6,500 Dominoes - Despicable Me Minion?!

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I'm a big Despicable Me fan so I decided to build a domino minion for fun :D This setup has about 6,500 dominoes which took about 7 hours total to build. Enjoy! Click to share on Facebook! ►http://on.fb.me/15Br2Ry http://ClickToTweet.com/J0d5Q

Featured on NBC's "A Toast to 2013" on 12/31/13!
I tried a new fallwall trick (0:33) but the domino trigger at the bottom failed :( It all fell anyways so it's okay. If you're wondering what happened in the beginning, nobody was home so I had to knock it down myself while filming. I put pivot tracks before the actual start so I'd have time to run back to the camera. Maybe next time I'll build an evil purple minion!

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Note: I was not paid to do this. I am simply a huge Despicable Me fan :D

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