15 Funniest Adult Jokes In iCarly You Might Have Missed

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The best jokes from the hit TV show iCarly.
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“iCarly” was one of the best shows ever on Nickelodeon. For seven seasons, we had the chance to see a group of friends making videos online with Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor. You might think that it was a show for kids, but there are many things that you’ll only understand if you are an adult. Today, we are showing you 15 Funniest Adult Jokes in “iCarly” You Might Have Missed.

It was the first episode of the first season, and we already heard one inappropriate joke. Since the beginning of the sitcom, we knew that Carly was not going to be a good role model as she got in trouble after making fun of a teacher. And it just got worse when Carly had to host the auditions for the talent show and said mean things about her. We knew that this was a show our parents were not going to like! 

Later in the first season, Carly and Freddie wanted to see what teachers were doing outside of school, and they did something no one should ever do. They broke into Ms. Briggs apartment. This is how they found out that she was obsessed with a man and did really weird things with a cutout cardboard when she was alone. That’s why we don’t want to know too much about our teachers.

Stay tuned to hear more funny jokes in “iCarly” you might have missed like a girl juggling with balls, Spencer in the shower with a chick, what Trudy likes to do on a couch, the number of Freddie’s apartment, and more. Are there any other adult jokes that we missed in “iCarly”? If you found one, don’t be shy to tell us what it is in the comments section down below. We love to know what you think!

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the person who runs this channel obviously have no idea how familiar kids are with jokes like these
Veronica Solorzano
Hobknocker is masturbating in public (which is illegal)
Kamran Younis
Some of these are dumb. It's obvious you just wanted the video to be over 10 minutes.
Unknown Unknown
This Destroyed My Perspective Of ICarly
Jaden Palermo
Caroline P
I never made the connection with apartment 8 D, I always thought it looked like a smiley face
Jadyn Johnson
and Carly realizing that the squirrels were not wrestling is ok,it is called reproduction,so get over it,and besides you would have to be looking for something like that in order to get the joke,good god people,get lives
Jadyn Johnson
every woman has boobs,get over it.
it was just a joke,very child (especially girls)should know that women have boobs,it's a part of life for girls
Danielle Lichtnecker
Did anyone else search up hob knocker under 18?
Fausto Montero
Give this video a dislike!
Muffin Mcstud
How tf did i end up here from bright trailer
Dayana Briceus
Growing up, my parents barely allowed me to watch this show because of all the fires. They thought that my brothers and I would start fires for fun 😂😭 I'm not 18
Edie Twarogowski
Actually the room number is 8 = D which is... a weird smiley face
•k•i•p•p•y BiSh
Chelsea Lopez
The kids got their own channel on tv
Chelsea Lopez
Icarly is for teenagers not for kids
Mumma Bear
I knew about the apartment number
3:42 thats sinterklaas from holland
A lot of this is literally just Spencer being Spencer..
oh god the age gap is showing! Back in 2008 or whatever youtube was obsessed with "ZOMG adult jokes in 90s kids cartoons XD" now it's 9 years into the future and nothing has changed!!
It’s Lauren
When I was little I remember watching I Carly and the season were she saw the didlo in the reflection of the computer and my dad went pfft and I said what :o and he said nvm lmao now I know
#not a teen or adult AND never watched the show understands ALL. of them...
Ship It Don't Sink It
What about the one where spencer had blue paint on him and another girl had red paint and he said "Want to go make purple"
Idk about you but thats a tad inappropriate dont cha think?
Hob knocker means when a guy hits you in the face with a penis.
This video would be way better if the voice didn't sound like it's supposed to be teaching me the ABC's.
Bourque Francoeur
Sams mom has something called “special Vitamins” that made her apparently “happy”
To be fair, most of these "adult jokes" were not intended to be inapropriate, its just that we let our minds fall right into the gutter on these sort of things. I will say that the jokes that were intended to be inapropriate are not subtle, but they are actually quite easy to spot.
The Darkness
God Help Me.
The Darkness
Well I AM 18 sooooo, I'll be right back.
She is just dirty minded
Supernatural Demon
Auna McCargo
Yeah they tried to hard xD
//Cat MSP
Hahah no these aren’t dirty.

You just have a bad dirty mind.
B Ali
I always had a crush on carly
infires maneu
“only adults would understand” lmao okay sure i totally didn’t understand any of that
i dont have a name
Hob knockers means hitting in the face by their dick
Eli Carpenter
I wish she would stop saying that only men have penises. It’s not true.
Chumpy the Anteater
Freddy's apartment number is 8=D
Kelly s
Lol are you serious? The olive oil could be at bathroom because she used it for her hair... Nah half of this isn't dirty you have a dirty mind.
Unknown Female
The Thumbnail: red circle
Me: A jewellery box is Adult Content?! Must hide my Jewellery box!
Blaze X
i'm sorry but did the host of the show binge watch THE WHOLE FUCKING SERIES just to make this video!?!?!?!?!?
Crazy Girl 24
Some of the jokes aren't even inappropriate it'd just this person saying its inappropriate but it's not and they just have a dirty mind
Tony Sary
This isn't a coincidence, this is Hollywood. It's conditioning for the teens mind.
Arrienne Ramos
Hob knocker means hitting around people's private parts
Soggy ;-;
Or maybe you might just have a weird ass mind
Malik McCullom
IlluminatiCarly.....💥 🤯🤦🏾‍♂️
Hobknocker: Anybody who goes around hitting people in the privates....the more u know
Sky Alkire
The narrator is too fucking cringy.
Noah - DawgNation
iCarly should be back... If its not just me who remembers this they said iCarly will have to take a break (the webshow not show) so I think ICARLY NEEDS A REUNION! Because Carly was not gonna be in Italy forever. Who agrees?
Hehe I dare you to use a banana slicer on ye penis XD
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