It's here. Meet your Google Assistant.

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Meet your #GoogleAssistant. Your own personal, helpful Google right on your phone. Now available on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices with Google Play Services.

Gucci Boah
what's the song
Dragos Timofte
I have a OnePlus 3 with nougat, latest oxygen os but still no google assistant. Do you have any ideea why?
Steve Bergman
Google Assistant. I have it. And it's predictably useless. This substanceless ad fits it perfectly.
Rajneesh Yadav
It's not in my phone running on marshmallow...why?
john nsanzabandi
fack you
Saurabh Badola
sir my Android version is 6.0.1. Can you tell me how can I get Google assistant on it.
Anyone know if this is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the UK anytime soon?
Danny Prasetyo
please coutry indonesia
Edwin Sanabria
On my Galaxy S6 Edge it doesn't make any beep sound. Can you please if that?
Manish Kushwaha
anyone having nexus 5x got this update?
"It's here?"... Where?!
Groovy Baby!
Using a Nexus 6P with Android 7.1.2 in the UK. Still no Google Assistant. When?!
hey is it coming to the j series i have the j3
Ivan Damyanov
Nexus 5x on 7.1.2 still waiting for Google Assistant.
Atul L
only eligible hn?
Alexander Jarrell
I don't know how to get it
Italo Viacava
Is Google Assistant on Spanish, too? or we have ETA in Spanish?
mike mcdonald
it hasn't come out on my phone yet
when will it come on lollipop
Calvin S Halim
my redmi note 3 is Marshmallow. How to get it. Someome please answer me
Things like this make me wonder why people have Iphones
Gufron Abdi
John Gamble
What's the name of the song
Potater Cat Yeah!
What is this song? The beginning sounds like a rip off of The Doors - Peace Frog but it might be the other way around as I don't know when this song came out.
Rohan Chatterjee
Thanks Google
Matthew Highley
My Oneplus One is on 6.0, and I can't get it?
Th3 Emilis
On Lollipop no?
Obie Pimentel
What's the name of the song?
Kunal Pahuja
must be a April fool prank lol otherwise 😂😂😂
Chimezie Suave
April fool from Google
I don't have it yet on my Galaxy s7 Edge, however my friend has it with his Galaxy s6?
Vitthesan Sivakumar
clash royal
B Harry
How do you get it?
what is this awesome song?
Luke46933 // WrAdam20.
i love at thing.
Ethan Trenaman
No Assistant on my s7.
James Treadway
what is that damn song???
Edward An Indigo
Po Prostu
no in Poland :l
Robin Redbreast
I followed a link here because I genuinely wanted to learn more about it. This commercial is too LOUD and does not give much in the way of information. It was a waste of my time and their money IMHO.
música instrumental
Me: "OK Google, do you like Apple?"
GA: "They have good products, In a fan 😃"

Traitor alert
Joe Capo
It's just Alexa from Amazon. Come up with something unique lol.
Chris McHale
That song is brilliant. Track name?
Song name?
Tomer D
PLEASE make is possible to use with english even if the phone's language is not english.
Brandon Burrows
How am I supposed to get to my home screen? The s7 only has 4 buttons and the home button ONLY brings up assistant! I didn't ask for this!
man mannington
Hey it's that thing we all wanted... bonzi buddy
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