Stephen High Kicks His Way Into North Korea's Army

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To join the ranks of North Korea's military it takes discipline, dedication, and some nifty dance moves. Stephen's Monday monologue contains all three.

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Craig Fitch
looks like cornholebert still fucks the cat.
4:15 I love you Stephen lol
Helena Winkler
used page jeans benefit stair operate minister good.
Jingjing Du
Stephen Colbert's the only man who could make goose-stepping look sexy
Athena Blade
Colbert for dictator!
Curtis Coughlin
MOAB actually stands for "massive ordinance air burst". Mother of all bombs is just a nickname given to it by its engineers.
YONCE 8701
Kyler Weiss
Bomby McBombface
Alex Landherr
All Fudgy on the western front.
Lee Johnson
Trump has already Paid Russia Hackers make him President again, in year 2020.
KillJoy69 66
6:48 dat ass tho
imanasaurus rex
Stephen is a stupid ass motherfucker (in a good way 😂)
Dak Lamerbusch
Just noticed something: People are up in arms over the NFL players kneeling, yet they're not mad at 1:00 where Bone Spurs doesn't even know to cover his heart?! Just goes to show the deep psychosis that his little followers are in that they refuse to realize that he is a goddamn child. Sad.
The Batman
Bet America is regretting it's decision now huh. Good luck. You're gonna need it.
Alex Boricua
A real President doesn’t have chocolate cake while bombing another country. A real President is In The HQ watching the mission in progress and calling he shit ffs.
Well it seems on a lot of things Stephen agrees with Kim Jong-un a lot more than he does with Trump. Both Stephen and Kim are communists
Piat Piat
nice steal by the drummer. totally awesome and super sweet.
Hanne Lambert
oh my gosh rifle i really please this#b lov determination ..
Richard Sinclair
Fake president & fake presidency!
Kertas Kecil Voyager289
its was fun and jokes back then when their rocket fail, now they have working nuke and rocket
Zeno Russell Duke of Bedford
Olivia Lim
People died in those bombing strikes, while the President that ordered them enjoys cake. Nice to see that he is so cavalier about killing people!
Faith Rada
He just thought they were singing to Him. : p
amber petals
i wouldn't put my hand over my heart anymore. this smacks of sacrilege.
Oh my god, I could watch that part of Stephen goose-popping forever! :'D
Trump's bombing decision is horrific.
Melania trump knows more about being patriotic than Trump XD
Colbert goose step at 6:50
katie graydon
6:50 you're welcome
katie graydon
Definitely one of my favorite Colbert monologues
William H. Baird
Andreas w.
Stephen Colbert is the best
Tyg Rahof
Wow...No one in the white house knows how to spell palm
Thinker Brain
I watch this just to see Stephen match and the band play... awesome!! 6:48
I'm not sure I'll make a good decorator but I've got the moves.🤣😂
Pedro Ivan de Albuquerque Lima
The cake is a lie.
The Proclaimed
Trump didnt put his hand on his chest because he dont have a heart
Shawn Smith
hahaha!! that ear snap thing Colbert does kills me. 🌟🌟
You're not supposed to put your hand over your heart for the national anthem. That's for the Pledge of Allegiance.
To this day I still laugh at Stephens attempts at marching like the Korean soldiers 😂
lina _lu
Ok we will spray paint.... I AM REALLY WORRIED... Don't bomb us trump
Hwang Zhihuan
F*** you! Stop mocking the KPA. Your military sucks and is undisciplined and kills innocent middle eastern people.
raging storm5
pat comerford
Stephen, you goose-stepper-in chief, did you train the North Koreans to goose-step????
All the cruise missiles were aimed at key objectives of the air base that sent out planes to gas bomb many Syrian civilians previously, unless of course CNN was telling a bold-faced lie when they covered the news on that situation. In fact, there were accounts of Syrian civilians thankful of Donald Trump for taking action. Seeing as how we're not at war with Syria, I don't think we really need to call it as such. His jokes are still pretty funny, mostly.
Joey Corley
When he said “bites,” I was biting my nails!
Fisher Peace
talking about bombing other people with such lightness, do they have a heart? I guess it is the exact same psychology for a serial killer, the gratification on other's suffering
Sumair Bawa
kim jong in?
danielle king
thats some fierce goose stepping girlfiend
llyu rlkl
i love your show
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