Top 10 Conor McGregor Finishes (Knockouts & Submissions)

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A compilation of Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor knockouts and submissions.

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Music: Defqwop - Heart Afire (feat. Strix) & Desembra - Hit 'Em


This video includes:
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Highlights
Conor McGregor Fights
Conor McGregor Funny Moments
Conor McGregor Funniest Moments
Conor McGregor's Funniest MMA Moments PART 4
Conor McGregor Trash Talk
All of the Conor McGregor Insults
Funniest MMA Moments In History
Best of Conor McGregor

hussien ragab
music name ??
he is sexy
what's the song starting w dustin porier at around 3:51, the last song?
DeAdSHoT 3
Adam Gomez
Gimme yer fookin belt
Umar Khan
Clean shave and a mohawk makes him look scary to me for some reasonxD
He looks like a intimidating ruff pikey
James Sunwoo
this shows how a beard makes everybody look bad ass
Die Man In 'n Bruin Pak
just don't get this sport, arm wrestling is better.
Lee Madden
This guys got to be the biggest money making sports personality in the world at the present time
2:42 YEET
Akhmad Farhan
Song????? Comment pls
Pointlessness Inc.
That last one was gnarly
Dylan Cave
mat l
Imagine if Floyd stepped into the Octagon with McGregor.

Let's just agree he wouldn't last a round.
Random Viewer
I love how you used a song that I listen to and edited everything in the rhythm. I do the same thing with my videos
Random Viewer
I know that first song
Sanket Bhale
ending was fire
David is Great
its entertaining tho
David is Great
I don't watch this stuff
Clout God
Who came here after the Floyd fight ?
Jasmine Reese
It's crazy and inspirational to see how far he's come in just 6 years
2:42 get the f outta here
Not used to McGregor without hair and beard
He looks like Shane from the walking dead without a beard hahahaha
Mark Lanting
Title of the song pls
Baby Rosey
gibril barry
2:43 freaking lightning came out of him
Whoever made him keep the beard, a medal to you sir.
Sam Pochin
If only the fight was in this domain mayweather would have died last night
Mike Watteyne
What's with the dumb music
Manlikey Tayyab
Conor would have beaten mayweather if it was a street fight 100%
James F
Anyone else coming here after the Mayweather fight just to be reminded of what a good true fighter Conor really is
Stuebe Doo
before the ego
John Rogers
5:25 is a proof you don't need any strength to KO someone. You just need to hit at the perfect moment ,when the head is at the complete end of the lateral movement.
Ahmed Mohamed
Music bad
Young Patriot
Video is great but the music gave me an ear infection
The Great Western Trendkill
gay m
Contact Info
all you people will lose your money. Mayweather will stun him then drop this guy. its a scam
Justin p
Why do all you fgts insist on playing music along with your clips? Play the fights, and thats it. We dont need that ghey ass extra shit.
When he leans into the camera and says "I'm the future" he wasn't making it up.
Helder Martins
Bunch of animals
Exodus2019 !!XmarksTheSPOT!!
Lekeshia Herbert
Mayweather good but he's forgetting about that strong ASS kick McGregor has... Can't wait 4 fight may the best man win
Nicholas Parisi
This video might be great with out the terrible music, I would love to be able to watch with out earplugs.
Internet Trowel
Let's all hope he gets it done on Aug 26th...
the odds are stacked against him getting a win by decision,
Floyd's made a lot of people a lot of money in Nevada.
Odds are Floyd will hit, clinch, and run for length of fight
so it comes down to how the judges score it,
and whether or not the referee becomes involved in a way that favors Floyd.
But Conor is young, tough, and adapts well,
so there's always the chance he'll catch Floyd with something,
but he'll need a knockdown, at the very least,
and a few good scoring rounds,
for it to be more difficult for the judges to score strangely.

Not saying that is the only way Floyd can win,
he is a good and experienced fighter,
and a champion of his sport,
the same sport Conor is crossing over to partake in.

Which leads to the question of how boxing will treat him,
will it be welcoming, or treat him as an interloper?
Will it seek to make an example of him,
since a sizable amount of interest and viewership
has moved over to MMA in years past.

While either side would love to have bragging rights,
if you ask a younger crowd which sport they prefer,
it seems only one side has its future on the line.

All questions to be answered on Saturday.
Dan Spillane
That was a sick mix!
I love Conor and I hope he beats Mayweather but it isn't going to happen.
Ground Control-X
you cant be that good at anything,really-if you dont Love doing it...)... X ...)...
ruusu elviira
He's handsome
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