Game Theory: Mario is COMMUNIST?!?

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Is Super Mario a Communist? Seems ridiculous...until you look at the evidence. Is Mario Jumpman Mario the NEW Red Menace, the People's Mario? We take you through the shocking evidence so you can decide whether gaming's favorite plumber is a secret agent for the Communist party!

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Colby Surrett
mat pat apple pie was first ate bye the British
Zephros 。
his voice... it sounds like a kid trying to make themselves sound like an adult
krilinc_ _swoopy
the think i like about your theories is that they are really dumb BUT i learn things while watching them
cyka blyat
George Vancouver
i just realized thats a nazbol flag lol
Dylan Walter
Matpat's mic tho
bentooube bby
Matpat, I know this is an old episode, but in case you read this, I just want you to know that it was actually called the March Revolution, not February.
i believe it
Luke Mole
So, is he Marxist, Leninist, Trotsky or Stalinist.
Bryan Stanisz
Bryan Stanisz
Da Wolf
... isen't he trying to save the princes
does mario is communist?
Elizabeth Kruglyak
I am a russian
Frunk Richard
If I may add a counterclaim for others to rebuttal. All of the evidence used against Mario only states coincidences between his look and situations (i.e. Wario being American only because of his greed, Super Mario being developed near the time of strong Japanese communist party influence). His mustache doesn't even look right because it's upside down. With that I leave this message for the comments.
Stefanos the NinSEGA Gamer
how is the intro theme called
Nick Sherer
Who's watching in 2020?
I <3 comunism
Aries Gaming
"Pride of Lenin took Trotsky out of the picture" I see what you did there ;)
6.088 capitalists have disliked
Tovarisch Stalin
How bad can I be? Im just helping mother russia's destiny
Alberto Guardado
hey animal farm is a good book
Cool Bot
Cool Bot
Did anyone think the them was catchy? I am not even a communist...maybe.
Henry Schwab
I love animal farm and I am a trotskyist
darkman 1038
I didn't read animal farm in high school, but I watched the movie
North American mapping
what if?

communism was actualy better and the usa lied to the new generation to trick us

(shocked face)
Роман Юлинский
за россию матушку!!!!!!!!!!
Fenix Pro
I thinked that mario is comunist even before i watched this video
Omfg I hated Animal Farm.... All 10 chapters was agony!
Behold; The best Game Theory opening of all time.
What about the People's Republic of China?
The fire starter
They should make a asssins creed game in the feb rev
Hannah Rose Govan
Russia's October and February Revolutions were called that because Russia went by a different calender. The calendar system that is widely accepted now was established in Russia in 1917, almost centuries after other countries because the updated calendar was changed based on religious (Christian) holidays. Nerdy and Quirky goes further into depth about this in her video.
And as always, a Youtuber mentions communism for what it is, and pollitically correct idiots in the comments start WWIII
Rebecca Teshome
Cory Within The Building
5:57 haha chairman Mao feels left out in the background
Jazmin Percan
1:50 Argentina 2017? what?
Salmon Katt
Glory to comrade Mario. Take down capitalistic Bowser.
Mario has 5 fingers woa
Komrade Thicc Smoke
The question is not: Is Mario a Communist? It is: Is it bad if he is?
Coralee Gundogar
look closely its a skull not the peace sighn
Hady Shervey
hahaha, I like you... to the Gulag!
Samantha C
can we talk about how his most viewed video at the time was 1/10 of this video and wow this channel has grown so much
Ronnie Lynch
i actually really enjoyed animal farm
Oberscharführer Schrödinger
that mushroom is found everywere!
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