Well tell the libertards to get off the Russian thing and if you want let the libertards pay for all the money they have cost the taxpayers. Libertards have a george soros underground being paid to overthrow the President. Libertards should be arrested and lined up and shot. Starting with the first one that remarks about this post. SEMPER FIDELIS
Why is it always blacks saying racists remarks? If it were 12 democrats back room then you should be upset. Republicans supported blacks before the democrats started lying to the blacks to get their votes . Democratic demonic party are out for their Russian bank accounts. Not any constituents no matter what color you are . Maxine waters bailed her husband's bank out but sent the money to Russia in her Russian investments. Google it and find out. SEMPER FIDELIS
stephen kollenborn
brietbart news was created by college students it is fake news
Leon Powe
What irony, Trump tweeted, "I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told him to fire FBI Director!" First Mueller who is the special counsel. did not tell Trump to fire Comey. Also, Trump is the one who twisted Rosenstein's, the deputy attorney director, arm to write that letter that no one believes to fire Comey. Finally, the investigation of obstruction of justice for the Russian investigation will just consist of watching Trump's videotape of him saying he fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation.
denislav Georgiev
The senators a heros now because someone shoots at one of them once every 10 years meanwhile they constantly take bribes from the rich, banks, military complex etc..? Not my heros
Zeroman Emerica
CNN says focus on the issues lol who has been pushing Russia
liberals always playing the race card it never gets old with these race baiters.
juan meza
The rich can be happy with their tax cuts by DESTROYING LIFE'S.
These libertards think the republicans had something to do with Obamacare. That's a lie straight out of the gates of hell. These sick demented lost souls . I now that President Trump is trying to give them a insurance plan that they can afford they are going to filler buster it because they don't take the time to listen to the package. Dum butts for sure. They should go seek a proctologist to do a lobotomy on themselves because they have their heads so far up their butts. SEMPER FIDELIS
Jacob Wilson
Clinton News Network never reported on the murder of Seth Rich. I wonder why...
Bigg Wang
Hey! Rick has his head up the ass of ignorance. what a fucktarded dildo!
Black Eye Bob
Your discussions lose all meaning when you have Santorum on the show,
Darth Vader
I thought the bill was tremendous and a big win.
cnn your lame lying fake media and your lame senators and congress people are so dumbfounded they get lost trying to figure out which lies the have or haven't lied about . SEMPER FIDELIS
Debbie dingbat your a liar obama care came out and the democrats wouldn't let the republicans read the Obamacare two days to jam it through. Lying democrats don't dare say your demonic party didn't sham Americans in your BS CARE PELOSI PACKAGE THE REPUBLICANS DIDNT GET BUT TWO DSYS YOU LYING SCUMBAGS
Sheri Baluyot
why this administration Trump destroying Obama's legacy? Does he hates Obama that much? I don't understand it!!
Lord Luke Lightbringer
Donald Trump is failing BIGLY.
It's weird how this "amazing way for the president to reach the population in a unfiltered way" just became "You know it's just twitter, please don't look at his tweets"
The weasels from Breitbart Nazi News and Fox Cable propaganda News are here spouting their hate and discontentment. These anti American traitor trolls and their GOP Kleptocracy will see the fruits of their and Moscow's labor in 2018 ... (-;
Liberate Wisconsin First
Koch will not allow anyone in the meetings.
How about obama care and Nancy pelosi you got to sign it and find out libertards. That's what you told the republicans on obama care or is your little minds incapable of remembering that health care bill? What's good for the goose is good for the gander! SEMPER FIDELIS
hard core
impeach Trump
wiseass 5000
while trumps ducking and running from his russian scam ryans doing the dirty work. trump aint runnin shit
Carltina Johnson
Why are they trying to pass a bill that is secretive that only means the government is trying to pass something so sneaking and deceptive that we, the American people will all suffer for.
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