Emma Stone Gets Standing Ovation, Wins First Golden Globe Award At 2017 Golden Globes

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Emma Stone gives a moving speech for her huge Golden Globes win, plus La La Land scores a best motion picture win...
Emma Stone danced, sung, and acted her way to her first Golden Globe win of her career…

Emma took to the stage after being announced as the Best Actress in the Motion Picture Musical or Comedy category, and she gave one of the most humbled and moving speeches of the night, starting off with a big thanks to her family…
One of the most touching parts of Emma’s speech was when she dedicated her award to anyone who has ever persevered for their dream…
In addition to bringing everyone in the room to tears, Emma also sang the praises of her co-star, Ryan Gosling, and the film’s director Damien Chazelle.
The Hollywood Foreign Press obviously agreed with Emma’s sentiments, because they also also gave awards to Ryan and Damien for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and Best Director, respectively. That must have been one seriously happy table to be sitting at for the night, made even happier after La La Land won one of the biggest awards of the night for Best Motion Picture in the Musical or Comedy category.

I was kinda hoping they’d all jump on the stage and break out into a huge choreographed dance number the moment they heard La La Land’s name called, but maybe they’re saving that for the afterparty.

Alright guys so now I wanna know what YOU thought of Emma’s heartfelt speech plus how you feel about La La Land’s big win, so sound off in the comments and then click here to check out our Winners Recap. Thanks so much for hanging out with me on News Feed, and be sure to subscribe for more awards season coverage! I’m your host Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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Isidro Juncal
Love you Emma
Jen Minor
Emma Stone was great in the movie. Glad she won! There's even a new song out that was inspired by her! Hollywood Angel by the Ben Cote Band. I guess she is so likeable! :)
Isidro Juncal
Petros Kouklotheatros
How do we feel about Emma's speech? well we didnt hear it on this video
Standards are not very high with La La Land winning rofl.
ellentina Rajagukguk
where's the standing ovation thing?????
Anthony Schmitt
Emma , cast and crew... Thanks for your talent and inspiring a new generation of dreamers
You Go Girl!!!!! Whoop Whooooooooop!!!!
1:56 wtf is that photo
Alain Bruno
I'm proud of Emma Stone!! She's an amazing actress.
Fahmi Yusof
She's such a sweetheart 😍
so happy for emma stone
Bev Beb
Well done Emma u deserved it
Anum Rathor
I loved Emma's speech but on the other hand I don't know why i keep coming back to this shitty channel
Elena Left
Is she with Ryan Golsing?
Cindy Srna
La La Land [Full Movie] Available now

CLICK TO WATCH https://plus.google.com/112347419770547697904/posts/MNNXk2SiBz8
Black Amethyst
i came here to see emmas speech..but only i saw a donkey blabbering about what she said..
Steven Guzman
I thought she already had a Golden Globe?
Beth Cooley
I like that they talked about her performance and acceptance speech and not about the dress.
i would love to watch it but id have to go alone, and this dosent seem like a movie to watch alone :(
Sam Smith
Her speech was so heartfelt and I cried, lol 😂
matias balbin
Standing ovation? lol
mike k
In a world where being fake and self-serving is the norm, Emma Stone is a true class act. God Bless you Emma! You rock!
we want to see Emma Stone, not your annoying commentary. Bye!
Misysunshines Love&live _
Why did she even win I am super confused 🤷‍♀️ ....
Cody's Right Nipple
I'd fuck
lina vermeulen
Debt exactly other teaching characterize knock exposure size chronic.
James Rockford
so pretentious
yoo toob
Jesusfuckingchrist... did "your host Jocely Davis" lose a bet with a DRAG QUEEN? What shitty bored vocal delivery. Play stone's speech and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
1:06 Hard to smile if so Hard lifted
Monserrat Tlahuel
I love la la land, it is now one of my favorite movies Emma definitely deserved that award
I work in a bakery
I'm so happy for her😊
Hanna Miller
La la land is my fist favorite movie
Jessica Marie
So happy for Emma, Ryan, and all involved in Lala Land!
loran demir
Who else deserved this year if not her
Neida Neida
Here's to the ones who dream! (:
Maria Adams
Joslyn I love you, I really do, but WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?
MaryAnn E
at least she stayed focus and left politics out.
Selena's hater back off! Huge selenator!
She's an amazing woman 😍😍
Sinthya Guaman
JOSLYN nice dress😍😁😂
Giselle Morales
Lala Land is one of the most inspiring films in recent years. Honestly, one of my favorite movies hands down
lana delray
i really love that clevver allows us to get to know most of the hosts personalities through their other shows like cheat day, beauty break, dirty laundry, debatable etc. Now, when I see Jocelyn hosting a clevver news segment I watch the vid without even looking at the title because i love jocelyn and wanna support her lol
lana delray
i really love that clevver allows us to get to know most of the hosts personalities through their other shows like cheat day, beauty break, dirty laundry, debatable etc. Now, when I see Jocelyn hosting a clevver news segment I watch the vid without even looking at the title because i love jocelyn and wanna support her lol
Márcia Monteiro
I just love Emma Stone, that's all I have tp say, there is something special about her
Thomas Thoburn
Just show us the dang speech or leave it in the description like YOU NEEVVVVERRR DO, please start leaving the videos in the description!
Lina Usman
Trying to be as big as her. Hope you love my music. :)
Samantha Alicea
JOSLYN! This looook!!! 😍 you are on fire from head to toe the outfit, jewelry, hair, makeup omg just sooo on fleek!!
ChVP *
She looks like such a great,genuine and kind person.She's so beautiful,different,refreshing,I adored her acting in LaLa Land!
Laura Sprouse
congratulations emma
Ember Ashes
I love Emma, havent seen the movie hopefully i like it. seems to be really good xD
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