I almost choked on my drink when he said his Jeff Sessions alter ego lmao
Pay no attention to the man behind the cookie!
Johnny Galindo
Dam! Lol! The savage is too great!
James Long
Sharing this because I forgot which philosopher wrote about homosexuality. I agree completely about the dangers to society, however I don't have a problem with two people in love simply living their lives together. The danger is when homosexuality becomes a sexual practice to explore and turns in to a sexual perversion. Other then sexual crimes and crimes against children, there is also a very real danger of the fertility rate of a given society dropping below a level of sustainability. In the U.S. we currently have Illegal immigrants, mainly from Mexico, as well as a horde of legal and illegal refugees, mostly Muslim, both of which, in their own words, fully intend to out-breed us. Even without a percentage of new generations turning to homosexuality there is a very very real danger that in a few generations our grandchildren simply won't exist, and the Muslims and Mexicans won't be arguing about what to rename streets and parks, they'll be arguing about what to rename Washington D.C.

I lived in downtown Denver, in fact I managed an apartment building in Capitol Hill, which any local can tell you is simply overrun by the LGBT community. I have met many people who are simply two people in love of the same sex. No problem there. They aren't hurting anybody. It occurred to me the other day that the problem is that homosexuality is a sexual deviation. Each member of the LGBT community is in fact a sexual deviant. That is a fact. Instead of fighting the fact, they need to own it. Don't start screaming about hate speech to me, anyone that knows me knows better. The LGBT community needs to own the fact that they are sexual deviants, and they need to police themselves of sexual predators and child molesters. Both types of criminals are attracted to the LGBT community, and the community would be doing itself a service to NOT turn a blind eye and do something about it!

There is a very real danger that our society may not survive, the least that the LGBT community can try to do is leave future generations in a better place than they are today.

Oh, and don't forget, under Muslim Sharia law homosexuals are thrown off of buildings, burned alive and murdered. The LGBT might want to take more effort to closely consider whom they are supporting next time they start supporting 'refugees' just to spite another group.


HOMOSEXUALITY – END OF CIVIL SOCIETY – Plato wrote that homosexuality is an outrage, a violation of nature. Acceptance of this unnatural act is to turn society upside down. We see this turning upside down today in California’s bathroom law. The ancient Spartan’s demonstrated that the spirit of homosexuality is a predator, pedophile spirit. We see this today as advocates of this transgression are now encouraging cross generational homosexual sex; sex between adults and children. Scripture says it’s a capital offense, an unspeakable transgression. When the spirit of homosexuality takes over a community, justice is completely perverted. God left a warning to the nations that allow themselves to be corrupted by such a spirit: Sodom, Gomorrah, and Pompeii were all destroyed by fire for the sin of homosexuality. A community’s attempt to encourage and legalize this perversion will result in God’s wrath in the nature of fire and utter destruction. The hope of the nations and for the protection of children from state sanctioned rape is the enacted justice of God. People do not have to act out their sinful passions. Jesus said, “deny yourself.” The ancients considered chastity a virtue and godlike. If you’re caught in this sin call on the name of the Lord for your release, and be saved from the coming wrath of God. Plato writes in his Laws,” the crime of male with male, or female with female, is an outrage on nature and a capital surrender to lust of pleasure.”
Bobsap Dagger
Is it weird that Im legitimately sad that stephen didnt eat that cookie? He could have at least have given it to John Batiste
0:55 "no bathroom for chan's gender people"

Signs will read: "People with the gender 'Jackie Chan' are expected to possess sufficient acrobatic skills to find and reach their own discreet defecation location"
The Bible
Enjoy hell sodomite pig.
Kay Omholt-Montague
Now Trump is pissed off at Jeff Sessions - or he never got over the fact that Sessions recused himself from all matters pertaining to Russia. Naturally, Trump is too much of a coward to tell this to Sessions face directly. Whatever the case, Jeff Sessions needs to go - and Trump should follow him soon thereafter!
Kay Omholt-Montague
The Book of Leviticus fucking sucks!
Enkii Muto
He really missed the joke of saying he was trying to bring back the morals of his mid age years
steven shar
Yes, it's the 3rd century great. Where you're wife is basically a piece of meat that belongs to you and marriage is a nicer term for "bought" and "bartered".
Colbert is a total siko!!!!!!!!
Frank Toldt
WOW.. he didn't even eat the cookie! FAKE NEWS!
Henchman Twenty1
I liked John Oliver's description of Jeff Sessions as looking like "the unfortunate result of Dobby the house elf having a one night stand with a Confederate flag".
Henchman Twenty1
Stephen is only allowed by mutually exclusive contract to eat Oreo Cookies (tm). Sorry, Keebler.
Raluca Huruniuc
i can't believe Stephen didn't eat the cookie :))
"Alliance Defending Freedom?" Sucking your own cocks a little bit over there at ADF, guys. Which, I suppose, is ironic considering their dislike of homosexuals...
A return to ideals from The Dark Ages...really, guys? It's almost ironic that the scripture that is always referenced was penned by an English King that was in the closet himself... Pot...Kettle...
Ofcourse the anti-LGBT group is Christian, who else but religious zealots come up with the stupidest reasons to hate people.
Ribeye Robert D
Baby Jeff needs to go potty.
Георгий Марков
Certain interpretation bind wiazhe piece end bold beat PC fourth.
Giovani Strong
Stephen Colbert = anti christian jew
Caleb Kessler
Christianity was heavily persecuted in the 3rd century.
kat sha
it truly upset me a little that Stephen didn't actually eat the cookie. is he too good for cookies?
ROG Music Africa
my dud is soo goood
This is why after we get rid of Trump, we have to start on Pence. He's against the constitutional right of Separation of Church and State.
Agent Fungus
I'd give up alcohol to find out how many of these saintly Republicans tap their toes in public restrooms.
Wait, Stephen had food in a bit and didn't eat it? Stephen, are you okay?...
Boy, I can't wait until I'm no longer forced to purchase separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner — thanks, Leviticus. :\
Isn't he wearing the same suit from the previous episode? He could have at least changed his tie to make it look like a different day.
But I still love you Colbert. You always bring humor to a sucky situation.
J Witherspoon
I'm pretty disappointed that there was no mention of "Beauregard" in the speech.
Apparently everyone hates Colbert, that's why the channel has 2.8 million subs & this video has >600,000 views.
Edward Gisemba
"Lights off, socks on" 😂😂😂
Jack Beretta
Colbert is no more important than Hillary Clinton at this point. Liberals are in denial. They flock to this liberal LOSER as therapy in hopes that he will soften the blow. Liberals are bleeding baldly after their BITCH lost the election.
Support Team
It looks like Colbert deepthroated Sessions.
david williams
Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha
Sid Mansfield
Colbert has absolutely destroyed late night television. The only ones who watch this idiot are just a bunch of idiotic liberals. Liberals are so ignorant, always the same comments. "So why are you watching"? OR "I bet he has more money than you". Haha! So glad your queen lost the election.
Colbert is a lame turd. Who laughs at this childish rubbish? When did "comedy" become vile back-biting?
Have you noticed that America has a real president now? No longer a big joke!
Real men working. God bless America and D Trump.
YiXiong, Joel Li
As the conservatives get more extreme, the liberals get more extreme, which make the conservatives more extreme, and the circle continues.
I am fairly sure that is not how you move towards cooperation and thus equality for all.
I not sure I like Stephan nitpicking more and more on the little issues and things Republicans do. You do not fight hate with more hate and extremism with more extremism. And more and more of such cutting jokes only make the other side more and more angry and vindictive.
loreli spaay
The way things are going, I figure Sessions will be the next appointee to lawyer up in the Russia probe. Lawyers know the best lawyers ;)
Francis Srečko Fabian
Leviticus is soooooooooo boring.
Is this a political tv show?
That's a damn nice suit
Milo Vasquez
keeping vegan lol
Von Galt
"It's 2017. Let your hate flag fly. We embrace your journey..." :P Lmao...
Aqeel Kirmani
Stephen your show got owned by Trevor.
Jeff Sessions' twin is Dopey of the seven dwarfs, look closely.
philip war
Rectum Loving Sick unnatural Disease making mentality ILL !!!!!!! that's the Truth about Homosickual's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Eat Shit You Die !!!!!!!! Fact !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"lights on socks off! Finishing with a firm handshake!" The way god intended lmao
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