Game Theory: Phoenix Wright is a CRIMINAL (Ace Attorney)

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Phoenix Wright is the hero of the justice system, investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice! Right? RIGHT? But what if in the process of catching the bad guys, Phoenix is actually becoming one of them himself? It's Law and Order's worst nightmare on this week's episode!

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game theory... good guy is bad guy, bad guy is good guy... nothing to see here...
I dunno why but I just love this theory even thought I've never played a Phoenix Wright game ever
Dude, there is a girl who hits people with a whip, and you decide to make a video on him withholding evidence even though he actually didn't.
Jay Niemeyer
Can't wait to see the the proof on this one
OBJECTION! Your honor, matpat should work as an attorney!
Childhood destroy
Chok Herrera
Sevy's Secret Channel
Many of us of the PW fandom prefer the term "Los Japangeles" for PW's alternate universe. :D
Project iaz54
Iaz54 is watching...he always watchs...
Rador Dekeche (Necromancer)
Then again, no legal system requires a defendant to not only prove that their client is innocent, but also prove who the actual criminal is.
Mambasa Jones
Apjectshin !!! who think phoenix is evil.........🤔
thewright stuff
OBJECTION that's his job
thewright stuff
show me the eveidnes agian
Wouldn't that make Von Karma the true villain for causing the DL-6 incident and setting up Phoenix to become an attorney in the first place...?
Dr. Minecraft64
OBJECTION!! Gime cooky cat!
Rron l Berisha
Man i want to watch that show so bad but i don't live in the U.S 😢
Ariel Wong
this is the first video that I have watched you GT, but i am very disappointed with the fact that, you failed to realise a crucial point of this game. Ace Attorney IS set in LA (with a mixture of Japanese culture) BUT IT IS AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. for goodness' sake, the story reveals that the Judicial system in the LA/Japan ALTERNATE UNIVERSE is FLAWWED and CORRUPTED. it is a RULE that trials have to end within 3 days. and with the rules explained by the 5th episode Rise from the Ashes, the LAW BOOK states 2 rules about Evidences and Phoenix did NOT break EITHER of them. this is set to be an alternative universe, where things are corrupted, and guilty until proven, super unfair. But this is WHY this game is developed in the first place!! to tell people that not all defendants are guilty. I was expecting a cool theory, but uptil now (I have played all PW:AA JfA T&T AJ DD and most of SoJ) and I can say Phoenix did not break a single law according to that universe. Please dont put anything from OUR universe to that messed up universe that Phoenix was try to defy. thanks.
Skely 30
OBJECTION! this video Is too good
You should've played apollo justice and dual destinies. You're arguments about the legal system are immediately answered.

Also case 5 in the first game should've made you know that someone can take evidence out of the crime scene and be submit it into the court as that's what literally happened.
Alex Mercer
I kinda see where people are saying that AA takes place in its own universe and I never played the series but what I think this whole theory that everyone seems to dislike is that I'm assuming Mat is trying to explain that what Phoenix does in the game is not acceptable in modern Japanese and us law. But I mean who knows. But I do see what other people say when Phoenix takes note of the evidence and puts it on the court record.
Doge Jr.
Man mat would be an awesome teacher
Doge Jr.
MatPat, y'know I can't take you seriously when you nit pick thing about how Phoenix does things, says that Phoenix hides the recipt from Gumshoe when in gameplay your showing it clearly states that he found it, you cover only the first 3 cases in the first game, and fail to mention that the prosecuters DO THE EXACT SAME THINGS
OBJECTION! This is only a theory so it will probably be wrong.
Blank Blank
Alice Evans
the ship isn't called Jamerica! It's Ameripan!
But you are forgiven since you may not be a hetalia fan hehe
Emma Kocan
not everyone knows the objection meme!
Elijah Thomas
the anime is just amazingly ridiculous.
Kick Flower
MatPat: Ace Attorney
I have a feeling that Mat didn't really look at the later games, especially the one that made Apollo's debut. In which, Phoenix did have his badge removed due to other reasons.
UnderMau videos
im gonna make a joke

read more
Mary Wave
Me:........*mental sigh*
Me: If you ship it, watch Hetalia
Ender Hugo #ContenteTV
OBJECTION! Currently all the evidence is registered so he did not commit any crime because the prosecution just needed to ... look at the record, so the prosecution is actually very dumb. And, your honor this is completely irrelevant to the case of Maya Fey!
Simon Zwirko
I'm in irland
Tamara Emery
Have you seen the comment section?
Patty Juarez
The author needs to play the games more... he would discover that the prosecutors do the exact same things, lol... I don't even think he finished the first game.
Pixel Danila
I have 100% proof that this theory - a pure lie!
In the video, game theory, accuses the Phoenix is that it uses evidence which were not told the police and the court (phone, listening device), but there is a violation and prosecutors? After all, if we look at each prosecutor gives a fact that was not known to Phoenix. However, it does not have that right! But as you can see in the game is allowed. It turns out that in the game court is softer and has other codes! This means that it is inappropriate to compare the actual codes America and Japan!
MatPat, case NOT closed. You only played the first game and if you played up to the 4th game, Phoenix does get disbarred, but in the 5th, he comes back and etc... You should play the entire franchise before coming to early conclusions even if you're right!
Maria Kolle Ramberg
Ooooh hell no!! This weirdo be dropping lies!
Celeste Hills
i like this intro
Miles Edgeworth
Well he only played the first game, so I guess he doesn't know about any character development.
Kofu H. (Will)
I do find it funny how the prosecution can get in trouble for coming out with surprise evidence, but the judge is always pleasantly surprised when you do it as Phoenix. :^)
I look through the comments, and most say he's wrong. cough it's called a theory cough
At 11:03, him "Just now becoming a criminal" wouldn't be possible. By this time in the game, he hadn't even went to a trial on his own yet. That was even his first time ever trying to find evidence. It was the same night as his first case happened.
Torchic Level: 100
Not all of us have blue outfits!
Sol matronic
in the third game edgeworth keeps bringing out surprised evidence to prosecute Terry Fawles in episode 4
Rose Lilac The Voice actor/MC Skin maker
I can't use Go90 :(
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