Axel Rajantie
apple pie is not american
Minh Đỗ Lê Thành
Err the February Revolution brought in a Capitalist Government.
For mushroom you have Tsar Bomba.
russian ball
Im a russian ps i love beggining
Tyler Yager
Fellow comrades, raise the flag to mario!
patronus 69
pierogi are from Poland :D
Noah Cabral
azure-violet fire storm 37
MatPat did you know?
The Italian Communist party
Was one of the strongest
Bryan Giga
hura hura hura
The derp penguin K
Glory to mother Russia and happy October soon Halloween 🎃
apple cult leader
Well, he does wear red.

I'm sorry.
Watch Dog
Learn Russian and do a dub of this,if you refuse its off to the gulag
Maria Paula Serrano
mario isnt a plumber anymore rip
Philip Sulaiman
What is the name of the intro music?
Brian Raymond
On any color wheel orange is across from blue? No. Only on ryb color wheels. On rgb color wheels, yellow is across from blue.
Jorge abuauad
m for mason as masonic
Braxton Cooper Vlogs
james dannen
damm commie
Tanks !
Tanks !
Ze mother has failed once! (I'm American )
I always thought the ‘peace sign’ or ‘skull’ was a little green mushroom ^^
Redleaf Dale
Long live Communism
It's the February and November revolution, also seen as the March and October revolution. This is due to the different calendar usage. I studied these guys for GCSE x
This actually helped me with my history homework, thank you dear wise one 😂😏
Thetumtimmaster05555 M
No he is a fascist
7 Grapes For Dinner
He said your welcome in a poor American accent
If you knew me irl you would hear the best Russian accent
(not Russian but Ukrainian)
I got a mario ad before the video
Random Random
The flag on the thumbnail is Nazbol...
In soviet Russia the subscribe button presses you
James Adams
Am I the only communist watching this???
James Adams
manjula bhaskar
What’s the name of the song in the beginning
manjula bhaskar
I like the song in the beginning
Kaiser Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary
scrolls down

Delta Squad Studios
The reason why it's called the, "February Revolution" is that they use the Jillian calander, not the gregarian calander.
Russian RED Medic 0w0
For communism is the only way!
Russian RED Medic 0w0
Paris The Pirate Fox
mxqoem OEM
Why he didn't include other communist countries rather former soviet union and japan
Bluechu the RPG fan
Shane YT
Glory to Arstotszka!
Sasha Doran
Gabrielito Vega
The true Marksman
Hes also abusive. Damn, mario is a terrible person.
steve francis
what is the name of the intro song????


Little Ant
Mario is nazbol
-Nazbol gang
Dylan is wrestling\ dbz
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