Game Theory: Mario is COMMUNIST?!?

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Is Super Mario a Communist? Seems ridiculous...until you look at the evidence. Is Mario Jumpman Mario the NEW Red Menace, the People's Mario? We take you through the shocking evidence so you can decide whether gaming's favorite plumber is a secret agent for the Communist party!

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TF2 Scammer
Stalin was a good person.
Caryn O'Connell
#mother brain
Mesut Özil
Communism is evil
TheMeme Machine
Souyuz nerushimy.....
Magical Dolphins
yes,mario is trying to over throw a king, just like tsar, but the tsar wasnt a huge turtle with spikes on his back
Michael graves
USSR anthem is the best I don't blame you Mario
I always thought is was an green mushroom on that flag
for everyone the Russians did use an different calendar then we use now and that is why the February revolution did heppen in march
Dylan Fall
8:25 That is actually a 💀
Random Toaster
another fact to support the idea:

luigi is green and white but he wasn't used in the first Mario game
Suit Up
Watching in 2017 matpat quality has gotten SO MUCH better, gg for progress matpat
Sting - Gota. io
Thank me later
Niall Cavlan
Austrian Leninist
Love the Nazbol Flag in the thumbnail.
Do I hear 'The Red Army is The Strongest' at 9:20? Yes I do!
Ah, but Comrade MatPat, you forget the most important part of glorious Communism! The GULAGS!
Communism will rise again
Loving the theme tune on this one.
Bence Fülöp
Trotsky created the Red army, he was a Jew and he was assasinated with an Ice Axe in Mexico.
Austin Vander Heide
Watched this video a few years ago. Watching it again now I didn't realize how widespread the Animal Farm thing in high school is...
Crespen S. Lumen
his colours are canada and Japans coulors as well
KokuPotter117 Jeff
friggin love Borcht (can't spell it though!)
Toby di Giovanni
why do people hate communism?
I think the raygun mark 2 has a nice design.
Sebastian Tiainen
lol'd at the inclusion of Finland and the baltic nations at 9:15
Nestor Makhno
Just want to let you know that you're using the nazbol flag in the thumbnail.
I told myself: ok [name] we aren't going to bingewatch communism or anything related to the Soviets today!

2 hours later Ooh a theory over communism? ok! click
Oh and matpat jumping is Marios signature weapon like if you agree
My friend said I watched game theory I never told him I asked how he said and I quote "who else calls Mario jumpman Mario "
Vault Boy
You can probably guess how I feel about this.
Veronica Taylor
Better dead then red
Narwhalking 769
TheAngryWither 9
@MandM Modeme
Scarlet Red B. Zero
Why the Nazbol flag in the thumbnail
M4tth3w V4lDez
Cyka Blyat
Jason Binder
Lloyd Cargo
what song is the intro?
Go home mat pat
Your drunk
Cool Sun
In soviet Russia you are the pokemon
Gabe Burchill
Stalin didn't kill 20 million
Parody John
Long live comrade mario
I can't click on the pictures so..... #Bowser
Omegalon\ Ulises
the flag Mario tears down is a skull
So what's the point of the video if you prove yourself wrong
Annoying Kid
Ra ra rasputine I'm a Italian commie
Shadowsweg 69
what's the song at the beginning?
Homie RedHead
Who's watching in 2021?
Nicholas Karneyenka
I am not the king
G o m m i e
Why the hell do you keep using the Nazbol flag?
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