Elizabeth Garcia
yes why do we need schools if we could learn from ...........tv
Elizabeth Garcia
I subscribed
Isabelle Cameron
people dont make sense
3:37 literally my class made up a thing where when someone coughs we say bless u and when someone's sneezesπŸ˜‚
I don't get it when people say 'single as a Pringle!' There's no way you can find a lone Pringle on the pavement, right?
Just Listen
I play ed your quiz and Δ± Got 9/9
Mystery Girl77
We bless each other because apparently our heart stops when we sneeze(not when we cough)
Jagg Infiniti
At 4:30 the filter changed explain
Jagg Infiniti
One time in i was in an airplane and there was a huge line just had a πŸ’© flushed and shouted JESUS!!!! Walked out and people looked at me funny
Depressed Potato
Liza, when you sneeze, your organs stop working for a split second. When you cough, this doesn't happen. That's why people say 'Bless You' at sneezes rather than coughs.
Rhyan Curkendall
OMG! When she said the sneezing one I sneezed!!?? That is really weird
I'm taller than you and I am 10
Aura Abonia
Omg Liza is incredibly funny and her puns are always on point and so funny
Ava Rhimes
I'm completely with u about the sneeze cough thing
Moni V.
Sierra Brown
life itself doesnt make sense
dead pool
I love your videos there sooo funny
Rachel Robinson
You are lolπŸ˜ŽπŸ€˜βœŒπŸ–’
Holly Barnes
I thought that about the planes as well girl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ βœˆοΈπŸš½πŸ’©
Corky & Bebe
You are soooooo funny Liza
Rece Smith
When I was in elementary me and my friends said that paper beats rock because it blinds the rock so then it falls off a cliff. . . But rocks cant see so you can't blind them. . . I'v just confused myself
Brie 13
People say bless you when you sneezes because when you sneeze your heart stops so they say bless you (that you didnt die)
my first gameiny channel!!!
Why do u poop?
Hannah Davis
1:40 liza sit back down then get up and it usually works
Anastajia Charley
Here's something that does not make sense when people are saying that a E is worse than a F when E comes before a F like I am so confused am I right or am I white.
Suneetha Menon
I am died so funny!😊
Amanda Vick
My life don't make sense
WolfClubDaily Community
Lizza you forgot dollar stores don't make sense two, because everything is a dollar
Alice Angel
This was at the end of a yammy xox sims thing
CandyElf 353
You're adorable🍭🍑🍬🍰
CandyElf 353
You're so funny Liza I would never stop watching your videosπŸ­πŸ¬πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»
Cyelee cooper
I actually only have 3 wisdom teeth...
Anita O
They say bless you because way back then, you could die from sneezing because that is being sick and there were no cures.
J- Hope
omg that part about autocorrect capitalising things is so true, i have literally texted somebody before and said 'can you please PICK ME UP'
Helena Li
just wanted to go back in mermory lane but also MORE OF DISSS
Rudi Rudi
turtles butt
Rock: u wanna Netflix and chill???Paper: no lets cuddle ;;)))
Mariah Walling
Why are blankets not blank doesn’t make sense hey I just made my own pun
Jessie Gaming
In old times people thought when you sneezed you were more vunrable to the devil so people around you would bless you to keep the devil away
Katlin Mack
Omg her laugh is just so funny and i love you liza your so funny
kenzie grace
What's so funny is I say chough-u when some one choughs and some ppl and are so confused to so I have to explain its annoying but u say it all the turn anyway
Chloe Glynn
Have a good WHAT
Ella Battles
I wanna meet Liza Koshy SOOOOOO bad
Makayla T
People say bless you when sneeze because back then people thought when you sneezed you sneezed your soul out so they would say bless you
Dan J
I dont get when people who have shads for the window always keep the shads open
Dan J
I dont get it when a person that is mad 😑 says β€œoh Im not mad β€œ Whatt !!!!!!! 😑
EmmaShortVlogs YT
Why do people cry .-.
Michelle Garwood
You're my fave youtouber Liza
πŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ’•love you Liza
IThe reason we say bless you is because when people first started to sneeze people thought that that meant they were gonna die and blessed u so they u know wouldn’t die and we just kept doing that for no appearent reason.
Elia Auguste
I'm your friend Liza
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