They Sent An Exclusive Smartphone...

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The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are the latest smartphones from Huawei. It comes in a variety of colors including the vibrant blue displayed in this video. It features a dual-lens camera system similar to the Huawei P9 enabling various effects including a shallow depth-of-field mode. It also features upgraded internal specs for a snappier user experience.

More info on the Huawei P10 here -

Thanks to Huawei for sending over the P10 early!

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Unbox Therapy
You've never seen bananas do this - 👁👁
Babloo Bhavan
me to want a phone dude
Danial Ridzuan
What phone do you use every day
mad Guy
can't beat a bit of morning wood 😝
Sam Speidel10
I have an iPod
Nozrol Ozwon
Do you keep all the item you receive to review or sent it back ?
Atwal Productions
Cool video.
Rohan kamble
When iPhone and oneplus marry together and iPhone gives birth to huawei 😂😂😂 that what this phone is !!
alexis coles
Thought it was a record player from the thumbnail.
Title correction: they payed me to advertise their product
TheLegend 27
Damn right wood is good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mohammed mohiuddin
This guy loves what he does because he does what he loves.
I wish I could do what I love..
GMx Gaming
Can we agree that this phone is better than Apple and Samsung...
The P10 is one of the Phones i've ever had
Wat is the name of phone?
Jalisa Daniels
lit phone
Nicolli Nisce
To bad the phone is not launched yet as of april
LucaRay [GD]
Wood is good
Am I the only person who never heard of this company
Kees Schellekens
why is tom playing flappy bird?
now thats a nice camera
im litterly eating a swirl sliced ham on bone in hand like luffy its spo good
Praveen Bhat
Who else paused at 5:59 😂
He says "Duel" a lot
super Epic
ugliest UI i've ever seen
sniffffffffffff ..... oughrhgh
Maffeww hernandez
just open the dam box and dont say nothing you take like a hour ro open a dam box this isnt a fetish therapy
Cleiton Simango
Wtfuckkkk huawei p9 just came out
ali hawater
00:56 when santa see a naked woman
Natsu tiwari
'They' means who sent you this exclusive smart phone
Hannes Blomqvist
the phone uum p8-p10 are fingerprint machiins
That phone is prettier than anyone.
Anything Nerd
Stop monologuing
The BatNerd
that's some apple level packaging
Scruffy Vlogs and Music
You, my friend just earned a new subscriber :)
Rahim Hamid
Can you do a drop teat with that phone and the case
Can u buy this phone yet
Dan The Man
I got a p9 lite
the time traveling llama
this is now my dream phone
Godskid Kobby
love u guys with ur unboxing videos....keep it up
its glossy
Yorgos T.
7:11 for some reason this sounds like the intro of Paranoid by Black Sabbath XD
Vladimir F
a phone review without actually reviewing the actual phone the Clarity of the phone calls ect
connor mcleod
fake iphone
Random stuff with Michael
"I don't know much about wood; but wood is good."
Rasoul Abaryan
You already opened that 😐
Oliver Brits
I love your videos... Can I have the box?
Francesco Guaitini
Is this a iPhone ?
I mean it's fking identical to an iPhone
Rocket Dogg
what do you do with all these phones you get ?
This person loves the "Box" more then the phone. “PLAYS WITH BOX". Oh yeah retards in the comments gonna start talking about its damn battery...
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