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Spring and Eevee
I'm going to Disney land p@ris soon
Jay McMillan
there's a roller coaster that I went on in dream world where it went pretty fast forward then it shot really fast backwards
Nancyyy Nancyyy
i wish i was there with u
Rainbow Cupcake
I got on all the same rides when I went to Disney but when splash mountain came that drop was scary
Brandy angeles
ive been on that ride it was cool
Windshield Baller
Watching this after I came home from Cedar Point in "OHIOOOO"
1M Subscribers
Who knows the first ride Jake went on is called
GT gamer
Tessa was daydreaming in the back during the boat ride
Sonny Rivas
Me and my brother subscribed we love your videos hopefully we can get a shirt
Dylan Captain
Grace Stiff
Dominique Martinez
I have never seen jake so happy
huntress of ARTemis7733
DEAD HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!❤️⚡️💙
Diana Muñoz
you went to all the walt disney parks
Diana Muñoz
you are in epcot on sorin
Michele Hall
You know they call desert Reno😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🤐🤐🤐😮😮🤐🤐😮😮 you are so cool Jake Paul .I am a Jake pauler
Samantha Mae
"jake your being such a baby" yet she is screaming like a little girl holding jakes wtf..lmaoooo
Emily Sartin
The first ride u were on is one of my favorites
Even though it's kind a late can you shout me out? I know easy e OMG!! I subscribe!!!!!!!! I LOVE TEAM 10. ITS EVERYDAY BRO!! ( I would use a dabbing emoji if there even is one but there isn't )
Martha Aloise
It would have been bad if when Jake passed out he dropped the camera...
madeline hanna
i have his same hat
I have the same hat as jake paul
Kateleen Aleman
jake is better off with Ericka his new wife then with that Alyssa girl
Sofia Is Lit
did anyone notice the dobre twins behind jake in the Christmas ride
Chau Ngo
Is chance there
Chau Ngo
The water slide is fun!!!!
Chau Ngo
I been in DisneyLand before
Zoey Killion
It's so fun
Zoey Killion
I've done that
Angel Briviesca
I went on that one Disney land it's Disney california
Aimee Clarke
I went on soarin too Jake! It's my fav and u can really smell the grass on the country but! It's the BEST RIDE EVER😍😍😍
Kayla Mendoza
I love disneyland. Like if you do too
Tristan Ledford
Alissa's scream tho😂💀💖
CryBabyAngie Diaz
Go to Busch gardens plzzz
just dace bella
Parker Pernyak
For the tour guide Jake got and to get at the front of the line it costs close to 10,000
Funtime Freddy
Jake Paul you should go on cars land radiator springs racers at Disney California adventure
You should take the Martinez to Disney
jazminn_ XD
ive never been to disneyland only disney and disneyland looks SOOOOO DIFFERENT
Tegan Nowell
Why are you wearing a jumper if it is so hot
Dj Waffles
And the gun one
Dj Waffles
I rode on the ice one
RaRy Brunken-Atkins
Happy holidays
Canny scorpion DW
its everyday bro with the Disneyland flow
janelle rocco
is this before Anothny,chance,and the Martinez
This reminded me of my vacation at Disney world. It's such a big memory
Niyomi Parmelee
he passed out two times
Felix von Roeder
They were so good together! :D
Julian Lucero
I just came back from Anaheim, CA/ Disneyland. California Screamin was the best ride there!! If you are reading this comment and if you ever go to Disneyland go on that big roller coaster. Trust me that ride is the best! 🔥🔥🔥
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