Does The Galaxy S8 Have A Serious Screen Problem?

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the hottest Android device on the market right now. A story recently emerged from South Korea claiming some Galaxy S8 devices are exhibiting reddish hues from their OLED panels. I decided to evaluate ten Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus displays in an attempt to identify the reported issue. Keep in mind, these are only ten devices (a relatively small sample) therefore this evaluation can't be completely conclusive. Nonetheless it should give you some idea of smartphone display variance in general and how that applies to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If you've got a Samsung Galaxy S8 exhibiting the reported issues (red hue that can't be fixed) please leave a comment below. Manufacturing to exacting standards is very difficult, the ten devices I tested here are well within the realm of acceptability and beyond that the most beautiful smartphone displays I've ever seen.

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Make a vid on The Sony L1 does it suck?
lol every samsung phone fails..
Taevion Sidney
can i have one please
Lord Kek
I'm watching this om my galaxy s8 with that annoying red tint... So annoying
hi you have lit of mobiles..I you only one Samsung s8 plus. for's my dream mobile..but that mobile have much cost..I did enough much you please think about it..I m your fan... please see it soon and think about it...
Best phone in the market and will be on top for some time for sure
Super Scenes - Mass
watching on s8+
EwPie Dead
10 s8 plus wow
Slade Wilson
Can I have one my phone broke I’m on my brother phone??
Blastroid Boomer
can someoke plz tell me or point me to a vid so i can take of this annoying thing to were any app i launch is cut off from the screen size
Marek D
NYX? where can I get it?
How was that skin unbeliveable? It was stupid and ugly
Chocochin Gaming
my s8 doesn't seem more red at all, even with the blue light filter on
I'd gladly take one of those phones hahahaha
Benjamin Daniels
Mine is a bit red but I am red green colorblind so...
Jonathan Robinson-Hart
I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and what I did to help me with this problem as I turned on the blue light filter and I kept it on for days, even weeks at a time and after that period of time I remembered that I had it on and I turned it off for me my eyes of the justed to always seeing that really red tone so when I turn it off it seemed to me that my screen was a lot more on the cooler side so if people here don't like the reddish tint they're getting in their Samsung Galaxy S8 simply turn on the blue light filter and try and tolerate that reddish tint for a few weeks and then turn it off and you'll realize a reasonable change in your eyes other people will still see a kind of reddish tint on your phone
Joshua Roman
The fourth one on the first row is obviously red.
Navdeep Singh
can you tell which phone I want to take
Still not as good as an iPhone😏
Yan Liu
my s8+ is tinted red only towards the bottom of display and the red tint appears intermittently so I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem. And Samsung China refused to exchange it for me by claiming that it's a software problem.
iulian dbx
so im wathing on a lcd tv and at 2:00 you can see some color is differnt on the s8+
May Jester
The iPhone six does
Roy Jones
can you please help me? I've tried everything. my Samsung s8 screen timeout goes off after 5 seconds even if i have it on 10 minutes. I see u have the phones screen timeout perfect. Please help me!?
Perianu Leon
samshit... this never happens on ips pannel
Bob Brown
I thought oleds weren't backlit?
Ahsan Rafaqat
waiting for Nokia p1 review
9 Numb
Watching this on my S9
Lunar Critical ops & more!
i watch this in my s8+ and lucky lue wasnt red haha
sirish kumar
Sir exactly one week back i purchased s8plus. After watchin ur video i observed my mobile. In bluelight mode i find some redish on my screen. In general one particular angle i fine some light pink on my screen. It will be find when we observe very closely..sir plz tell me the solution. Is it a serious problem? If so can i bring the phone to servicing center? Sir plzzzzzz plzzzzzzz help me in this issue
give me one
SajedProd ساجد برود
Jakub Ryć
hahahaa fuck shitsung Apple univerese never had the problem #teamapple
Pirdh Opani
a decent sample size?? are you kidding me lol , they sell millions of those and only a few note 7s had to blow up for them to push the whole model back
Justin Defuria
I have this phone
NeWisdom Valley
Are u interested to review newisdom fast qi chager? Which can be viewed in 60° best view angel.And can be viewed no matter your phone is in horizontal or in vertical.
Huya Wachako
I can see LOL
Zackery Gibson
this dude clearly doesn't know wtf he is talking about. when you increase the brightness, it gives you a warning because it's bad for your eyes. and the blue light feature is to help you sleep.
Profitable Opportunities
Really, This is an issue? Morons change the Hue on their phone and it is a Samsung problem.. Please go back and read your manual.
Cleef Goody
Hahaha... it sucks to be Samsung right now... and u even try comparing iPhones colors and they looked even better hahaha...
Jay Miah
my s8 plus looks perfect
Peter Campbell
I got my s8 yesterday do u think mine will have a problem
Jimit Shukla
mine galaxy S8 is ok. I guess....
Sai Philip
i watch on my s8 plus
stephen Jr
coping this phone in a couple weeks, next month
kid: ipod
teenager: iphone
dad: ipaid
Watchfulseven 52
Eh i had a samsung s7 edge and it had a line of dead pixels. Don't get me wrong samsung makes beautiful phones that cost as much as iPhones but the problem is that the materials they use are to nice.
Alex Willis
he has nearly 10k on that table. That's insane
Richard's Technology
still btter display thn ur pixel😂
the red thing looks like my 3ds screen
its fucked and red
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