The Argos Christmas TV ad 2017 - #ReadyForTakeOff


Our Christmas ad is #ReadyForTakeOff! Watch our elf race through the snow to make sure no-one is disappointed this festive season. Get your presents delivered from as little as 4 hours with Fast Track Same Day delivery. Shop now:

Music of Armenia
Music: Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian, famous Soviet Armenian composer and conductor.
What? Wheres the young white women with her legs wrapped around a black or a middle eastern man?

The Kalergi Plan:
nick jimmy
This can’t be a Christmas ad, there’s no white woman with a black husband or boyfriend in it!
Here's a secret, the kid at the end is actually a mannequin
I'm only here coz I like the cute elf girl......anyone know who she is?
Maryann M
I was in this advert
Iain Robb
I might as well thumb this up for not joining the anti white male Kalergi plan bandwagon of most of the other Xmas ads this year.
The only think I liked about this is the jet/sleighs. They were a pretty cool design. The advert itself was meh. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. It's nothing special.
Art 107
well that was fucking retarded
Liz Schmitt
I thought the concept was great! Well done Argos - totally in line with the 4 hour delivery etc., very good effort
martina mccann
Hate this ad!! Doesn't give the warm Christmas glow ads of years gone by used to do.
Sammy Bxo
so basically arthur christmas
Mitch McAlistair
Yeah! Linked into the new Star Wars film by pure 'coincidence', whereas M&S have gone the whole hog ... er ... bear.
Nigger elves? Bwahahaha
Collette Post
Too similar to Asda and Amazon, conveyor belts!!
Great adverts as always Argos 😊
The voice at the end is hot "go argos" yum
My username is extremely fucking Long so fuck you
Kudos to Argos for making their Christmas adverts 'Muslim free'

martin earl
How nice to see some white people for a change....
Ali B
Now I know why every item I ever bought from Argos was faulty
Looks like Aldi and Argos are not buying into the PC Bullshit thank god.
Ned Buckley
love this tune
Celtic Forever
Who else was thinking of big John Candy struggling in his car at the music 20 secs in? :-)
S kay
No references to Jesus.. just a nonsense advert misusing the timing for financial gain.
Josh wayman
"Disgusted with Argos/directors office, Gillian Galpin to be absolutely no help at all and the CEO John Rogers will not speak with his customers. I have been passed around from one department to another for almost three months. I would urge christmas shoppers NOT to spend money at Argos this festive period."
Phoenix 24
I hope the 'Liar Liar' tribute was intentional! So funny
I fee like if they can build a futuristic rocket sleigh they can probably splash out for a tarp or something so all the toys don't fall out when they hit the first air pocket.
Marc Davies
well done. smashing.
Borrowed an idea from the film Arthur Christmas where they try to deliver a present that missed the original delivery
Nicky Woodward
Order from Argos and get your presents chucked onto the delivery van/plane at the last minute - probably breaking into pieces just in time for the BIG day
CP1 Records
Please check out my Christmas song
Elka Synthex
Sabre Dance, Aram Khachaturian
YoshiPeach Mario
to be honest, this advert doesn't inspire confidence in Argos' warehouse and logistic systems.
Dumitru Langham
thank you agros you 've help me a create story!
Krusty Snake Eyes
To be honest it's hard to find an ad I enjoy but I enjoyed this one it had great effects just for an ad but it shows it had time and effort put into it. 10/10 would love to see the ad again.
Oliver Randall
What is the song called?
0:22 because running the wrong way up a convey belt is always the fastest way of getting there...
Billy McAuliffe
Star wars star trek ripoff the red uniforms look like startrek uniforms
Wow! look at all those M.A.X. robots going home for Christmas gifts!
Dan Dehlavi
What a great ad I love it so very much.
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