Top 10 Commercials of 2016


Here have some commercials.

(dog when he look's in the mirrow) "just kill me"
the cat one will look like my house when I have kids and they become party teens lol
Anon Heel
When a Macy's Balloon stalks an old friend!
I just knew the cats were waiting to fuck shit up
Mr Slam
Срочно завезите такую рекламу в Россию!
Celina Cisneros
paper rock scissors was cute as hell when i saw it in a movie theater
Aurelio Rodriguez
Ugh damn cats ruining Christmas!
Sindy Batista
the cats probably had so much fun..
Love Carrion
Did anyone else cry at the 7th one in the beginning?
I have youtube red #adfree
FNAF Adventures and more!
Macy's old friends made me cry.
Zeinab Aman
nice :)
I saw none of these
wayne jackson
Ive seen #4
Angel girl 104
I just noticed that some of there Commercial are about Christmas
Ella McGuigan
The coke one looked like they were drinking beer
night light dragon
that amazon one was so sweet
Candy Nairix
Why did the one with the dog wearing a lion's mane make me want to cry?
Super SonicFan 17754
I saw amazon prime lion this year as a youtube ad
angus matheson
Sooooo Kevin Hart is some creepy motherfucker that thinks he owns his daughters bodxy? Right then. This cliche has always creeped me the Fuck out.
The dog dressed as a lion makes me cry every time!!!
wolf girl
love it so creepy!
I literally died of cuteness watching this video
I was kind of debating on whether the thumbnail was a dick or a carrot
Pc Doktor TM
Look my commercial :)
Victor P
Amazon one was heartwarming
N3rD Al3rT
I died when the goats starting to sing Queen xD

And more queen

Just one great video with some queen!
;A; ÒwÓ
Anybody else cry at the Amazon Prime Lion ad because of the song? I did 😂😭
Doop Doop
Krystal Bowen
That Doritos ad...pure gold haha..
Twenty Øne CryBaby Piløts Panicking! At the Discø
5:02 Now when someone tells me that I sing like a sheep, I'll take that as a compliment.
Frances Van Siclen
Santa and the man made me cry !
Frances Van Siclen
Can't beat a commercial with animals especially dogs !
Kitty Queen
from reading the comments I realized that yes, I am watching ads and yes, I am enjoying it. Someday the ad I skipped to watch this will be in a video of 'top 10 annoying ads 2017'
Martha Hernandez
Awe I almost cried at number five 😢😢😢
Kasey Teng
aw... where is chatbooks?
Gabriel Avornicu
Song id at 11:07, please?
K&M Entertainment
I have to hands down give the best one to the Christmas carrot😂😂
Hey_itz_Katie _
omg the first advert melted my heart
Lilly James
For the first one where Is the shoe
I think #1 best commercial for all time is BACK TO SCHOOL! EAST HILLS! I'm totally kidding. It's definitely Star Wars 7.
When sheep can sing better than you.
that rock paper scissors commercial was so cute ♥️
James Uphill
Isn't a paper spit ball cannibalism
Scary Haboob
Mace Windu
And then the carrot was eaten.
첫번째 가위바위보구나...디테일bb
Takahashi Rof
2:08 me when Windows gets a new update
Dreamers Universe
That lion one was sad.
3:34 I nearly cried
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