Stop face videos...
Angel Funtes
Dude disrespect man the vid is 9:11 minutes smh
I can actually explain why jimmy kimmel gets ads on that tragedy but Casey doesn't, It's because Jimmy is sponsored by HUGE companies which YouTube has barely any corporation with.So what I mean by this is Jimmy's sponsors will put ads on his channel, and Casey will get ads from YouTube.
Kyra Kyra Chase
Rusty cage has a play button(for 100.000) that was named SCARCE IS GAY
Thomas Cohnen
"Being deported" = The new "Being homeless"
james crowley
wow,that whole situation was really sketchy,the streamer only asked if the girl was ok and if the guy with her knew her,and because of that he was threatened.the girl was obviously in no fit state to be left by herself,let alone make her own way home.regardless of whether the guys with her had drugged her,or if they had found her in that state they didn't seem to concerned for her safety.If they were trying to be helpful and escort her home or somewhere safe they wouldn't have just abandoned her when challenged as to whether they knew her or not.Also the 2 friends didn't seem to shocked to hear that she might have been drugged and might have had a lucky escape from strangers taking advantage of her
Unknown User
This better than drama alert.
Hey guys scarce here
666k L

666 k veiws wow
slick [brackets]
Cal August
Around blacks never relax. Well if she did get raped at least nobody was racist.
i make music
Scarce should apply for a job at cnn so we can stop fake news.
Kevin Alba
I wonder if Casey could sue Youtube for favouritism acts.
The Zerp
hassan games
Andrey Sparrow
Any one see that this video is 911 mins long???
feenixx _ dank
Joe Rutherford
Scarce are you actually incapable of sharing an opinion?

That chick was clearly drugged and they were clearly trying to take her home.
Brady Lopez
What it says that rices vid has 175k views then in my home page it says it has 500k
Brady Lopez
Why is this video 9:11 minutes long
Kool Cat
Scarce did 9/11
I'll sub to your channel instead, because I'm tired of that bearded baby at this point.
Thank you for stay with a good tone with people and respect them as they are.
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
That girl was sooooo drunk wtf dude
SuperCool Chikorita
I think youtube favor big shows over content creators on youtube, make sence of why we addpocalypse besides the extremes have add and scaring companies like coke cola
Abel NInan
Why would he leave a drunk girl with ANOTHER drunk girl, that shit doesn’t t manage sense
Sir .Driken
Content Cop on Youtube!
That girl is either out of it, or has some kind of mental illness which hes trying to take advantage of, and having sex with a girl who can't even speak is rape, the fuck was going on and everyone cool with it, the fuck is some dude tryna do yelling at you guys while his homie is on some rape shit. Guess thats what "Gangsters" do now ?
I would have dropped that second black guy if he came up to me like that.
XXXTentacion The Slump God
good guy greek monkaS
Bts 30mil 1 day
Ashutosh Khuntia
YouTube doesn’t put ads on tragedy videos but this video here is a ricegum Handel tragedy and is this long 9:11
They should have called the cops and explained what happened and given them a description of what those guys looked like. That girl didn't even seem to know her and she was ignoring them and being shifty.
Tu Madre Es Gay
Scarce they aren’t getting deported/ kicked out please stay out of politics
Shinobu Sensui
Daddy scarce
Brighton Collver
What’s roasting idubbbz gonna do, he doesn’t care, he’s got nothing to hide, and even if he does, I’m sure he doesn’t care
like obviously he is innocent until proven gui- AND THATS IT FOR TODAY GUYS HOPE YOU ENJOYED LEAVE A LIKE AND SUBACRIBE!
Guess how long this video is
Yung Pung
Damn the video would end at 9:11. Scarce the fuckin terrorist.
JaSoN wU
man youtube
Neon Popsicle
Where's the new video Scarce?!
Scarce repeat after me:
S t r e a m

Not "shream"
Sloth Wisby
I don’t know how i got here but god damn you got a punchable face 😂
Ultimate Kill3r
do a face reveal at 3m
leik if u agre
YouTube demonetizes videos about tragedies well if you look at the time on this video it'll get demonetized easily
miguel linares
wtf scares its been 2 days since your last upload come on man
Remix Y
Hmmm idubbz. Put jake paul content cop, the most view person that everyone wants a content cop no duh 10million views
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