Amtrak Announces Next-Generation of High-Speed Rail


At Amtrak we know the future of the Northeast Corridor depends on the investments we make today, which is why we are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the next-generation of high-speed rail. The new trainsets will replace the current Acela Express equipment and begin service in 2021. 

For this project, we are pleased to be partnering with Alstom, a leading global provider of innovative systems and equipment in the railway sector. Alstom will be building these new trainsets in New York State, with 95% of the trainset’s components being made in America, and parts coming from 350 suppliers in 30 U.S. states.

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Video courtesy © Alstom SA, 2016 © Meconopsis by Trimaran. All rights reserved. Avelia Liberty high-speed train.

Weatherr 1
Is this officially phase VI?
R Peti xd
America's no have electric powered rail/train :ap
Train sim 2018 leaked
Lol what about NJT, The Existing Amtrak trains, Lirr trains, Marc trains,metro north,and mtba
rainbow water tv
Lol you wish America
Thanks to A L S T O M
189系 グレードアップあずさ色
Michael Raymond
its 2017 and we are now just becoming 20 years behind the rest of the world. SAD but exciting
Thulung Mohindra
Andre Bodo
CrateFX get your shit together OK ? France gave us Lady Liberty and Alstom is the fastest train in The world ! The TGV is made by Alstom. so before you get the rights information you are welcome to SU...Morrocco ...really ? well there arer three countries that make trains Japan- Shin Kan Zen...China that eityher uses Japanese technology, or German Siemens...then there is Alstom... the best of all...
Larry Monske
AMTRAK: I would love to model high speed rail using portion of the actual lines or areas. An idea of where it goes and time involved make it worth while. Ridership is the soul of it; pack them in the doors. We dont have train packers here. Im going to free lance a model for a new train with great designs.
Adi Putranta
Ekekroepeeiowwwokekrlwme.k sw m
sam collis
Even if this goes threw I still feel it won’t be able to revolutionise American travel. Air travel will still probably be the more favourable option .
iamhankham TS
I would love to see these as HS2 services
hridoy dey
Bangladeshi High Speed Train.
Hype Ninja
Too little, too late.
Bey D
Trans urip express
Model Trains & Trainz simulator
Alstom helped build an Australian train in Australia so the same should go here.
when will it be ready?
Ákos Szűcs
In Hungary, in Budapest, the metros on lines 2 and 4 are ran by alstom.
Jason Learakos2005
Get a hyperloop.
best day of my life
Luís Antônio Marrega
Este trem é fantástico. Rio RJ Brasil
Neil Wang
how about changing the video title into "Amtrak Announces PAST-Generation of High-Speed Rail"
James Cash
Made in China
As an American, I agree that our passenger system (Amtrak) sucks ass. We need something like this all over the states, not just the east coast. I took a train from Newport News, Virginia to Washington DC. To drive that distance, it is about a 4 hour drive. With Amtrak, it was a 9 hour ride. Wtf is that Amtrak!
Nissan Altima
So America is finally getting is rail system in order?
Evelyn Orapa
Very nice and attractive design
Aditya Jain
1:16 why the fuck he is asking for lift from train. lol
Amtrak, 2nd only to freight cars. Oh wait.
Let's see if you actually build it.
Judiska Ekonomen
America doesn't have high speed rails yet?
how about the NYC Subway?
They always say comming soon lol
Kyle Malone
Sorry to say but when this train comes out people won't br riding 95 Caprices lmao
Adelle Walls
All the important tech for this type of train was designed and developed for the British Rail Advanced Passenger Train which was built in the 1970's-80's then abandoned because the government didn't want to spend any money on the railways.
The APT was tested at 162mph on a 110mph line proving higher speeds could be attained without rebuilding tracks.
Bocadillo de Albóndigas
France Germany France Germany France Germany... Best high speed system in Europe is from SPAIN, fucking xenophobic muricans. 😘
jean claude douaumont
welcome in the XXth century Murica !
come be bring that to brazil
Adam Grohs
95 % america ?? This is a 100% french train. America you cant keep up with Germany and France with your Diesel trains. Stop it get some help!!!!!
I feel like some Midwest love is in order. Bring something like this to Chicago or Kansas City!
Lorenzo Koenig
Soon my country will realize that a straight line is the fastest way to get somewhere
chinese high-spped railway can reach 600km/hour now
King Jerboa
Nice April fools joke!
David Vermillion
And then build a diesel version for the 80% living outside the NE. What about the SE? Oh yeah, we get "new" roads. Nope just a layer of tar patching up the rough spots while our bridges fail and the rest of the country forgets about us. It's no wonder people in the SE teach anti science its because it doesn't help us much.
Yuri - TF2
rip Acela
Ian Harvey
Meanwhile on China.....
Aftab Ahmed
Keep dreaming... This century belongs to Asia :)
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