fit bodybuilder; not just a short-lived piece of meat.
Pit Fall
time sucks..
Ethan Breton
recipient please the vidgo#% extension
Andrew Smith
True definition of jacked.
Still awesome champions no matter the years ! Blessings to them .
Thomas Adam
Flash requirement random more shop threat extension dare general.
yassine breton
mad humor sales unity style sandwich word tie tail swim twenty.
Bro you forgot to photoshop the thumbnail.
Dam Arnold still has amazing hair genetics too he's 70 and is still rocking full set of hair .
Steve Kimble S.
AT 76 Frank Zane looks amazing!
Esteban Rucco
As is the name of the background music thanks
mariama mbangwe
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Moiz Raza
In the end everything is destroyed
it isn't right what age does to people
Toby Gunn
It's so nice to see Franco and Arnold still training together! Gymbuddies FO LIFE!
Frank Zane is simply the greatest physique ever in the history of the sport. I know most think its Arnold and yes he did win all the awards but Zane just had (and still has) that crazy symmetry and aesthetics.
Arnold forever
Jesus Zane is ridiculous. Not even into bodybuilding but how can you not respect that dedication?
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Why would you include Sergio Oliva as a "then and now" if you don't have a "now" without a suit on?
Martin Armendariz
The song is depressing....
William Scurry
My God the music on this vid is cancer
Kriste Isopahkala
Those Oliva arms and that Columbu back, though. Daaaaamn. #fullhomoforthat
Franco and Arnold Lifelong bond
Cahyo Amiseso
So Arnold would die pretty soon somehow? Seeing the previous mr olympia........ah u know...
Arnold is not 70 yet! I know because I'm 5 weeks older than him and I'll turn 70 in 3 days. He was born July 30, 1947.
Gerardo Loucel
una duda que siempre tuve es como estos atletas aun con los farmacos que usaron llegaron a una edad avanzada
Are you telling me that Arnold's (70yrs old) is in better shape then out ape-like orange president?
USA New Today
joshua Matatula
gym tanpa obat
When body builders used to live to be 70+...
Shadow Heart
I need to quit fucking smoking...
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