Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)


Taken from the upcoming Kaleidoscope EP, out now (digital) / August 4 (CD & vinyl). Order the EP now: 

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Directed by Mary Wigmore
Produced by Casey Byron
Executive Produced by Arts & Sciences
Art Direction by Andy Goldman
Cinematography by Peter Zuccarini
Edited by Sean Lagrange

Анжела Дорошенко
Carlhest -
This song makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. Most beautiful piece of art ever created.
Flo Vaughn
Sooooo it!
Aadi 07
loved it
Alex Back
when it's a "lyrics video" but you can't read the lyrics ...
Nirnay Rath
4.44 is the real magic!! It's like getting kicked into something more than heaven
Will Masterk
coldplay é foda véi
Germán Pulvett
This is Coldplay
The company they work with, is also amazing creating these videos, I guess one of the best out there...
tiago ferreira
Estou Hipnotizado!
Cristina Faro
why while I'm listening this song, instead of studying, I'm dreaming of Maldives?
T Mac41603
I feel like every song gives off a vibe, intentionally or accidentally. Coldplay deliberately gives off a adventure, calming, emotional message to wake everyone the fuck up. People are losing their shit over Bieber when Chris and everyone has been since 2000 doing what they love. I mean, honestly, I don't see how anyone can dislike this song. I mean hate, not "I don't really care for it". And idk how fucking 9,000 people can dislike this.
Luca Fedrigo
Star Orzabal-Bowie
9K dislikes must be trolls this is fantastic
Basant Matia
Oh again and again, now I'm Hyp, Hypnotised...
Ettore Rocco
I lov deeply this song
Augusto Baralia
Qué bueno es la casion
Éva Kiss
This is a great work you did.. you doing really fine, love it
è un opera d'arte di montaggio ed emozioni...
Edurne Brazal Goitia
My song to be in the pool and relax. The song of my summer when I was happy and I came with this song to the sea.
I love it. Thank you.
Ileana V.
Beautiful intro, of 50".
It is so COOL
drum bass
0:01 rhyme be like chrisye - Ketika Tangan dan Kaki Berkata
Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy
God created Coldplay with his own hands for a specific purpose - healing humanity with music
Sergio Sousa
Transmutation at is finest.
Eleonora B.
and THEY say NEW music SUCKS...
Brandon Eckert
Simply amazing song!! Gonna see them for the second time on Monday in Toronto!!!! I would love if they played this!
luciernaga grey
💜Feeding the soul 💛
arun kumar
I like all coldplay songs. This is one of the best.
mosh t
i listen to this every night after going to bed..
What a nice song!
Cédric Papeil
"Did you want me to change ? Well, I changed for good !"
Well, Not really. This one was better than your very previous stuff. But everything's not lost, I still hope that one day you'll make me shiver...again.
Iris saavedra Saavedra
Gosh, amazing music!
Marie Claire Remesso
Bonne journée de jeudi dix sept Août deux mille dix sept
AnnihilatorGAMES with JOSUÉ
hermosa melodia es tan pasiva
Lucas Roberto Lucas Roberto 31
que emocionante 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lorenzo Gaudiomonte
this song very dream.........bellissima!!
Judy Hubscher
Gjovalin Kola
I'm hipnotised listeng this song.
jenifer hopkins
Excellent as always
SirFrancisBaggyPants IV
yes, this more like Coldplay. Please stay away from that chainsmokers bullshit, that was fucking rancid.
QueenOf Queens

Just, wow.

Wow, wow, wow.

Dammit, now I really want to get kaleidscope.

👀👀 WOW

Just, this song is good af.


Okay, I'm speechless.

Ignore me, please, guys. None of this is at all relevant except for the words WOW.
Nipun Grover
Who else wants to see it in VR
CrazykidFTW Gaming
I like the way when he hits a high note the music lowers like BRRRRRrrrrrrrrr.
Krishna Kshirsagar
I closed my eyes listening song,imagined I jumped from mountain having no bottom and I keep falling ,it was like filling high without getting high.coldplay is awesome,it really hypnotized me.
Stan Torres
Hi like my photo of facebook please. 🚹
Pablo Torres 🤗
Carol Malefsky
my video was banned worldwide when i tried to put their songs in my video
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