Unbox Therapy
You've never seen bananas do this - https://youtu.be/3LmaCkczLcU?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 👁👁
the a3 has the exact same fingerprint thing
Without the matter of price, which phone should I take between the oneplus 5 and the Huawei p10 plus ? I really need some help to make a choice ...
I expected​ 500 iPhone 6c to be inside there
Panda B
exclusively send that to me
Damien Osborn
its kind of like a galaxy
Matt Aydlett
I'm getting that phone now
Еремей Кудрявцев
Dual cameras are dual for another purpose on Huawei devices. Not bokeh.
plz give me a one phone becz i have no phone
U can use this type of Fokus in any type of phones. U only have to zoom a little bit and choose the focus
George Senda
I love the crate.
Is this phone really that good????
Dane Tachibana
No lag-o at first day-o!
Thorsten Düring
You sure have not tried many phones if you have not seen SwiftKey pre-installed. Huawei has already since a long time ago a contract with SwiftKey, man.
does he have to give these products back
Phoenix Linx
Gorgeous phone. I been looking for a good Android phone in addition to my IPhone. I am sold.
Unboxing It
i dare you to subscribe to me
Quindarius Wilson
Iphone copy
That phone looks cheaper than wood
The Mark Of Athena
It looks like a knock off Iphone. If a IPhone and a Samsung had a kid it would be that.
-NyaN_CaTz- GaMeR
just wasted smelling for 10 seconds
Waldemar Godlewski
Huawei is developing and will soon be a threat to Samsung's market position
Fr3akst3r 150
Hey Lew, that phone is amazing
The phone is a mixture of IPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy s8.

I must have it!
Why do you always were a hat
nino henny camacho
D wooden box is so awesome but d phone? Nah!
Shea Frazier
can you do a laser unbox video
Kristof O.
"is that hydraulics?" IT IS PNEUMATICS. Hope you still can tell the difference between that phone and a nokia 2010.
you are an instant proffessional? hahahahahahaha looool, just because you have the 'tools" (being that that is a phone, that is debatable) does NOT make you professional lol,
you are wrong about the camera, with DSLR, you can create that effect without special lenses, you just need a lens that has wide wide aperature like F2 or higher like f1.2. you don;t need a special lens at all. in fact my DX 35mm lens for my nikon is f1.8 and was not costly and is a very generic lens and can use that feature easily, even the kit lens can do a degree, not as well because the aperature is only f5.6. well you get the idea haha
Ehab Aynab
Ehab Aynab
who is jack
tech gadget guy 123
I want that phone so bad
Elena Curecheriu
Ze Tom.
A Cat
Something tells me it wasnt shipped in that box with no packing
the p9 was insane im surprised it was never really in the spotlight i guess it was a little pricy but it was a photographers on the go dream and now the p10 is that but also works for everyone
The dank man rules
its like i watched my own phone unboxing accept i have the p10 plus
Javier Riquelme
And the box serves you for beers
Steven Attila
Chinese are pretty smart tough, to come up with such an idea. :)
Hei På Deg
Hahaha, credit to Huawei for this. And what a phone!
Yukky Gaming
Loved the video, I subscribe !! Keep it up
lunaJAY gaming
This is my OCD paradise
progamer DK
The design is a Little like iPhone 7
AshishTebhe Tembhe
Tomasz 94
The creators are the first people have it
Krishna Gawade
who is tom
That was a cool box
Nidhin Navin
00:55 santa lew
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