Amtrak Announces Next-Generation of High-Speed Rail


At Amtrak we know the future of the Northeast Corridor depends on the investments we make today, which is why we are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the next-generation of high-speed rail. The new trainsets will replace the current Acela Express equipment and begin service in 2021. 

For this project, we are pleased to be partnering with Alstom, a leading global provider of innovative systems and equipment in the railway sector. Alstom will be building these new trainsets in New York State, with 95% of the trainset’s components being made in America, and parts coming from 350 suppliers in 30 U.S. states.

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Video courtesy © Alstom SA, 2016 © Meconopsis by Trimaran. All rights reserved. Avelia Liberty high-speed train.

"Modular design expands easily." Um, do you mean the train is made of cars?
Eric Martin
hopefully someday Amtrak makes these all over America
Andre Luiz Ricardo De Oliveira
Amtrak ou shikansen ?
One of the very worst rail systems in the U.S. ...... Take it away from the government. Get rid of RAILS!!!!! Use mag-lev!!!!
I'll believe when I see it. They keep touting that St Louis to Chicago they're doing the same thing. Haven't seen one track laid. And still have to wait on the Texas Eagle, just to make the trip.
Tom's Gaming
Let's make America's Rail great again
Razgriz Blaze
Aaaaand the government is defunding Amtrak

RIP this being any sort of practical
Cristian Hugo Muñoz Campos
Meanwhile, Japan will have a Maglev bullet train linking Tokyo and Nagoya by 2027...
Michael Sena
Debrian Travels - A Debrian Media channel
I love European high speed rail and I think this service would work great in the Northeast, perhaps the Chicago area and the west coast. However, even at 200mph this can't compete nationally against airlines. Remember most European countries with their dense rail networks are still on the scale of very large states. (IIRC, Germany has approximately the land size of Montana...too lazy to look it up to confirm.)
When's it coming out or is it already out
Hoscale Crashes
Donald trump promised to expand the rail system in the United States yet he is cutting Amtrak from 23 states in the budget. This would mean no more Amtrak coming through your town. No way to take the train. A mode of transportation that has been around for 200 years would be no more. Over 500 stations would be abandoned. Over 50,000 jobs would be lost. We need to make sure this does not happen.
Zach parkhurst
cool but why is it electric
Expirations - Minecraft & More
Guys, $60,000 per foot of high speed rail! Totally not expensive.
James Walker
european rail companies shit all over literally everything you do
sunchi cheng
I feel like living in third world country everything is out dated.its same as 30 years ago ! New bottle with old drink!
sunchi cheng
What is this crap ? I was expecting hyper loop 21st century train system not this crap! Got money for war and military but no money for Better train system wth
Tonald Drump
To all Americans - look at Swiss, Dutch, French and German trains. We had these "Next-Gen" things since centuries.
Miles Campbell
Amtrak is doomed. Trump announced that he will discontinue all amtrak Long distance routes and replace them with flights, which I think is stupid Af
TBK Julles
Finally taking after japan i guess
Steve Crouse
Its all BS, not going to happen. You can't maintain the global military and have any left for infrastructure. US won't finance it, take the plane or get in your car.
Isaac Roebuck
Well I do hope this is what Trump means by Infrastructure but unless there's real direct effort, lets face it, this shit ain't happening.
Danish Al-hamid
How about they just buy something from bombardier or some European train
HDG Music
Avila sounds too much like Acila. Stupid names.
I think that Amtrak should be paid by taxpayers money kinda how some European train companies work. That could possibly increase the budget for Amtrak to have a successful government company.
Connor Harris-Swem
next gen for america. current gen for europe and japan. 160 to 220 was reached by europe and asia in like the 80s
Ric Trexell
The US will never have the train system like Europe or Japan simply because it is so vast. To go from Chicago to Seattle or LA is a 2000 mile trip. In between are towns with only 50,000 people, but mostly towns of 900 people if that. It takes nearly three days to go by rail from Chicago to LA vs. 3 hours by plane. Even short little hops from say Chicago to Milwaukee take you more time to get to the rail station than you can drive it.
We're really looking forward to getting to ride this new high speed train once it goes into service. American high speed rail is definitely on our 'must-ride list.'
Ryan McElligott
The real problem is not the current train, which can go faster that 150 mph by a lot, its the fact that the freight railroads own the tracks and get priority. Plus, most of the track is old and not good enough for trains to go fast, because guess who won't upgrade the tracks? Freight railroads. That, and the tracks are so windy that even with tilting and super elevation, they probs wont get above 80 on those curves. If the train can accelerate fast enough and brake fast enough, they could get to high speeds on a straightaway, but I doubt it. Geez, why can't Trump put some money into getting better track for Amtrak?
Liam Ong
I don't think that you should be worried about a new high-speed train Amtrak is always late
Trump should rename the trains Avelia Great Wall
1:07 lool
1:10 loooooooooooooool
franquin rodezno
Amtrak YOU GOT NO Money
lauren jackson
uggh day time running lights totaly not needed !
Amy Christen
Well goodbye Acela, this one's moving in
Alex Shi
wait WHAT? transporting 4 billion passengers? what
Alex Shi
Its sad to see the USA decline like this.
philippe dax
AVELIA...french tech from Alstom
Not saying My name
1:37 inaccurate shot where's the graffiti where's
Not saying My name
I am a American and I live in the northeast corridor but like to point out this is not new technology idiots Japan has had this for a while
The Orlando Law Group
I think this might discontinue the Acela like how The Acela discontinued the mertoliner
Vee K
its not next generation train , its same generation only different , with more wifi and electronic systems.... here is truly and real next generation train , search in google skyway technologies , or in youtube , skyway technologies.....
Richard F. Stripe
Boy, Amtrak sure is getting desperate
Sam Goodwin
similar trains or even faster are being launched in developing countries like India ... whats the fuss all about ?
John Hennry
Well it's about time .
They are never on time, look it up
Connor Thompson
next step bringing the trains back as a transport unit. i love taking these over driving and if we can expand to thr south east ^^
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