It's here. Meet your Google Assistant.

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Meet your #GoogleAssistant. Your own personal, helpful Google right on your phone. Now available on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices with Google Play Services.

this needs wifi right?
DredgerDrew Ω
Still not in my phone. im in Android 0.6
What's the song?
Jerome Productions
KarlhiX Issa
Odd but, What song is that?
Muhammad Amierul Hafiedz Helmi
just got it on my p9 ...thx alot google
YB& Friends
I have a LG X POWER phone and its running on android 6.0 marshmallow and let me tell you the Google assistant is amazing id say better then Siri by far.
Ivy L.
What song is this?!?!?!?!?
hh hh j I pfltkii787 yr t
But can it do song recognition? Maybe this feature will come with Pixel 2?
Arturo Figueroa Jr.
^/, and
i want this thing!!!!
HDD Youtuber's
Keep going.....
Īīī *** Īlī ***
O need goggle on smart phone so u can get reminder for inportant buisness meetign
Ka Wrss
Google home. itll know what you do, what you eat, what you drink, what you drive, when you sleep, when you get angry, when you feel sad. Google. Removing youre privacy one product at a time.
hwa sarver
한 글 로
Nas Alhussain
I love my Google pixel ❤️
Shane Long
song in background ?
Tueure Vainglory
My A7 2017 got it now lol
Europe UA
But i use nexus
How can people know for sure that Google will not record & store ALL you speak on some secret servers & selling this Big Data to corporations, facade or Deep-State government and/or private individuals trying to spy on you ???
Gamerhack B
I can't wait
If you try to make her listen to music it doesn't work...
Gaming Now
Google- - Just wanted to say thank you! I think that your company is the largest in the world! and YOUR google assistant is very useful for me (dont know what about the other guys here) and i LOVE your videos cus they have so much power and colors!!!
hope you would make your assistant MORE useful and gets the GOOGLE PIXEL 2!!! THANK
rafa rayhan
un usable thing
Param Singh
thank you much Google !!! just got it on my redmi note 3 !!!!
please make it for lollipop 5.1
Daniel Haile
What's the name of the song, please? :)
Daniel Hayden
Durand Jones & the Indications - "Groovy Babe" via Colemine Records
Kevin Chen
It should have had a cool name, Microsoft has Cortana, Apple has Siri and Google just has Google Assistant
Octobre Mikee
I absolutely love it!
Param Singh
Jensen Louise Lim
no translate on screen thats not cool
Sudharsan Narasimha Raghavan
should do it via beta tester only or we will soon get a proper update??? someone pls reply
Avall Channel
i was change languange to US and google and gplay service updated. but i cant got google assistant. my device is samsung galaxy j5 2015
Vinayak Bhoge
not working Micromax A1 Android one phone
Nada Salam
when the release????
Farrel Raditiya
keparat you a,m have account is now open
Victor camacho
What's the song ?
Enes Albayrak
Xperia Android 6.0??
Here's how to get it earlier, you just update google app and google services and you're pretty much done
Tec Know Bits
#Google I've Android marshmallow i live in India, but i can't get assistant 😐😑😶😯😥😖😓😪😪😔😔😔
piggy pig
will this work on the nokia i dropped into that volcano and was run over by a tank? i mean, it works fine its just kinda old
Youtube 4Life
ok guys I have have the google app and google play services updated but I still don't have the google assistant can someone help me?😞
Nikko M
This can't have 11 million views! I though it'd never even reach 1 million!
Dimitrov Ojstrach
Why do i get nederlands ads when ive had english my whole time
what is this music
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