Game Theory: Hello Neighbor's SATANIC Plot!

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Yesterday I found another huge piece evidence for this theory but didn't want to wait and completely redo the episode, so hold tight for an update coming this week! I think you'll be excited...

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Ever wonder what's lurking behind that white picket fence across the street, or on the other side of those harmless looking curtains next door? Well Hello Neighbor, the new indie horror darling, answers that question in the creepiest way possible! Even though there's only an alpha build for this game available, it's already brought in huge speculation online and today's theory attempts to solve the mysteries of this game before it ever even comes out! Stalk your neighbor, evade security shark, and discover the deep secrets locked in his basement! You'll never look at your neighbors the same way again...

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The Game Theorists
I don't normally do "updates" but I found a HUGE piece of evidence to support this theory yesterday that I think you all will really enjoy, so expect a short "Diet Theory" in a few days once I've researched it a bit more!
Deez Nuts
Hey matt the shadow thing is ur player model from pre alpha i used UE viewer to see the model and you can also see ur models shadow in-game
Yamazaki KOF
What was the first song you used?
In the new beta version at the beginning you can see a picture of the neighbour's house why is that there if we haven't met him yet was this the player's sister or parents house and the neighbour took over there home and trapped them in the basement or is The neighbour the player's dad that got INSANE and now is torturing his wife and son or is this all apart of the deal to torture someone close to him
Lucifer: I came here to have a good time but honestly I feel attacked right now.
Петър Денов
She shold to devil the cild and moder for magik shoes and for that he move fast XD haha just kiding : |
Samjhana Pandey
Hiduism is the only real mythology
Just Another Croissant
Can a game ever just be a game to this guy or what? 😂
Luna Lovegood
papa elf
Security shark!
Cole's goddamn Gaming
Is Faust the same as Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe?
Isnt it a closet parenthesis?
Enchanted Core94
You ruined this game by making the devs focus on story instead of gameplay the beta sucks cause of you
Duch Ziemi
666 refer to roman emperor, Nero
Oblivian's Void
Is that Black from Homestuck I hear? (In the security shark thing)
PG The Hedgie
I was gonna sing the Daniel Tiger's Nieghbor Hood theme song... Screw my 6 year old brother.
Miss Rin Okumura
Faust: Yohann Faust
Yohann Faust: Mephistopheles
Mephistopheles: Mephisto Pheles
Mephisto Pheles: Blue Exorcist

Anyone else understand?
Four Gamers Of the Apocolipse
I just thought the clown picture was a reference to IT.
Amiya Stewart
that intro had me ALL the way fucked up, thanks matpat lol
ghostjr505 elmoe
5:29 I was screaming bible
ghostjr505 elmoe
4:23 easter eggs
Khaled Alrumayan
the hello neighbor plush is a clown to
Laura Silva
Omg shut up it's summer
snowy moon148
XD I just imagined in the next update in the beta just showing the neighbor's bedroom and he has a closet of costumes and stuff,aand a body bag
Plot twist the woman and the baby is his wife and daughter or his girlfriend that broke up with him a long time ago that has a kid
Pixalot Loverpix
The number of the beast is 616 not 666
Terion Case
The shadowy figure wasn't the devil it was the player from the pre alpha
Dawn Weed
Do more theories on hello neighbor!
The Rat Kid
you made my brother scared and now,,, he cant go to the bathroom himself... hehehe
3:53 Isn't it closed parenthesis?
TheMathleyCrew YT
This vid gave me nightmares!
Average Dork
1:11 You should do a Sara Is Missing theory! I feel like there's a lot of things missing...
Do a terraria video on duke fisheron and how his bait number is 666
Paula Ollikainen
Did anyone else notice that in that clown picture the neighbour has the same costume as pennywise in the 1990's IT movie
PokeCraft 1601
When I watched this againI realised that maybe the woman and the child is the neighbours wife and child🤔🤔 could be
Bryan Neblett
Hello neighbor your nice and a evil bitch and your ancestors are evil because there is a hello neighbor like game where you brake into a kings palace and have a devil pic on your coffee cup
Noah Erickson
All of this because of 2 numbers on a mailbox..... Wow
barbecued blacon
Security Sharkkkkkkk!!!!!
Jerilyn Perez
In the game when you get in the basement and you see the candela yes they can be for the devil but it can all so stand for God so made the neighbor is trying to keep the devil out and the story that you were talking about there are many different types of story of it bit if you look closely you can see that it is the one when a men make a deal with the devil and get a family and his wife kills there child and the way she kills the child is by drowning it and in hallo neighbors alpa 2 when you get in the basement and you are going through the hallway you can hear a baby cofing I am not 100% sure but I hop that can ring some bells in your terrorizing P.S sorry for bad english
Avery Imhof
Dear Mat Pat,
I love your videos and Im waiting for a theroy on Little Nightmares and I Have A Theroy Of My Own So I Would Like To Share I With You
From,A Very Curious Fan
Phil the gaming thing
Im watching this when beta came out and you were right. He does habe a prisoner
Sober Donut
Creative Cursing with Matpat. Fart nuggets
Karl Martin
Dynamic pixels left at alpha 3 so please do another theory also beta out now and it doesn't look like it has this plot anymore...
Christine Natalia
I heard the full one,
"Fart nuggets, shoot, poop on a brisckit!"
(Sorry matpat also sorry if i wrote brisckit wrong)
Lauren Byrne
Maby his hostages are his recent naibors that done the axact same as you did but got caught
As a pagan I don't like it when people immediately think that candles in a circle is satanic.
Memory Loves Pasta
In the promotional picture where the neighbor and the creepy shadow behind him, there's a 3rd person there. If you look through the opening in the door you'll see a shadow beside the coat hook thing. It might be the player, who knows?
Foxy_Lover _01
I love your videos
facinatedtibbe unaniem
I KNEW IT (i saw that satanic ring in the basement but i wasnt sure)
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