Does The Galaxy S8 Have A Serious Screen Problem?

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the hottest Android device on the market right now. A story recently emerged from South Korea claiming some Galaxy S8 devices are exhibiting reddish hues from their OLED panels. I decided to evaluate ten Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus displays in an attempt to identify the reported issue. Keep in mind, these are only ten devices (a relatively small sample) therefore this evaluation can't be completely conclusive. Nonetheless it should give you some idea of smartphone display variance in general and how that applies to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If you've got a Samsung Galaxy S8 exhibiting the reported issues (red hue that can't be fixed) please leave a comment below. Manufacturing to exacting standards is very difficult, the ten devices I tested here are well within the realm of acceptability and beyond that the most beautiful smartphone displays I've ever seen.

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gursimranjit singh
i use s8+ and yea bro its working awesome but with one issue when i use VR sometime a red tint popup on the borders.what is the problem ???
Triple D
What's with all the hand gesticulating and rapping when talking? this guy is morphing into Fred Durst. 🤔
Franz Liszt
I didn't wake up this morning; I woked up
Rodrigo Flordeliz
its not a big issue yet cmon its Super Amoled not just Retina display offers=)
William Lunt
hi Lou mine has light bleed top by camera
Shengjian Hu
i have a problem on my s8 plus. I can t download any gameloft games, every time i will get a errorcode -505.

i have tried different accounts and hard reset and that didden t work.
valters ordo
nop final win by apple have screen color ''rip samsung"
Alexander Mitev
I have experienced the red tint problem that was so severe no update would adjust the colors. A week after my purchase I tried getting it replaced, but they took it for a repair! 2 weeks later I had the phone returned and Samsung replaced the display, not the phone! Now, around the edges you can tell it was replaced as they are not flush with the frame... Dust gets in there and not to mention the water resistance that anyway is not covered under warranty - no chance to test it. Shortly, I'm utterly disappointed with Samsung. As a consumer I'm absolutely helpless as they don't really care. This is happening in Europe.
That's why you never buy the 1st batch in anything
Sonal Punchihewa
+Unbox Therapy Pls do a Samsung galaxy j7 prime review or something
Dee Heych
could they just have the phone in night time mode? sounds like 10 dumbasses to me
Slippery Pasta
I personally don't like Samsung or apple. I find it hilarious when people say "so you don't like smartphones?"
Thejuggernaut 44
man samsung will track you dawn and kill you
oleds aren't backlit
Eugeneo Velasco
gimme one plz. im so poor. real fan here
An Cermet
Can Samsung release a phone without fucking things up?
Cheeky Cherub
mine looks perfect :(
white as white can be
whiter than snow
You can definitely tell some of those are different even in video.
abdelrahman Aref
I bought a Galaxy s8 yesterday.the screen is extremely red......

because I have a red wallpaper
Miraj Ali
Divesh Mehta
can i have one of them sir?😅
Eula Apostol
i love the new samsung S8
god4dayz - G4Z
mine is red
Sven Gebruers
stupid channel -_- always complaining
Nick Vernice
great, here comes the paranoia that my s8+ display is fucked up -_-
Dan Ford stokes
some do seem a tiny bit more red/pink
Pijus Sauseris
@2.45 you sound like eminem
Piero Soares
I go for the option that Samsung don't observed these calibration details and don't made a chromatic standard because it's interests were in put the phone on the market the sooner it could.
Piero Soares
interesting! I wonder if the LG G6 have this same screen chromatic problem. It could be your next video subject? 😎
Mário Šišovský
Ja mam tiez ruzovy display, dal som ho do servisu, aj ked si myslim ze by mi ho mali vymenit za novy. Ale toho sa asi nedockam. Ani neviem v com je chyba. Slovensko
Jose Vides
Now this may sound dumb to some but are you sure it had nothing to do with the blue light filter?
Jacob Estrada
umm are you giving it away?
Star Techie
I have never used an iphone or mac or any high end device but i still watch all your videos because someday i will buy one in far away future
my galaxy s8 has no problem with its screen
Colten Herell
The new galaxies have a blue light filter that make the phone screen red
wolf zayn
Samsun need to stick manufacturing refrigerators instead
justin st.denis
LEW!!! you must try the Samsung fold 2 g1600 it's a crazy android flip phone with 2gb ram! how many likes and how many copy pastes do I need for you to feature this phone on your channel!?!? ready set lets go!
Who paid? Apple or Google?
max w
Nintendo had the same problem with their 3DS.... dont like s8 and 3DS :U
Just got the S8 yesterday and had an issue right out of the box. No red screen, but a stuck pixel - this one small speck on the screen that is visible on a white background. I was part of the Note 7 fiasco and went through that horrible process. Called Samsung and they clearly didn't care if I had the phone or not. They tried to get me to pay return shipping and told me to wait 3 days for an email before they even do anything about it. Samsung needs to get their sh*t together, your brand loyalty is quickly going down the drain.
Amal krishna
is this video sponsered by samsung
Immunity NYX
I'm watching this in my samsung galaxy s8 plus i haven't watched the video yet but i have a lifetime warranty so i don't mind
Immortal Gamer
I'm watching on a s8+
Ah FFS stop bitching about a "slight difference" in screen colours. They not all going to be the same
Cole Adams
some are clearly more red
Adel Al Jammal
We've got alot of bullshit over here.
Omar Carrington
Smh at the exaggerating you tubers and their stupid videos purposely made to discredit Samsung. This video is dumb
Meanwhile my N8 is rocking hard going on not giving a shit about these peasant experience phones. Thanks Micro and Soft for infiltrating a company then turning it to turd to suit your shit. I'd punch the throat in of the asshole who denied us of an android Nokia line (not examples, which, for their time, were brilliant, a glimpse in to a different world, and not the garbage peddled unto us today from a wanna be Nokia representative), but that's apparently illegal.
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