They Sent An Exclusive Smartphone...

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The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are the latest smartphones from Huawei. It comes in a variety of colors including the vibrant blue displayed in this video. It features a dual-lens camera system similar to the Huawei P9 enabling various effects including a shallow depth-of-field mode. It also features upgraded internal specs for a snappier user experience.

More info on the Huawei P10 here -

Thanks to Huawei for sending over the P10 early!

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Unbox Therapy
You've never seen bananas do this - 👁👁
lunaJAY gaming
This is my OCD paradise
progamer DK
The design is a Little like iPhone 7
AshishTebhe Tembhe
Tomasz 94
The creators are the first people have it
Krishna Gawade
who is tom
That was a cool box
Nidhin Navin
00:55 santa lew
Christian Toste
give it to me...
Sebastian Linnemann
who cuts his fingernails man
Scott Grier
Is it Anodized Aluminium?
Gooochia Candfg
Did you say maple syrup?
epapadog papadog
Hey dude... Like your reviews... I need your help on something... I want to change my device..Currently got Samsung j5(2015).. So here is my question.. Buy p9 or collect more money for the p10?? :) is it worth it??
lee stevens
You make me wish I had money... A lot of it!
Caleb Parsons
I have a Huawei y6 elite
im watching thid from the Honor 8 (Just an older Huawei) and i just want to say that the fingerprint unlock is amazing!!! Recommended phone :)
Queen Spongebob
allysa therese
hey thats a pretty camera
Dream work ga dmt
pete parker
tom? what happened to jack ?
John Caban
You sell these phones??? Would love to buy the Plus!
Adam Belanga
One question, why do you set the phones FACE DOWN every time after you look at it?
Dani Dani
nice! im waiting for my xperia x compact i bought online :D
I'm pretty sure "Unbox Therapy" is BURNED into the crate, not carved...
Velin Ivanov
Why the wooden box has stamp "unbox therapy"?
Jordan Diez
That phone is like a iphone had baby with android
L Velz
worst unboxing ever
Raju Gamal
Tom = the only mic
XxFrostPlayzMCxX Minecraft
so what's the Knife name??😂
s ha
can you talk about specs to as well?
Bulkierpuppet12 !
Where could i purchase this phone
the words aren't carved, they are seared.
T. L.
Apple wannabe phone....
T. L.
Lol you like wood 😉
When you are paid to show the phone
Where do you buy it? o.o
ill buy a huawei phone after this...
orben loves drawing
forget the phone do a review on the wood box
Turtle Shell
Who's Tom
Tyler Shouldice
this phone is an iphone body with cool android features lol
Chakib Baiker
"Headphone jack, some people are looking for." LOL
sir please gift me one iphone......plzzzzzz
AbeRTc pro
its a bootleg iphone 😂
Lached Spoon7
Almost 8 mil
I gotta stop watching your videos cus I'm getting thirsty for phones...
MArian Roxas
I thought the box was so big 😂
UndeadGamer 197
Grayson Atkins
He really does need 2 phones...
Owaowe? Is that how to pronounce Huawei?
Devyy_Brown ch
i want that phone lewis😭😱
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