Game Theory: Mario is COMMUNIST?!?

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Is Super Mario a Communist? Seems ridiculous...until you look at the evidence. Is Mario Jumpman Mario the NEW Red Menace, the People's Mario? We take you through the shocking evidence so you can decide whether gaming's favorite plumber is a secret agent for the Communist party!

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Anthony Alhout
dude omfg we are doing animal farm in my class this week
0ldT1m3r G4m1ng
I thought the flag looked like a skull
Antoine The Great
Clara Green
-four out of five communists agree a good mustache make the leader
-Mao in the background
Ok that's legit funny

P.S- Capitalism kills 20 million people across the globe annually, matching 80 years of Communist deaths every 5 years
lunachild 45
actually piroshki
Fire & Water
Hm. The Italian Soviet Hero.. I buy it lol
Isiaih Speelman
Well yeah he was made in China
I watched this before.... Watching after covering this in Ap world makes me pissed I didn't remember it for my test -_-
Ronin Sanati
Jānis Jātnieks
Well off course Mario is not communist Mario is Nazi
Shao Knobbe
Don't forget Mario is associated with Italy another ex communist aka Mussolini coincidence I think not.
Liam Mason
That's not a piece sign. That's a scull.
Solari Ignatz
Why did you play unfounded revenge for Lenin?
Lord Lego
Mhhhhh, this one doesn't seem right..
Its not difficult to believe this theory is true considering Nintendo stopped making nes mini's its like they hate money
Pug Gaming
the song is called Иван Петров Казаки Должны Ехать русская версия
Sexy Guy
Mario, my fellow comrade
Russell Kramer
The best nintendo bad guy is Giovanni
Silas Ehlers
I'm a mycologist (mushroom bioligist ) and amanita muscaria is found in America,Canada,Asia. also they're pronounced m-u-scaria like m-u-d
Fire Works
Wario is actually the perfect depiction of jews of any idealogy.
super stalin bros
Vladimir Lenin's birthday today
Grant Nesselroad
While I do enjoy the music and lessons on Soviet History, Mario is way more likely to be FASCIST than anything. (Fascism isn't the opposite of communism. Just the far right-wing version.)
SaxophoneKat 14
Hey mat pat Mario could not be orange because it's a too similar to brown fail on your behalf
Zeruda On'nanoko
I told my mom I was studying History...THIS TAUGHT ME MORE THAN 2 YEARS OF SCHOOL...
Dahia Garcia
Mario is not a hero Mario kills Mario does.....some thing compared to some random murderer yep he is
Gamingwith MIL
i still don't see whats wrong with being a communist if all they want is that everyone gets power.
Pencil Crusher
why am I watching this on Hitlers birthday when I'm a Jew? plz say your theory.
The Awful Trumpeter
Was this a shitpost?
no one grawr
chat full of stalines and communist
That peace symbol on the flag could be a skull
Aidan Erickson
In Russia working is highest oner.
ScorpZero Tuburan
No it's a skull
ScorpZero Tuburan
Mat pat your one of my favorite youtubers I watch film theory and game theory every day it's like my daily meal
Double A Tech
10:23 my favorite song comes on
Adler z
hey you should do a theory about how the red team from the Halo games are all communist you know because if there's a lot of red that that's a sign of communism wow I can't believe there's so much to learn from your Channel.
Planetary Dog
Its February Revolution because the old Russian Calender says March as February
My favorite Nintendo villain is the "Grand Doomer" from Kirby's return to Dream Land. If you don't know who that is, it's a leader of outer dimension beings called "Sphere Doomers".
Andrew Druken
Matilde Pena
im not convinced
You're going too deep m8
the skindoo gamer
What is this intro?
Harry Taylorson
Mario is a fat Italian how need to die and is not communists
Моисей Магнум
Но я все равно угарнул с этого урока русской истории. Ну как истории, скорей урока как не надо вести уроки по истории.
Dalir Kosimov
It's not "t-saar" it's "zarh"
Atomicgimp Boy
I thought the flag was a green skull or an infected skull
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