Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)


Taken from the upcoming Kaleidoscope EP. Get Hypnotised now:
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Directed by Mary Wigmore
Produced by Casey Byron
Executive Produced by Arts & Sciences
Art Direction by Andy Goldman
Cinematography by Peter Zuccarini
Edited by Sean Lagrange

Tyler Hoffman
Radiohead and Coldplay are the best pop rock bands in the world. Like black and white, they have created the beautiful unity of rock as we know it.
haithem dhan
this song hypnotizes me
Deepthi Maiya
Escape to Bliss.
Malcolm Spencer
I hope to dear god they tour again!
Kazandra Lee
Oh shit this is eargasm. I'm so hypnotised af
I'm one of those people who strongly think that the last two albums didn't sound coldplay-like at all, and felt much more comercial, or like music made for the radio. But I have to admit, it seems like they are finally turning back to that sound that originally got so many people hooked.
So far I've listened to both this song and "all I can think about is you" and I've had them both on repeat, so that surely means that they are doing something good again.
Bilal Ameen
coldplay.. u r the best thing that happened to this cruel world
Francesco Di Franco
Francesco Di Franco
Jonan Gorman
is any one here who want FBE make videos about teen and elder react to coldplay ?
if you want that happen, i have a idea to make them make that reaction by the supports from whoever read this or who is the fan of coldplay. the idea is to accumulate the requests from whoever want this happen, then dump the request into the comment section of each FBE latest videos, they have uploaded. this will make a big vote to coldplay to make FBE eventually make the reaction.
Patrick Crosby
Back in the day, when I was a kid, we called this sort of drivel "Doctor's Office Music." Then, some years later, it was moved from Doctors' Offices to elevators. Judging from this video, it now appears to have moved to the murky waters of Boston Harbor. What an amazing saga.
pinoy vendetta
If this is my dream, I really don't wanna wake up, and don't wanna end this heaven.
Barinarian King
i love you chris martin
Leopold Sembdner
i live vor COLDPLAY
Leopold Sembdner
Haryo Daruwedho
this is not a song, this is magic
Juriahn Davila Arvelo
Classic it!!!
Vince paquette
This the best song ever
8k thumbs down=8k black hearted souls....
bhargav sripathy
It's only one band that's pure, reality of music , always provoke me to listen multiple times of all songs that's one and only Coldplay.u guys are great.
Alexander Tso
Is it just me, or are these new 'Kaleidodcope EP' songs infinitely better than anything on their last 3 albums?
John Gathairu
I love coldplay
Adriana Macklis
Ignacio Martinez
lo mejor en BANDAS POP actual. Lejos !!!
Jan Dzieżok
zasnolem przy tym w sluchawkach i moi kochani rodzice zrobili mi zdjęcie
Taina Ataide
Bela , bela é bela. 😍❤🔊🎧💜👏🔥
Guy Naor
cp rocks
Suraj Rawat
Coldplay you are an inspiration!!
Thank you!😢😊
andrew robinson
just wonderfull...
I cri evrytiem
sarah graham
reminds me of parachutes this album ❤ at there best....... not that they ever get it wrong ❤
Glo rya
Vishal Kumar Vishwakarma
yes i was hypnotized for the whole long track. The song is the best blend of music and sounds, I can feel it in my soul.
Atit ranjan
Every time i listen this song, i listen on repeat and it feels like i am hypnotized. Love this song
Joey Liberatore
Chris Martin needs to do a MasterClass on songwriting
massimo marras
so beautiful music uauuuu
Alex Hernandez
I can only think about old disney's movies when i heard this song... love it
Adriana Fanticelli
coldplay o melhor do mundo perfeita essa banda top
Ian Leung
omg why sounds like and feel like radiohead-daydreaming。。。
Federica Cate.
Love You Chris 💜
Vikaasa Ramdas
This is so beautiful, so moving, I just listen to it on loop and get transported to a magical space and time.
Lucia cappellini
Assolutamente meravigliosa!
Ainun Jariah
The lyrics itself has deep meaning, it respesented the whole universe. Coldplay songs, its mesmerizing
Idk why but I'm getting a biggie smalls vibe
Mahima Upadhyay
so beautiful
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