Game Theory: Hello Neighbor's SATANIC Plot!

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Yesterday I found another huge piece evidence for this theory but didn't want to wait and completely redo the episode, so hold tight for an update coming this week! I think you'll be excited...

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Ever wonder what's lurking behind that white picket fence across the street, or on the other side of those harmless looking curtains next door? Well Hello Neighbor, the new indie horror darling, answers that question in the creepiest way possible! Even though there's only an alpha build for this game available, it's already brought in huge speculation online and today's theory attempts to solve the mysteries of this game before it ever even comes out! Stalk your neighbor, evade security shark, and discover the deep secrets locked in his basement! You'll never look at your neighbors the same way again...

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jay franke
the 666 is on the "sole" of the shoe???
Alyssa Pickles
Omg! You put funhaus in your video! I'm freaking out right now, I'm so happy!!!😍❤😍
The Fazbear Fan
what does he use to make his videos? slide shows?
Cole Schadel
What is in his basement is his Pornhub search history
mat-pat, thats not a shadow... its a solid figure
its a killer clown that runs a CARNIVAL themed pizza resturant with KILLER robots
loɠιc Ω
assassin's creed theory
Isaiah Norris
awesome and scary
Yoda I am
What if his partner is his brother, where he and his brother struck a deal to sacrifice souls of children to become immortal thus activating the so Cold War where the anti-Christ (possible you or one of the children) fight Jesus. Although, I'm an atheist so I guess this story varies from person to person.
David Hoffman
MatPat, you're incorrect about Isaiah 14:12. Here's the verse: "How have you fallen from heaven, the morning star? You have been cut down to earth, You who cast lots on nations." According to the great scholar, commentator, and sage who's recognized as an authority figure in biblical exegesis, nicknamed "Rashi" (full name: Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki [Solomon Isaac], b. 1040 -- d. 1105): "...the morning star...": This is Venus, which gives light as the morning star, [הֵילֵל] being derived from the word יהל, meaning "to shed light". This is the lamentation over the heavenly
prince [meaning that nation's representative angel in G-d's court] of Babylon, who will fall from heaven. AND
"You have been cut down to earth: You, Nebuchadnezzar, who would cast lots on nations.": You would cast lots on them, on the kings, who of them would serve you on such and such a day, and who on such and such a day. Our Rabbis, however, expounded this to
mean that he would cast lots on the kings for purposes of pederasty.
The Clown Costume Looks a lot like Tim Curry in the movie IT
ok than why was the neighbor crying in the end of one of the endings
Sanne de Koster
maybe it was not the best idea to watch this before going to bed, don't think im getting much sleep tonight...
Samuel Ramsdale
Do a theory on Tattletale
PSGaming axb
game theorists I haven't noticed is the neighbor actually helping the devil to commit a horrifying commitment or plan to take revenge ;-).
Jeanene Davis
im thinking maybe his wife was trying to leave him so he locked her and his kid down stairs in the basement
Joe Ferris
How dare you make fun of Mr Rogers... :(
Elliott Gaming
When will the next hello neighbor update be? Will you make another video about it?
Taco Time
I feel like the shadow or partner is his brother
MatPat, the clown picture is a reference to Stephen King's novel "It". The clown is a parody of Pennywise, who is not a clown by occupation.
Alpha Delta
I shouldn't have watched this at night :(
sean feeney
i just came for funhaus now you have a subscriber
Yaume Lepire
But is it 666, or 999???
Hey mat pat my sister asked a question and you know that Mario and Luigi are called the Mario Brothers but Mario's name is Mario so is Mario,s name Mario Mario or does he have another name? dun dun duuunnn!!!!
Jen Dürr
Uh, I don't know if this is important or not, but has anyone else noticed that the neighbors eyes go from blue to green in the concept art? I don't know if it was just a different character model or not, but I just think it was kinda weird because it was an obvious change in color.
Panda - San
I love this show UwU
Katie Crutchfield
Someone on the livestream said the pic was Jesus and judas
theres a movie very similar to this. i forget what its called...
14:14 as a biblical reference is too loose and definitely a red herring. But the look of the neighbor and the crib led me to another thought. Look up the Josef Fritzel case. I would put money down that this case was a strong influence on the writers of this game.
Connor Lloydy
The shadowy figure has checkered arms
Pika Palz
Ned pat confirmed
Emily Flores
He has two people a woman and a kid
Joseph “Joeclone” Renna
You killed my Mr. Rogers memories :(
This game reminds me so much of The 'Burbs.
Kayla Charles
it's is his family he is trying to keep his family safe about a devil there is a book on the couch :)
Nancy Schwendeman
that shadow is a second neighbor
BillyThomasJohnson III
it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor
Kirsty de Paor
Uhhhh Satan wasn't thrown into Hell, he fell to earth, check your facts mate.
Aurora Jimenez
But, if you look more into it, the guy gave himself to the devil because he was depressed. Once he had done that he had a side kick now for 24 years to help him. When that happened he had gotten a wife! Which had a child later who she had drowned. Which would make sense to give clues of the child coughing in the game, which deosnt mean the child in the game was coughing, it just means it gives hints. In the story the wife doesn't want to be with him anymore while in jail and he becomes depressed again. Which means he could be paranoid that his family will leave him which is super messed up but think about it!! @The Game Theriorists
Dannyboy Asghar
11:45 behind the door looks like a women
Anime candy
meh...hint:the negihbor is killing he family
Luke Sakamore
Damn! Game theory should be farther than working for NASA
Amber Porter
Blaze hughes
Graciediamond Lover
I think that security shark and psychic friend Fred bear should meet up. Anyone agree?
Savage Squad Productions
lol i just saw that he got all of this from a mailbox
matthew kaplan
Don't Breathe much
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