Game Theory: Phoenix Wright is a CRIMINAL (Ace Attorney)

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Phoenix Wright is the hero of the justice system, investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice! Right? RIGHT? But what if in the process of catching the bad guys, Phoenix is actually becoming one of them himself? It's Law and Order's worst nightmare on this week's episode!

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Crazy Talk
Why is everybody giving so much hate to this video? Listen, it's a THEORY. It's not going to be perfect. It's supposed to make you think. Also, haters, go watch the beginning of the Gaster video. You need to hear it.
Christopher Bravo
what is with the hate comments?
he did say,
"It's just a theory.
a GAME theory!"
you people are jerks,
and I think he has a point.
you all seem to forget about the part where Phoenix stole a wiretap to use as evidence.
Chad Eats Pasta
I'm just left here wondering if matpat watched hetalia. Also, i believe it's called "AmeriPan"
ne_ne_germany ludwig
i feel like Ace Attorney is just a different version of Danganronpa 😂😂😂
Serena Schutz
hey matt who did the voice of your lawyer I slowed the call down in audacity and it sounds like giberish
SwankyTanky Engine
Who remembers Mystery Skulls:?
Ayyy lmao
Guys. I understand it seems like a bogus theory. But it's just that. A THEORY.

Calm yourselves.
Ayyy lmao
Matt knows about Phoenix Wright.

My life is complete.
He said that Phoenix hid the death message from the police, but he shows the exact in game moment on screen where Gumshoe talks about said evidence with him...
Lightning warrior
You must also remember that the Ace Attorney series takes place in the future so it's court system will not be identical to ours whether or not it is set in the US from the time period which it was released ,it was 2001, 15 years later does this game take place.
Lightning warrior
Matpat I love you and everything but I will not stand for you to down one of my favorite video game series I love the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series.
Anna Robins
Two words MatPat, Simon Blackquill.
Ian Winters
MatPat, you clearly put effort into this, and that worries me because it doesn't look like you tried very hard. And here's why:

- MatPat claims that Phoenix bringing up evidence the prosecution was unaware about is illegal, but completely ignores that the prosecution does the exact same thing, most notably with the infamous "Updated Autopsy Report". (Though his claims that Phoenix collecting evidence on his own without a warrant does hold up — even Japanese lawyers would admit that's ridiculous.)
- Similarly, when he says Phoenix calling a bellboy as a witness would be illegal, he forgets to mention that the only reason Phoenix got the bellboy on the stand is because Edgeworth approves this request.
-- Even more so, he said that Edgeworth didn't know the Bellboy's existence and thus had no time to prepare. But during the cross examination of the Bellboy, he reveals that Edgeworth told him not to acknowledge Redd White's existence if not specifically asked, meaning Edgeworth not only knew about the Bellboy's existence, but manipulated the Bellboy's testimony in his favor.
- MatPat repeatedly ignores that the game is a satire of the Japanese legal system and thus should be judged under its laws. What makes this glaring is that he does bring up the different systems...only to ignore how this makes half of his evidence irrelevant.
- One of the first things MatPat does in the video is describe Phoenix Wright as a "paralegal." Paralegals are trained and educated on topics of the law, but they are not qualified to be lawyers by definition.
- MatPat completely disregards anything after the first game (and not even that, as said below) despite claiming to be as in depth as he can go. Which is pretty funny, as Apollo Justice has Phoenix do some illegal things fans are actually torn on and would have possibly been much better evidence.
-- His disregarding of the other games is especially notable when he says that Phoenix is a criminal who will bend the trial to fit his needs. In the final case of the second game when Phoenix finds out that his defendant is responsible for the murder he's accused of (by hiring an assassin), and said assassin is threatening Maya's life if Phoenix doesn't get a 'Not Guilty' verdict, Phoenix tries to find a way to prove that his defendant is guilty without the cost of Maya dying.
- The most egregious research failure in this video has to be the part where he claims Phoenix conceals the receipt that has "Maya" written in blood. This is blatantly not true, since (SPOILERS AHEAD, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) the ENTIRE reason Maya gets accused of her sister's murder is because Detective Gumshoe finds that receipt next to the body. Heck, while MatPat claims that Phoenix concealed evidence, the footage in his video proves him wrong. He also ignores how, after picking up the receipt, it's still there on the floor. He didn't even TAKE IT, let alone try to hide it.
- In short, the whole theory is full of holes, many pointed out in MangaKamen's video, and reeks of pointlessness (EVERYONE already knows that Phoenix Wright games do not follow real-life law) and rushed production, since it's pretty clear MatPat didn't get past the first game's fourth case before making the theory. (In the first game's fifth case, the subject of Evidence Law is brought up, but MatPat fails to mention this.) In other words, it's rather objectionable.
- And of course, all of the above reasons are insignificant compared to the most damning piece of evidence: every game in the main series is (or rather, was) set in the future, where a massively overworked court system forced the government to alter the way trials work. Plus, the writers have already confirmed that the games are set in an alternate universe in order to explain why there's so much Japanese culture in what's supposed to be Los Angeles. MatPat instead uses this to continue going by American law, only addressing Japanese law when it's convenient to the theory.
- A minor example, but square at the beginning he claims that Ace Attorney is "the game no one's ever played, but everyone knows the meme to", stating that it's huge in Japan but not nearly as popular overseas. It's like he's blissfully unaware of the huge following that it has in America and Europe, with countless pieces of fanart, many fansites, several parodies (videos and webcomics alike), and plenty of fanfictions including that one time Phoenix Wright defended Rainbow Dash which, by itself, probably made several bronies in the west into Ace Attorney fans (yes, that actually happened, and Google is your friend for this one 'cause I'm not linking it). Which begs the question: if Ace Attorney is so obscure, then why does this video exist in the first place?
Yes, in real life he would be arrested, but the prosecution team has done the exact same thing and has been proved of doing it. Therefore in this universe even though this is technically a Japan-America universe fictional aspects are added into the game. So since none of The prosecutors were arrested for doing this Phoenix shouldn't either. He's a criminal in our world, but not in the world of Phoenix Wright.
Mak reid
is the runner still a thing it should be
But really, you're not going to mention Edgeworth pulling "updated autopsies" out of his butt every 5 minutes?
"Illegal Albatross, Phoenix Wrong"
look,hes meant to do something to help his case. WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!? besides, THIS IS NOT A REAL COURT.THE JUDGE IS AN IDIOT!
To be fair Phoenix does get his licence revoked. It happened in the fourth game. But that happen because he was tricked into presenting forged evidence. But not many people like that game because you mainly play as a different lawyer. I like it, but I'm in the minority...
Danielle Fregoe
7:05 I think you mean Ameri-pan

Danielle Krupa
About the references to the Law evidence book, meaning until the evidence is proven to be connected to the case it remains illegal there for he can not present it.

The sleeping pills is an interesting one as the connection was proven by him not a member of police make that evidence pointless.

But as the plates were tested by the police this confirmed the evidence to be real.
therefore there is the connection. Making the evidence presentable. = T-Bone steak.
DJ Flamez
TDN Internet
I should probably mention in some games the Prosecution is guilty of holding onto evidence till the 'right' moment too. But eh, its a game. I think we all know this wasn't really accurate.
Evan Seliner
Wow Mat now they're going to make jamerica fanfics
Austen Cho
"Holy POOP" gets me every time
Ender 8CZ
Corparal GC
Jail and prison is two different things matpat, jail is at the state level and prison is at the federal level
Doctor Wollin Richthofen
How come your not a lawyer or attorney?
Livin Silver
Watch Phoenix Wright Abridged Episode 4 by POWERMADOTAKU you'll know why I say this
Kai Springer
2:21 he looks like a mix of Levi Ackerman an Alucard Van Hellsing XD
Wait that detective names Dick Gumshoe. Are you kidding me
Reivax Nemo
OBJECTION!!!!! (see. Alliance Trooper and nom's comments)
too bad i don't live in the US :(
Benjamin Seidlitz
It's true that Wright's method of investigation is unlawful, but that hardly makes him the bad guy in his game. Keep in mind that not only are the prosecutors also breaking the law on a regular basis, but that both the court system and even the police are shown to be incompetent. The way I see it, Phoenix is making the most out of a terrible system.
Bendy is evil in his own game Bendy and the Ink Machine.
Angela Adams
CJ craziness Skits Games and more
Who else wants to study haunted robotics in collage
Some Guy
When evidence is entered into the court record, Phoenix doesn't actually take it. If that was the case, he'd have a giant monkey head in his back pocket during Turnabout Samurai
Allan Vang
Youtube rule #84. Never hate on anime characters because the fans will just hate you.
Hide the pain
When you apply American laws to a Japanese game just to get views
Smol n' Salty
If your theory that he actually took the evidence he found was real, then let me ask you this question. Why was Maya under arrest in Turnabout Sisters? Because of the receipt. And if Phoenix actually took the receipt, then what evidence would have Maya be a suspect?
Slyfy Gummy
I like to call it Aman which is basically represented in The Boomdocks
Luke Weber
But matpat if you play apollo justice if I remember correctly, he does eventually get his license removed.
Mega Wright Ace Analysist
Mistakes matpat made
1. Using mainly American laws
2. Not realising how evidence works in AA
3. Not noticing that all attorneys in the games do the same thing
4. Using only the first game as evidenced out of ten games
KeezyDucky Games
Pheonix Wright puts his evidence in the court record where Edgeworth can see at any time
Gabriel Gleichweit
I like that Game and played it pultiple times
When matpat said, " I ship ja-Merica !" I Was like, "Ur a hetalian?"
Gem Ruiz Esmero
its in Japan's
Ealena IrTube
do you
do you really have to do this
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