Stephen High Kicks His Way Into North Korea's Army

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To join the ranks of North Korea's military it takes discipline, dedication, and some nifty dance moves. Stephen's Monday monologue contains all three.

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Chris Heasman
does RTE website active in the US?
MrMikavi Gel
make a program with trump's first 100 stupidity's or are more than 1 a day
José Carlos Solís
It sounds like Bill Hader doing the Churchill part
Alto Viola
I fucking snorted when he started marching.
pepe cohetes
gonna get me som of dat trump's devos' educatation...
Austin Ramirez
Someone put blue man group audio over north korean goose stepping
Kong Moua
trump doesnt know the difference between iraq and syria. #sad presidency
Darian :/
When you spell "education" wrong=major L
There's no "shun" in education. LOL
Watch @6:38 at 1.5x.'s better
Go Isles
"Educatuon"? Jesus, even Pink Floyd thinks that was stupid.
Allie Grant
Colbert is so ignorant that he is not funny. I bet Liberals are like Texans.Give them all an enima and shove them in a shoebox.
The Fibler
The fact is that Trump actually wanted a military parade like this at the inauguration. Sad.
The Fibler
6:56 LMAO
We're lost.
Bloodbath and Beyond
Why do white people always clap on every quarter note when they hear music?
Come on Stephen, it's easy to forget about the whole hand thing when he's so used to saluting Putin.
Irma Marquez
We have a stupid president, and Fox News hires the DUMBEST people….just say you are dumb..Blond hair, laugh like an idiot and U ARE HIRED!!
Jeanette Perry
How can anyone give this a thumbs down? His high stepping kicks were the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! And the whole Easter hunt at the White House and everything about trump was hilaripus....
Justin Benson
Every time I see clips of him, I keep thinking "Millions of people voted for this piece of shit. Millions." I still can't see why a single person in any semblance of their right mind would even consider it. I don't know how anyone can even listen to him for more than three seconds and still take him seriously. Even putting aside the literally thousands of other things wrong with him, shouldn't basic literacy at least be a requirement for leading a country? How can this country even be functioning at all when so many people are this fucking stupid?
Trump... quoting himself quoting himself... quotception!!!!
The Secretary of Educatuon... I guess it's true what Bush used to say - our children is NOT learning. And they won't be - not never no more - if she has anything to say about it :P
God... the brain-dead sex doll knows MORE about being president than the moronic oompa-loompa who's in charge...
Intellectually bankrupt zombies
O-M-G. I did not know about the manner in which Trump talks about this.... Dinner?! Delicious chocolate?! The wrong country?! You literally don't know whether to laugh or to cry or to facepalm yourself. Wow, just wow. Americans must be so proud of their president.
maybe she needs to be president, certainly couldn't do any worse
Funny how Americans like to put all the guilt on their stupid Trump. Who fought those wars, who joined the army and went to Iraq and other countries to kill people in their villages ? who is piloting those drones ?
Trump is just your picture reflection in the mirror
p7arash mishra
Thousanad people dies and this nutsack was busy humping choclate cake....😂
It has a little pop to it. XD
Joseph PewPew
@0:20 Stephen Colbert says "what's Mexico in Easter like?"😂😂😂😂
pamela gray
I love you Stephen Colbert. You are hilarious. Good South Korea!!!!.😅😅😅😅😅😅. EveryBody needs spray paint right now. God help us.
Officially MOAB has always stood for "Massive Ordnance Air Blast"
So an immigrant had to tell a citizen what to do huh. Interesting!
Sharon Bellenger
Encouraging... he's a true multi-tasker.
hank olsen
At 8:10 the "congressioal" race 😂😂😂😂😂
hank olsen
At 6:26 it's so how Stephen mimics the way the North Koreans March!!
Brad Smith
So am I to understand the liberals are against the Syria strike and Afghanistan bombings?
whats mexico in easter like
Only suckers voted for Trump.
jimmy page
if you copy this video into another tab and play the music while Steven is goose-stepping while the other video plays the video of the North Korean army goose-stepping that shit is mad funny lol
antonio volpe
whoops a daisy, worn country
Sounds like Trump was about to start explaining the Red Wedding.
Mashudu McSavage
It's sad when you want to deport immigrants but immigrants have to remind you how to be American.
Sofy said
these is democrashit that you vote for destroy other people country almost 50 years and get it away with it.
Alanna Baker
dear god, the american idiot cant even figure out what country he bombed while eating cake?........ america ,,, you look like even bigger fools.
Shayba Canady
Dude. U are hilarious. Lol
Hekat the Evil B-tch
Being in a reality show, Trump probably assumes America can just do a retake...
Kate Wirth
I live for these YouTube snippets, as I live in Germany, and was lucky enough to attend this taping. Thanks for another great show and a great experience while we were visiting NYC!
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