The Game Theorists
I don't normally do "updates" but I found a HUGE piece of evidence to support this theory yesterday that I think you all will really enjoy, so expect a short "Diet Theory" in a few days once I've researched it a bit more!
Banana Burger Productions
Take it like a man shorty!
FART NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gavin Sanders
To much sekrets
SamSalamander 135
dang this is scary
Darren Cochran
I wish FnaF never happened. Now ALL of these vids have the same reference, over and over and over and it's dull. Not every video has to have a FnaF reference.
spooderfaxy 1987
Well if the neighbor is working with Satan , at least brendon has a new band member
Lora Scott
At 15:27 he makes a pun
Kapachino Bb
Bible 14:14
Kapachino Bb
Look deeper bich
Billy the Dog
When he said the neighbor had a "partner", I thought this theory would go a COMPLETELY different direction. I literally thought this game would be about a kid napping, gay, clown couple. Whoops
EJ Gonzalez
Hey MatPat you should do some kind of game theory on Kingdom Hearts
Heather Harvey
He said the N word
Franklin Genesis
My theory is that the neighbor isn't evil he just sold his soul to seduce a woman he wasn't supposed to have a child so the devil or aka the shadow man is sending demons after the neighbor in the form of manicans to kill the wife and the child so he locks them in the basement and checks up on them regularly I think we're gonna rescue the the wife and child but they are gonna kill themselves because they were held against their will so now the shadow man is after the neighbor in the new trailer for the actual release of hello neighbor at the end we are looking through the window and there are footsteps getting louder and louder and we turn and the neighbor is telling us to shhhhh I don't think that was the neighbor walking up on us I think this is where we team up with the neighbor to fight the shadow man and he was the one who was walking getting closer and the neighbor is reminding us to stay quiet this is my theory but I haven't delved to deep yet so it's not complete
Evelyn Zapata
the devil wears gloves
Greninja Wyrem
under hes shoe is number 666 chek it
Cookie Monster
Aha! So that's why the AI knows exactly where I am when I'm 3 floors above him.-_-
coolguy J
that was a close parentheses
Little Romy
I knew he was evil when he drank straight out of the milk bottle
The Big character behind the neighbor looks like those old models of gmod when the old man has his arms down
Vaskoo // VasaGaming
Shadow figure is player from alpha 1
GamingPizza 859
16:05 Jumpscare warning
10:42 Wait... Is he bathing with his clothes on? And why would someone have a picture of it?!?
Brendan Wright
tbh the first thing i thought of when i saw the mailbox numbers was a bible verse. beatcha to it matpat ;D
Faith McCabe
Dear MatPat, I have my own theory about UNDERTALE. More specifically Sans's eye. I saw that I flashed yellow and light/cyan blue. Which mad me wonder. Did Sans kill AND absorb the Justice (yellow) and blue (paitence) soul's? Yeah yeah I know what your thinking 'But Faith, you see the souls when you encounter Asgore.' Sure. But considering how fast sans is and that he can teleport maybe he grab them before you got to the judgment hall. That would also explan for why he's so hard to beat in the genocide run. That's all I got so far. But, if you do see this please do a video on it on your channel! It would mean so much to one of your biggest fans! Yours truly, Faith
Elio Chavez
Mary B.F.O.E :3
You might have just spoiled the whole game, before the game's actual full release, for literally everybody XD
Gamer Kron
i think the woman is his wife and the kid is his. Dont forget he is a psychopat
Zeyad Abuzied
it's jif ok
mat pat you are probobly not gong to see this but, ya know somtmes I get home from school and stuff and open my computer and what one of your vids, and it's just relxing. so thank you keep up the good work XD
Delaney Cloyd
I finally got around to subscribing to this Chanel
I wanted to thank matpat. I spend countless hours wishing my world would end (fam problems)
Until I saw you and now all I want to do is binge watch the fnaf
Theory's you put together
Chara The demon
Im not so sure when alpha 4
Kyle Nichols
But wait if the neighbor is a murderer why doesnt he kill you when he catches you? Maybe he isnt a murderer maybe he is connected with the devil but who says he got it willingly? As far as we know he could be trying to get you out of his house BECAUSE of the devil he wants to keep you safe wait a minute... HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT THINK ABOUT THIS? WHAT IF YOU AND THE NEIGHBOR ACTUALLY KNOW EACH OTHER? I DONT MEAN JUST AS NEIGHBORS I MEAN MAYBE AS FAMILY!
Will Da Silva
The shooting gallery games aren't impossible. If it shoots somewhere other than where you point it then you can aim off accordingly. It should take at most 2 tries.
This mans editing skills still make me rethink life.
How old are y'all
Daniel Grecia
This was a really scary theory.
Mr. Moo
I really don't understand that most people don't realize the number of the beast is 616 instead of 666. It's only 666 due to a handwritten error from Greek to English.
And we are the theorist
Dylan Bartell
NARUTO Uzumaki
His partner is a McDonalds employee
NARUTO Uzumaki
Ronald McDonald ahhhhhhhhh
Negro Deluna
wut is the nabres name
B.R Gaming
He talks to his father on the phone at allfa 4
Xan Draws Stuff
If he is upholding his end of the deal...what did he want from the devil??
Ricky Murray
i like the neghber
Ricky Murray
what the neighbor is a clown what the what
Bobby Kristovich
i think his partner is...

b e n d y
Wilfredo Gonzalez
Isaiah 14:12 was actually said to the king of Babylon. it stars in chapter 13
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