Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First Time

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“I love alcohol.” — Steve Austin

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Sailing Boat (Rerub)
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[Steve Austin]


Caolan Robinson
like sugary dog shit
Bring this guy back!
Columbia and not a Cabella lol
What to say about this crazy, american asshole...You're a god among men, you entertained me for years and I love amazing redneck bastard!
Boobie lou
I would call this give one of those red pales of shit oh a jolly rancher shot.
xXMemesSoDank Xx
most underated statement in history "i love alcohol"- Steve Austin
Caleb Wulfekuhle
He needs to try absinthe
645 jabrones!
Dean Morris
I'll take a long Island iced tea all day long please
Arslan Malik
stone cold is awesome
what was the last drink? an orange blossom or some kind of tiger tail drink?
Kyle Benson
Austin 3:16 just said I beat my wife debra
john coleman
If Stone Cold was to run for president would you vote for him???
Big T
gimme one of those red piled of shit
Ryan Collie
Austin 2:16 says I need another drink
Cholo Polo
I love this, make one for the sandman!
TNP'R sheepodog
Fucking woman beater. How this guy even is allowed to be in the spotlight is beyond me.
Kyle Statham
What beer was he drinking at the end??
Cause Stone Cold said so!
Eliseo Arredondo
1:24 god damn you might as wekl pour the rest of it. lol!
Tamhas Woods
"Sugary DAWG-shit!" ROFL..... *buys N64 and WWF Attitude*
Tyler Harris
They gave him a can of whoop ass at the end.
Cassandra Williams
wooooooow :0
He's an awesome character. Kind of like how Mike Tyson is.
Tim Tyler
Nick Dyas
God I hate BuzzFeed but I love Stone Cold
Mike Post
Bartender: Steve what would you like for your next dr-

Stone Cold: WHAT?

Bartender: What would you like for your

Stone Cold: WHAT?


Stone Cold: WHAT?

Bartender: STEVE

Stone Cold: WHAT?
Chris Wong
Got damn I wished you'd have poured the rest of it
It's funny because the beer he's drinking is his own brand. XD
tastes like sugary dogsh*t 😂😂😂
KingSiah 510
God damn u might as well pour the rest of it.... GOAT
Renaissance Manchild
Is this man ever not entertaining?
Sam Fisher
Liquid Swords
Kenton Tran
It's like watching Ron Swanson
Allan Selman
David ryan
the bartender was Rikishi...he did it for the rock
Hey guys it's TROYDAN here
I want the next bevera..WHAT!!!
Mr Reilly
this is the same as fat guy in a small coat

no funny just rehashed and fucking gay

fucking this hillbilly
Sublime D
Stone Cold is Back.... bartender comes in with 2 Budweisers. "Ahh hell yeah"
Sugar diabeetus lmao
That was adorably intimidating.
Jay busa
cuz stone cold said so 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
jason andrews
Sugary Dog Sh*t 😂
Ben Pantera
When i was young stone cold was my chillhood hero , he look badass and anti hero in attitude era. Miss my chillhood , remember our friend regroup to watching war between WWE and WCW.
I kinda want a bagel.
He's a hero to me
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