Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)


Taken from the upcoming Kaleidoscope EP, out June 2. Get Hypnotised now:
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Directed by Mary Wigmore
Produced by Casey Byron
Executive Produced by Arts & Sciences
Art Direction by Andy Goldman
Cinematography by Peter Zuccarini
Edited by Sean Lagrange

Rebecca Preneta
This song is exactly an asmr video.
dessa salonius
this song is boyfriend plays acoustic guitar, does anyone know a good verion??
Roman Malcsik
love it
Denita Utami
such a beautiful song
If only the lyrics 'oh when i look into your eyes' that give the same old love song vibes were different. something like 'oh when at the crack of dawn, I rise..' or something.. that would make the entire song much more incredible and thought-provoking..
Pamela Jara
Coldplay los amo ❤❤
dado sound
Bell atmosfera, potei ascoltarla 10000000 ininterrottamente senza minimamente stancarmi !
Ingemar J.
Maybe this is the best Coldplay song)
Roman Jagelka
why isn't this part of 13 reasons why
Hu Fu-Xyu
I generally like Coldplay, especially the first records. This track though I find boring as if they were trying to sound like that radical chic northern act who sing invented words on dull neverending tunes and whose name escape me.
Khaybar Chauhan
Two bands I can name that haven't made a bad song yet are Coldplay and one republic like they should collaborate. like if you agree
Billy Bob
I wonder why this song is called Hypnotized...
Kai Marusteri
Wow, this song is giving me that feeling from Viva La Vida
Isabela Villareal
.. un video espectacular con una calidad impresionante Felicidades Coldplay
Sandro Bastos
Minha banda preferida..👊🙏
Eleonora Madroszkiewicz
this is the most wonderful song i've heard in a long very long time. Touches deeply and let's the mind romp freely.
Indra Maulana
SATISFACTION. LOVE. HAPPINESS! I do really love this song so much. Thanks Coldplay to bring this amazing song to us. I just can't stop for over and over listening this 💜
fatti Jone
When I listen to this song I seem to be in that sea,to fly's possible?,With this poetry song I feel "hypnotised" too
luis travis
exelente rola.... coldplay el mejor 👍
Yago Miranda
7.768 people dont know what good music is.
Krzysztof Ryszkowski
I love you cold play.
Diana Oliveira
dounia Dou
the best video clip I ever seen .bravo coldplay
Afro Lee
Can't love more!
Steph Balidio
I can't stop listening to this song, so beautiful and relaxing.
the kaleidoscope ep is going to save the world
Riski Akbar
aku sangat terhipnotis
Bia rio
Jorge Contreras
Very silent
Haley Wyatt
Who is Don Thrilla and what did he do?
Zach Kirkham
Mellow track 👍👍👍👍
Lars Janse
coldplay is life
Tomos Lloyd
Coldplay is the best
Ramon Nogueira
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Diego Juliano
música pra agradar a alma ..
Hy un
I wonder who doesn't fall in love with coldplay's songs
Music Rockz
The feels
Susmita Dass
This is so visually stunning 😍😍 when is the actual mv gonna come out?
Ksandi Kurniawan
coldplay i my life
Henrique Its Over
Sitting my dorm, lights off, headphone loud as hell, listening to this song. Pure bliss.
Zock Channel
This Song is Amazing ❤️
Coldplay always touch my heart......
Steven Baldwin
no one had a idea of this singers lyrics in the beginning lol.true.
I love you coldplay
isma vlogs
es tan bonita que me hizo llorar

gran canción Coldplay nunca os olvidaré <3
Steven Baldwin
good song but sad to see so many views of unrealism.Bash superhero deserves the views.
Nanners king
love this, make me dream ....
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