Game Theory: Phoenix Wright is a CRIMINAL (Ace Attorney)

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Phoenix Wright is the hero of the justice system, investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice! Right? RIGHT? But what if in the process of catching the bad guys, Phoenix is actually becoming one of them himself? It's Law and Order's worst nightmare on this week's episode!

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Tyrese Fitzgerald
the laws are different in san fransokyo?
Tyrese Fitzgerald
roses are redviolets are gaymatpat is bae
Besides the wiretap Edgeworth also pulls out evidence that the defense doesn't know about which is an autopsy in the second case
Giantdinoboy Game Plays
Caeden Parker
I still think there should be a theory on Danganronpa and how Junko managed to take over the world considering no part of the games nor anime tied that up
David Malcom
The Rubiks Cube is impossible. 12:52
Clap Trap
I've played 3 of the games. Please don't assume anything about anybody.
endy ender
what are ghast years made of
ScarletHamster Games
If you look at Escaping the Prison, that stickman game, you see "Phoenix Wright" FRAMING someone!
No Point
If Phoenix's cases relied on surprises, you could say that...
His edge had worth
Melodie Tanner
This is a really great theory and I was wondering if maybe you could do a theory on the mystics of the franchise
There's a lot of confusion regarding them but also a lot to go off of.
Phanic!AtTheTØPParty XD
anyone else fangirling cause of the SVU pple?
Chespin126 Michael
Illegal Alien Phoenix Juan
There was a clear contradiction in your testimony!
You yourself said that this is an alternate universe. Attorneys in Phoenix Wright games probably have the same rights as the cops have. That's why he was allowed into witnesses rooms and allowed to take evidence from there.
I rest my case!
Court adjourned!

(I just wanted to say all these things, and this was the perfect opportunity)
Michael Monroe
Objection!!! @matpat... Jamericans are the jamaican americans :D love the video like the rest
Darius Parry
Darius Parry
I dont think that you theory is a theory because in appolo justice phoenix ISENT THE DEFENDER:-SS
hey matpat, u doin another go90 runner thing this year
Emerald Dove
There was a 4 minute ad about stealing a charger. The skip button broke. And i could not leave just in case the skip button started to work. BUT I STAYED FOR MATPAT!!!
Reezian Games
And this comment section is cancer. It's a game, get over it.
Dean Natuno
MatPat shouldn't be an attorney basing from this video.
Well, I don't think he intends to be one anyway.
OBJECTION! It was already revealed in the end of Maya's trial that it's judge knew about Phoenix Wright being a criminal! slams desk THIS THEORY IS CLICKBAIT!
shashi bhagwat
matpat your link to works only in US. can it me made avaulable for other countries as well.
Gui Oliveira
this is very mean this video
Gabe Sanchez
Danny TheManny
Matpat, in the second case, which you show the clip of, Phoenix merely copied the name on the receipt, but Detective Dick Gumshoe asks him about it when he arrives upon the scene. If Wright had taken the receipt Gumshoe would be impossible to ask him about that piece of evidence.
TF2 Commando

Your Honor, there is a glaring contradiction to this claim!

Mr. Patrick refers to Phoenix Wright doing illegal activities.

However, he also talks about how Ms. Hsu refers to the Phoenix Wright Universe as a fictional Los Angeles!

Ergo, Phoenix Wright cannot be a criminal until we see the proper laws of this universe!
cryz7al g1rl
okay, but doesn't like, every prosecutor ever in Phoenix Wright pull surprise witnesses, like... i dunno.... EVERY WITNESS THEY PRESENT?
Ninja Foxy
Objection Phoenix wright makes notes and doesn't take
piano devotion
My high school is filled with Phoenix rwright fans
litten the only
im suing because boot to the head
Love how he say Phoenix hide the reciept, but at the same time show a screenshot where Gumshoe is asking Phoenix about the writing "MAYA" on the reciept. It's almost as if he's not paying attention to the game on purpose just to make his theory work. Unless he just want people to talk about how poorly crafted his theories as.
Joseph Kim
something to ask: im not allowed to play M games, but i want to play the phoenix wright games in order, but i also want to play SoJ. Should i skip DD?
Inan Chowdhury
Well,there is an...OBJECTION!!!(Sorry,Ijust HAD to do that)

This is still a video game.We can burn many video games by comparing them to real life.But isn't that the point of this entire channel?
I love that the first half of this video was kind of pointless because he just spent the time explaining why an American law system doesnt work in a Japanese made game
Inermer The Wolf
Useing matpat to study for law school.
A. B
I love the anime and manga, it would recommend it anyone, even if you haven't played the games, it fills you in most of plots WARNING: the anime and manga are the completely different from what this video says.
goldenfreddyfan 7.0
you are literary telling us you know nothing about law. and the fact that your lied to us.
Stuff With Star
To everyone who says this video is why they stopped watching his channel, ITS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY.
Lyric chain please!

There's an old saying
That the Phoenix will rise up from the flame
Christian Romero
Just saying what's wrong with this can be a whole Ace Attorney trial.
Jodee Rebecca Davey
This's Like Proving That The Lawyers From Law,&,Order Aren't Real Lawyers
Caeden DeShazo
OBJECTION! Why hasn't Wright been caught yet if he's doing this stuff?
Erza Scarlet
OBJECTION! I'm sorry I think your right I just had to say that... Anyway, I haven't played the game but I see the anime, In the anime there is a character with a whip who literally whips the judge, defense, and witness when she doesn't get what she wants. It's not like she's lying or anything but is it even legal to bring in a weapon into court? If so, are you allowed to whip people there?
BYW, Your videos are awesome MatPat keep it up!
MatPat, You're theory is wright (see what i did there) but wrong at the same time, the thing is, you only got your evidence from one game, I know you don't have time to play all the games, but Phoenix isn't the only one to take evidence from a crime scene, in Trials and Tribulations, you find out Edgeworth did the same thing, and On his FIRST Ever Trial. So you're theory's not wrong, just not 100% wright.
zach franklin
dam me wishing i saw this runner thing earlier
Alright, let's make this clear. First, the whole hotel gatewater explanation with how phoenix stole the wiretap is undetailed. As you explained, this is a mix between japan and US laws, yet you only state the 4th amendment to prove your point right. Also, you said Phoenix obstructed justice when he stole the ticket. Uhhh. He didn't. Gumshoe found it on the crime scene, that's why Maya is arrested in the first place. So, I would admit I can't argue on "intruding on a crime scene and stealing" but that, no sorry. ALSO ! I realised actually that's why there is a file for every single piece of evidence. Remember that during the very first trial, phoenix is presented with evidence and even if that's his "first trial" he actually only has notes of it(probably how he does it during the whole series), since the prosecutor presents the statue to the judge and he plays with it. But again, it's just a theory right
Roemello Harper
Question if phoenix is bad for hiding evidence then doesn't that mean that everyone who has hidden evidence from Phoenix is a criminal cause he doesn't know what evidence is presented and as you know each and every piece of evidence not only needs to be officially accepted and each of the sides should know the evidence soooooooooo can you answer me that.
Max Landia Company Of Gaming
9:13 am I the only one who isn't scared or
Emmanuel Adevier bro360
OBJECTION HIS NOT WRIGHT!!! me: dude chill out
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