Game Theory: Mario is COMMUNIST?!?

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Is Super Mario a Communist? Seems ridiculous...until you look at the evidence. Is Mario Jumpman Mario the NEW Red Menace, the People's Mario? We take you through the shocking evidence so you can decide whether gaming's favorite plumber is a secret agent for the Communist party!

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Caroline Johnson
I'm sorry MatPat, but the urge is too strong

The Russians don't go by the Gregorian calendar, so to them it was February but to us it's March
Sara Has No Life
Is he using a blue yeti?

If you get the reference I love you
Baked_ Potato
Many Skills
If Mario is a communist what is luigi?
"Our success is your success" that sounds like communist talk right there! :X
IM TRIGGERED Dolf lundgren is SWEDISH not a RUSKI u know u fucked up when u managed to trigger a swed lol
Hastr0 Aldner
sub to my channel
quick someone send this to the vigilant christian, its more illuminati evidence
Joey Williams
10:34 that's a Mercedes symbol
Mario likes ramen noodles.
the yoyo wizard
The hallucinogenic mushroom that looks like Marios mushroom also grows in Guatemala, which is in south america. You can't get much farther from soviet Russia than that. There's even a song about that mushroom, "the flowers of Guatemala" by R.E.M, written after the bands leader, Michel Stipe, took a vacation to Guatemala.
Omega Wolf Lord
Also to make the star thing even further, the game was from 1985 and the USSR didn't fall until 1991.
The Angledsaxon
Lemme argue for the nazi Mario-

Red, like national socialist flag

Wario- greedy and gluttonous, like the Jew


Need I say more?
Caroline Guidry
mind = blown
i think it was a koopa head flag or someting. not a peace sign.
Pierogi and barszcz are polish national dishes, not russian you american ignorant.
I know this is an old video, but cmon, on the map (9:15), you showcase Finland as part of Soviet Union, which we never were. We got our independence sort of as a part of revolution.
Hippo________Dave Loop
Skeptical mat was skeptical
Abdulrahman Mansouri
mario wears red for the red on the Italian flag! How do i know? because luigi is green! for green on the italian flag. And it just so happens that our pudgy plummers are said to be Italian! BOOM!
Noah Steancil
Woohoo communism
Super Fantastic Poplang
What about my boy mao
Lps frostwolf
Salihk.69 Kizil
martin chen
did you guys know that not just Russian is communist, some Americans are also communist, then they kill by a capitalist gouvernement,because they are against the capitalist.
7 Grand Dad is basically Joseph Stalin Jumpman Mario
Oh, great...! Game theory is rehabilitating nazism, in the name of the ever popular and profitable communistophobia...
Chicken Masteh
I think the real reason Mario is red, is because Luigi is green. They are literal opposites. Opposite colors, opposite heights, weights, (by looks). Well, that's how I see it at least.
Skarmory Inc. Productions
2:50 Hahhah, see whatcha did
Mother 3
Mother Russia
Brenden Nihill
Pierogies are Polish
bndmlnr Games
I know this is a little late but you have to keep in mind that Russia was using a different calendar at the times of the two revolutions
"Break out the Borch and the Purogies (its pronounced "piroheh") comrades"

downs bleach
Marcus Winburn
Honestly this is everything I learned in my ww1 and Russian unit
Kidde Lol
Njet babaishka
inhale my dong engagement child
Mason Murphy
Sam Colvett
All hail supreme soviet lord Hoovy
Tingle Lingle
heil fuhrer
Oblivion Destroyer
What is with all the communists in here?!?! Y u no like freedom?!?! P.s #america #motherbrain
Katie Van Den Broek
mother brain
Spartan Hunter
Lone Hound
Bowser, that mother fucker just wont die, i've thrown him around, dropped him in lava and a castle on him, smashed him off a race course, he's will not die!!!
Thrice Blessed
I told this to someone and he said in ww2 Japan and Italy were allies and that Italy was fascist so Japan is fascist
Rubs forehead
Who else thought of Tord from Eddsworld, while watching this๐Ÿ˜†
Jonathan Andersson
matpat all your proof here is coincidenses show us real proof
sky 0693
mari0 c0uld b3 a nazi t0.
nano ramirez
ra ra rasputin
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