First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners - THEN and NOW

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First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners - THEN and NOW
How first 5 Mr. Olympia Champions such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane look like now?
Watch video and leave your comment about them!

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Fawzi al kadre
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Delhi SkullRider
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frank zane looks still very good
Fernando Bahena
The ones from the 70s and 60s look like Greek gods
Mohammad Abdulrahman
Schwarzenegger got the best physique on the planet
Adam Pogubiło
music ?
John Vallsäter
this lame song slowley killed me
Why cant ppl post videos without shitty music?
VFX Studio
nature is a bitch
Jogatina 21
The best forever....
Siggi Boy
Nice that we all get old
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Greg Foster
Arnold would be in much better shape now in he didnt ever smoke. A shame but still a legend
Cuban Link 2010
Sergio was a good friend of mine I worked on his cars a lot I'm a technician in Chicago I missed him a lot
When bodybuilders were still human.
Quan Nguyen
I thought Arnold was only like 55 but he's 70 . I'm scared he might pass 😭😭
Getting old is scary.
Why does old Frank Zane look like Clint Eastwood?
Patrick Todd
I think Arnold looks great for his age. He's still jacked. Especially his arms.
Gravity is a mother fucker !
Arnie looked fucking fantastic back in the day
perry jones
wow....when your shoulder to hip ratio is so large...hard to look bad....good for him....
Whitewolf 4277
Remember these guys who body build can only maintain that for so long
mathew mann
Steroids...used responsibly, are the fountain of youth
robert rogers
Love seeing Arnold and Frank together as old men.
No One
What a shame, today's generation won't make it to 60.
Brother your music sucks
Teone Kim
Steroid effects !!
Aлексей Петков
sad music
khalid khalid jad
The greatness and power of God.
tyrone loki
arnold and franco training partners. thats epic. imagine them in your gym
Frank Zane is one sick individual with some sick ass genetics and incredible work ethic.
IW Nunn
Aging sux.
incredible Zane !!!
j w
Larry Scott still using steroids is fucking pathetic. You're that self conscious? You must look "good"? He gave so much? What the fuck did he give and do for others? He took fucking steroids and got a disease. &5 year old man using fucking steroids. Pathetic. He knows the gym and his build is all he has. Fucktard. These fucktards get remembered for taking steroids. A British SAS trooper named Brian lost his life in service with the most elite Special Forces in the world. Let's put him into remembrance, not roid using do nothings.
Jay Finn
zane i'm trying my best to look like that
anonymous 1
When bodybuilder looked good....
Van Deo
unbelievable arnold 70years old power still mode on. wow
I want more
I think they Feel good when they see people in same age can't move from the bed
Wim Boeren
Even in death they look better then most men alive.
Samir Castro
better tha me
Jessica Sophia
I'm busy reading Arnold's 'Total Recall' at the moment and I'm at the part where he's come to America for the first time to train and prepare for his next competition. I have to say, I've developed a great deal more respect for him.
Zane's physic was perfect in every way.
Moey M
You lost reb general lee was a defeted genral long live grant
Moey M
Take that racist flag down hillbilly
Zak Zak
arnold is the best
Billy Krzemien
Aging sucks...although Frank Zane looks great!
Swoll Arms
Scott and Oliva still had those biceps/ forearms. Two competitive buddies, Arnold and Columbo, working out together after all of these years, still looking good. Zane is still in great shape. When they showed his body and not his head ( and even then he still looked great), you'd never guess it was a 70 year old. The Golden Era of bodybuilding.
Body builders are great but the steroids shrink their genitals.
Rudey Capone
Back when bodybuilders were Greek gods, a sculpture, something to look up to. Most bodybuilders these days are freaks (not all, though).
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