They Sent An Exclusive Smartphone...

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The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are the latest smartphones from Huawei. It comes in a variety of colors including the vibrant blue displayed in this video. It features a dual-lens camera system similar to the Huawei P9 enabling various effects including a shallow depth-of-field mode. It also features upgraded internal specs for a snappier user experience.

More info on the Huawei P10 here -

Thanks to Huawei for sending over the P10 early!

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Unbox Therapy
You've never seen bananas do this - 👁👁
Catherine Kishpaugh
Franks Nemz
Wow your so rich man I wish i gud be like you.
"Is it holographic?" Me: no its not HOLO.
Wayne Riley
How to buy in UK samsung s8 clone please for my kids I can't afford top prices job isn't good enough 3 one 11 then on the twins please help looked on net can't find them my freind UK is deer thanks and I'm genius haha cheers
Samuel K
Cool and GOOD😂😂
Hi I am from India 🇮🇳
Rea Per
I wanna get one of these 😓😓
Johannah Gutierrez




Where are my holosexuals at?
Whobairt Yadchuck
That's quality.
Apple is not quality.
Huawei is quality. From china. Imagine that!!
Shiv Kumar Sharma
Abe itna chutiyapa q karta h bhai😂😂😂
MeanAirplane 26
Wood da good shit
Raerl Garcia
Dod i think i need a phone can you give it to me
Renken 242
this phone is excelent
AN Gaming
How many smartphones do you have xD
mohammed salman
what work are u doing broooooo
Friday Harlowe
Make a review for the box too =)
vsleboss cacakaka
mdr, les escrocs, faites un tours sur Trustpilot avant d'acheter sur GearBest =)
ils m'ont voles 400€ et ils veulent pas les rembourser depuis 58 jours ...
Hello Guy
What does "photo mode" in a photo camera do? :D
Boogieman Mixes
I have a question. What do you do with all these phones you get? I netice you use a galaxy so im just curious on what you do with all these phones you unbox
The Cover Kids

gunjan bhattacharya
next time when u say depth effect by focus at the subject blur the rest use the term Bokeh effect
Myca Conquilla
Faye Sophia Colle
Just give me the box
Tonya Cunnigham
vilas dive
Does he get to keep that phone
Mujeeb Khan
Watching it in my Huawei P10 absolutely loving it
Earl Hope Sardua
Try the TURING mobile phone
His personality has shifted into the bearded guy from Epic Meal Time in its hayday. Huzzah mother goosequack
Carlos Garcia
How can I buy this phone
عراقي عاطل عن العمل
😅😅😅😅 IPhone sucks Hawaii good
Deepak deepu
You are nise
Mariaaa Dela Cruz
Wood sure is good ❤️
Candace Whitney
This is my favorite channel
xuyifkj xiuyiub
Haha, you want fresh wood. That's so gay.
I wish on these vids you would tells us the stats, like ram and things like that
Get Triggered
I don't know much about wood but, wood is good.

( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
Daniel Dennis
Big fan of your channel. Keep up the hard work. Thanks for the entertainment
Tristan Calderon
I subbed and turn on the notification and like...
Tweedy 50
I want one where do i get it ???? Pls reply someone
Georg Falkenhahn
I sometimes think the people behind the camera are imagined...
Ben je eigenlijk nl
Ben je eigenlijk nl
Ashish Roy
Plz make video on huawei y5 2
smart logic
just got mine 😀
Ginno Gjnks
Who else watching this on their p10? "
secret keeper
What do you think How much is the phone
now i look at my phone with disgust
Joao Claro
I have an iPhone SE should i switch to p10?
What he does with these all phones and gadgets??????

If he keep them his house gets full of boxes and gadgets
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