Game Theory: Mario is COMMUNIST?!?

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Is Super Mario a Communist? Seems ridiculous...until you look at the evidence. Is Mario Jumpman Mario the NEW Red Menace, the People's Mario? We take you through the shocking evidence so you can decide whether gaming's favorite plumber is a secret agent for the Communist party!

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The American Bias
Yeah no
Mother brain
The Real Slim Shady
I give a like just for the intro
Angel Gamer
There goes my childhood
Calvin Mario
Now the flag is M
Calvin Mario
Hilter killed 200 million people
Nicholas Twilley
I thought the flag had a skull on it
chris d'anna
Mario red= communist
Luigi green= Green Party
Wario yellow= libertarian
i unsubed because you destroy kid life
I named my Rowlett, Stalin in Pokemon Moon.
Andrew Shea
I think MatPat of all people would know that Russia used the Julian Calender when the revolution happened
Alice Chan
Так, я что-то русских в комментариях не наблюдаю. Русский, который пришёл сюда чтобы поржать, ставь лайк)))
ConnorTF '
i dont bleve this
Emmary Akins
The FANdom of SAM
How does this have 92k likes
Mighty Stalin-ade
I know nothing of this man (jk)
Lew ZeroJeden
Pierogies are Polish noot russian. IM TRIGGERED
Awe4's Channel of Music and Extensions
8:28 I think that's a skull not a peace sign.
Abel Binyam
6:21 woah take it easy wario
Michelle McIntire
I was doing Russian kicks while the theme song was playing.
Illuminate comfirmed
Animal Saver
George Quilitz
12:34 long...
Bowser is my favorite but I think Gabon is the most powerful
Kazuma Shirosaki
caiyou is one punch man
The Halfroho
What is a communist
Рандом TV
Stalin don't kill people, how did you know this?He fought against fascism
Mister Sony Resetti
Jake Travess
it was called the February Revolution because they were using an old calendar with different months so for them it was not march
Jackson Lindsey
toad aly communist
Clash Mohamed
dam mat you straight up Savage!!!!!
Comrade Toveri
Mario is part of the nazbol gang?
What no
1:16 I SEE GAIJIN!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Creature
Coincidence? I don't think so. Mario is communist confirmed.
I always knew Mario was a filthy commie
The Game Dyke
I wish more people would watch this and the rap battle. It is a good intro into how Socialism is not bad or evil, how Stalin was not a Communist at all, and how much America has lied about both over the last 100 years.

Little known fact: these horrible Czars who almost starved Russia? Guess who sent aid to the Czars against the Bolshevik Revolution? President Woodrow Wilson. Funny how America tried to help fascists against a revolution for the people huh? One would hope that would get people thinking.

Of course, diving into the full history and reading Marx really puts it into perspective as to how much we've all been lied to about Socialism and Communism.
Ja'dehn Williams
Bowser is the best villain from Nintendo in my opinion
Brian Jin
isnt that green symbol a skull?
stalin killed 56 million people and the black and white flag represents national bolshevism not communism
TheGreenExplosition -
Back that day of revolution we have another calendar system
But why he collects coins?
Dash N Dash
I was questioning your eyesight when you said the skull was a peace sign
Dylan McDonnell
lol i read animal farm when i was nine
Dylan McDonnell
communism has not failed
Ethan suomynona
Your newer videos are better. I can see
how you got the stereotype
for just spitting out tangentially
related coincidences to support
nonsensical claims.

Thanks for switching over to
things that make more sense.

Edit: This is why you don't comment before you finish the video, kids.
Henry Goodrich
What is with mats voice
AJ's World
When his audio was terrible
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