Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First Time

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“I love alcohol.” — Steve Austin

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[Steve Austin]


Senna Wales
Steve Austin is Anakin Skywalker.
did hell freeze over because I just seen Stone Cold Steve Austin on a BuzzFeed Video did they pay him a shit ton of money or did he have to do community service.
A Funny Joke
Chief LSAH
Austin ages good for a Caucasian man. He needs to be on a show,A tv bad ass dad
he was one hell of a wrestler combined with explosive mic skills
I've watched this a hundred times and it's still hilarious. We need a sequel. Austin trying even more drinks.
Stone colds getting more and more red as he drinks. Hahaha
Johnny Bravo
0:45 me all day :)
Spoon Films
Stone cold stunner
Darin Mitchell
Stone Cold Steve Austin enjoying a mimosa, who woulda thought!?
Tobias Walker
Thank you for my alcoholic education Stone Cold....for my upcoming birthday I will try a Cosmopolitan!
Justin Pierce
Next time I go to a bar Imma say "Give me a red pile of shit" lmao 
For once buzz feed makes a video that is funny and is not offensive to males. for once I'm going to say good job buzz feed!
Charles Wagner
I really miss watching this guy on Monday nights. I miss the promos. I miss watching him drink beer and kick some ass. Damn. It's a Damn damn damn shame he's not on the TV any more.
stone cold is is one of the best if not the best WWE Superstar of all time
Mr Anderson
lol these are the kinda drinks that piss ya off
Hritik Ghatge
Austin 3.16 says I just drink some weak shit.
"I love alcohol"
steve no not buzzfeed
wheres the Austini?
He's...surprisingly well articulated. Though I suppose he is an actor for the most part.
The Fat man
0:46 was the best part.
Pip Smith
I wanted someone to get a stunner for them drinks he hated!!!!!!!!!
Pip Smith
Tini should be shaken not stirred.
elaine edwards
From 0:46 we all know that
Gemini Neda
the video shouldve been 3:16
Aviaz X
Damn stone cold has no eyebrows, still badass
the one and only rusty shakleford
Austin 3:16 says, I need a damn beer!
Ron Weasley
99 percent of the comments are wwe fans
And that's the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so...
Araceli Romo
wwe ECW
krista Kyle
hey Steve ur awesome
ryu boi
I don't like stone cold
Ty Tommy
stone cold has been chugging alcohol since i was like 7
1stTeam AllDefense
These aren't fancy drinks, just shitty. Give the man something good you fucks🇺🇸😎
Chad Dennis
"Fancy Cocktails?" No Negroni, Martini, Vieux Carre, Penecillan, Whiskey Sour, Manhattan, or any fizzes etc....All he got were Spring Break cocktails where people don't care if they're drinking gasoline.
Khalid Alamer
"I love alcohol"
you don't say steve, i never could tell.
mariana rotaru
steve is my favourite
Buzzfeed, can you please do "36 questions white people have for other races "
Juan C
If you need more of this videos Give me a hell yeah!
I would L❤VE to see him try some Moonshine.....I bet he'd that will put hair on your chest !!!! Or HELL YEAH !!!
Hugs from Texas ❤
Pittsburgh 15
Best wrestler ever.
That's a tasty gimmick
Troy King
"I love alcohol."

-Steve Austin
Kevin Harrington
I lost it when he said "F'ck that drink" lmao
Billy Disaster
I would call this, give me one of those red piles of shit. Classic! Hahaha...
I'm gonna Finnish it. I love alcohol lol
1:43 😂😂
VHS Tape 7*
Try Broken Skull IPA, listen to the Steve Austin show on podcast one,and pick up a Steve Austin broken skull knife from Cold Steel knives.
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