First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners - THEN and NOW

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First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners - THEN and NOW
How first 5 Mr. Olympia Champions such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane look like now?
Watch video and leave your comment about them!

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Brad James
Frank motherfucker..
Iurii Mirianov
Song ?
Important to note, these guys didn't stop training. Once a bodybuilder, always a bodybuilder. It's a way of living a long, healthy life.
the screen is black
EPIC Gamer
and no burry becamed as strong as chuck norris lmao
Simon Warren
Such as? That's 'em all LOL!
Tyrone Worlds
lease every last one of them live to be in their seventies that is good for a man
Benni FI
looks better than 99 percent of the other old people
All goes to show, gains are all temporary.. but its great while they last
Dom Perso
and now to be continued her life ! and with a great story name, AND YOU ?
Hemant P
Bloody aging! pisses me off!!
Daniyal Ahmed
thats we called natural 👌
Mario's Relax Lounge
So what to expect, that they live forever? At least they conquered more fame, money and women than a loser depicting them older and naturally less muscular.
Fik Desta
If these idiots knew that being athletic and lean can make you look and feel (I mean it!) healthier and younger even in your 80s than, bulky and survival of the damage of "chemical weapons", I mean Steroids of any variety to glorify themselves by just reaching their 70th is laughable as this clip shows.
Fuis Wichtig
Fuis Wichtig
Ken W
good lord arnold had veins in his back even
Nasir Abbas
i thought i was never going to die.
clickbait thumbnail
frank zane kept his body the best. Guess moderation is key for longevity . zane dindt eat much food and he didnt take massive dosages ( I assume, i jave no idea wat his cycle was like but his diet had been documented and its only like 1500 calories at best, his out of contest diet is like 2000-2500 ), but he did do alot of volume work.
Frank Zane looks great.
Quantum Potential
Very Impressive.
Mihai Iulian
Love, Mercy, and Humility
Old skin. The ravages of tanning.
Kagiso Lekoa
Arnold still lifting in his 70s? Thats amazing.
Jorge denverg
their enemies are so happy =)
Edward LaFlamme
arnolds just surfin now man hes just surfin
Sean Stephen
You then: Bitch You now: Bitch
RR 1000
The UnbeatenLake
Arnold will still be lifting when he's in his 80's.
zack sunbae
no rocky balboa?
Rory Tekanoff
Some great bodybuilders in this video, from an era where it was almost freakish to look this way! Inspirational for all us old guys who remember them.
Josh Madrigal
forgot zyzxx
mike michaels
frank zane man what a legend
most symmetrical body out.of all.of them.
Really, all these guys were from California'sbest era. Today they would all be stockbrokers- except Sergio- who probably would have been a cop.
Pharoah 5ha God
music sucks
Patryk Z
i to jest fajne a nie te kurczaki na sterydach
Jason Polk
Dr. Franco in the house lol. i see that he won Mr. Olympia only after Arnold retired, twice. But again no one back then could beat Arnold
Larry Scott, Serge Olivia...amazing Serge had that perfect V. Arnold looks a lot different without the roids...and why do they always skip Lee Haney..won more titles than Arnold in a more competitive field
Jeff Ochoa
since then Frank had shoulder surgery so he lost a lot of muscle mass but I'm pretty sure he's an excellent overall condition still
Jeff Ochoa
the Frank Zane pictures are from when he was 64 years old
Ken Neron
Buddhism proven again
George Souvatzidis
Frank Zane and Arnold always were my personal favorites. Great video!
Zane is an ultimate!!!
ilip shrestha
hatsoff to them..
Zane looks better than current Ronnie coleman...
Hendrik bra tapes
WOw ...Just released that this Oliva is the the same Oliva from Baki the grappler anime
Eugene Flanagan
why do all fitness based videos play shit music?
I found out this app really works, LMHAO!!! They have nearly 4.5 Million followers.
Adam Skead
Arnold doesn't look that bad when he's not too buff
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