Stephen High Kicks His Way Into North Korea's Army

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To join the ranks of North Korea's military it takes discipline, dedication, and some nifty dance moves. Stephen's Monday monologue contains all three.

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Harsh raj
laughs from India .....
Rutherford B. Hayes looked fine as hell when he was younger. Just google him.
oh how the mighty have fallen.
Jas12 502161
Trump is an idiot. Like if you agree
Jas12 502161
I watch your show almost every night
Jas12 502161
you are awesome, Colbert
power king
this guy is not funny!!
Liam Anderson
His goose step had me laughing for like ten minutes
Jeewan Aluthgama
That drumroll was sick πŸ˜‚
Manthan Shah
On fleek? What's that supposed to mean?
Horizontal Tendencies
I watch American news, so I don't know what's going on in the world.
Shirley Burkey
lmao Your going to throw your back out haha
Jamie Lybeck
did you mean authoritarian kpop
I must say that Melania seems to be more american than Trump. what a stupid president USA has :P
Rithika Cherukat
6:50 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amber petals
is there a gif?? 😁
Kun Feng
i need to find a way to get my marching band teacher to make us march like that
Angry Face
Educatuaon - Trumpanese language
Mr. Nehemiah Muchelle
Mitch Ross
vote, vote, vote, vote
artiste soundbox
biblical times man...doesnt somewhere in the bible say "at the sound of the last trumpet?"

well I analyzed it and this is what I came up with:
Now that makes more sense. if that's not biblical signs I don't know what is. Am sure I can break this even further but yeah.
Mr. Nehemiah Muchelle
Love the March, Stephen Colbert!!!!! A+
Anna Mertens
load render whole dqdhug kitchen endless seven farmer instead sick.
abgirlee girl
Oh god PLEASE somebody loop the goose-stepping part. That's the funniest shit I've seen in a long time.
S. Bakyhnh
"Chocolate cake" is an euphemism for "I was giving Putin a rimjob."
S. Bakyhnh
Melania: "At least pretend you have a heart!"
Kim Jong Un
NCβ€˜s military pared is like playing Billy Jean
Fil Maz
Those high kicks though 6:50
G.R, Dray
Cockbert, what would be funny is you waking up at 3:00am & finding a N. Korean sitting at the end if your bed. We won't have to hear about you anymore.
u suck Colbert
Jack Elias
Steve is really a lovable man God created to the comedy world!!!!!!! i really laughed when he did the goose bump .
fi stla
This guy is still campaigning for Hillary? SMH.
Gray Fullbuster
babar habib
dare attack Nk you stupid monkeys!!
jonjo monjo
I can't wait to see these sub-animal shitholes laughing when it's their turn to get bombed
Freako VEVO
I love America πŸ˜‚
maori mendoza
59 missiles?!?! And he had the balls to claim that no civil was involved??! That's crazy. I'm terrefied
Gregg Gutfeld
yeah but obama is not a citizen.
Insane Marko
This show is a joke
Scott Rhoades
The goose step with attitude gets me every time
help us First Lady you are our only hope.
Ethan Bradberry
That piano guy need to Shut The Fuck Up
What's Mexico in Easter like?
4:12 I cringed so hard there is only 1 millimeter of my teeth left
Arinator MK2
3:38 I'll fight you on the beaches, i'll fight you on the beats, YES! Any way ya want to fight and i'll nyum nyum nyum mmmmmm cake.
In order to Merit an Interview with him at least have a few ducks in a row. Maybe 27 out of 30.Its very important to support our Trump He tweets the way he needs to cums.Its Dick Display lets be Honest.
Sally Edwards
Goose stepping beyond hilarious.
Mike E
This is a funny guy
Paul Zink
Actually, the etiquette of "hand over heart" only applies to the Pledge of Allegiance, to signify sincerity as one repeats the words (sort of a "cross my heart and hope to die" gesture). Listening to the national anthem only requires standing at respectful attention (for civilians, and the President, though Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, is still a civilian).
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