Animal Adventure Park owner answers questions about pregnant giraffe

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HARPURSVILLE, NY-- After weeks of watching, people across the country are wondering: When will April the giraffe give birth?

The short answer: soon.

Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, answered a few questions about his web superstar for FOX 8 on Friday.

"Kim Kardashian was said to have broke the Internet a few years ago. I think April the giraffe will break the Internet," Patch laughed.

April was born at the Catskill Game Farm and is about 15 years old. Giraffes live between 19 and 25 years. This is her fourth baby.

Giraffes sleep very little so don't worry about this mama's beauty rest. According to her owner, she only sleeps about 2 hours a day. That's because sleeping for long periods of time makes them vulnerable in the wild.

It's for that same reason signs of labor won't be noticeable. Giraffes hide the process because it would be too easy for lions to pick off a mother and her young. Patch said labor could last two to six hours or a few days, but we're not going to see it all on the web cam.

Basically, we won't know April is giving birth until we see hooves. Within 30 to 60 minutes the calf will be on the ground, and another hour later the little one will be on its feet.

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There are some video's showing April's calf but these are old films that have been reposted.
Sharon S
Will the web cam be kept on after the baby is born?
Sharon S
We watch the live cam. I'm curious if there is someone there through the night. Babies never come when we want them too... and just wondering if staff are watching too.
Sharon S
April and Oliver seem to have a great time together, why are they kept apart for most of the day?
Sharon S
I've been faithfully watching everyday. Does the giraffe feel any kind of pain during contractions? She doesn't seem to make any sounds. I did watch the birth of another giraffe and during the worst part she didn't make a peep.
Happy Pushing Childbirth Services
will she have another calf or is she getting to old
Sho Mun
Thanks for answering the questions! Go April, go Animal Adventure Park!

Just wanted to let you know we could not hear the questions being asked. Not sure if it is possible to have the audio from the folks asking the questions audible so we can hear the actual questions being asked.

Keep up the great work!
Thank you so much for the feeds, I have learn so much about giraffes since watching! I would love to learn more about others animals in the zoo also. AAP is the best :)
Christina Rupert
what are the signs of April going into active labor?
Dianne Baxter
Thank you so much for the clarification and also the new website...hope April has a good healthy calf soon. Thanks again, really enjoying it here in the UK. :D
Kathy in Cleveland
Maybe April's waiting for April! :-D This is a really good learning experience.
Living day by day
Bonita Boulkam
I love watching April and Ollie, but can you tell me please, how many of Aprils' previous calves were born indoors?
Am I supposed to hear the questions? I cannot. I only hear the answers.
Linda Gardiner
i know that the weather is cold , but to have oliver and april shut in such small pens for such a long time is so cruel
Teresa Johnson
I have been watching 20 days
MFrances Littin
Does April need more exercise than walking in her pen?
christy peck
Keeping April on the screen while I'm working on other stuff is a zen thing for me. Whenever I look over at her I can feel the tension melt away.
Jordan thank you for letting us see this amazing experience you and your staff are awsome with April and Oliver just awesome keep up the great job and congrats on your new walaby baby
How long has April been on live Cam ? I have lost track....
Karen Beal
Thanks 4 takeing such loveing care of all these beautifull animals!
Christine Mac
I cannot hear the questions.......
Linda Medley
Do giraffes make sounds? This sure has been a 'long stretch' waiting,,, maybe call the baby 'Stretch'!!!
beth98362 R
April births in April!
Sophia Sage
Your parents must be so proud of you.
Sherry Campbell
You guys are Truly Wonderful for even allow us to view this Awesome Adventure. Thank You From Small town....Water Valley, Ms.
dianne gregg
Her name should be "Spring" because she is going to be born on the first day of spring!
Karen Dillard
Are April and Oliver the only two giraffes at the park?
I visit my beloved April several times a day, and never goes to sleep without rubbing her belly and praying for her and her baby, I'm in Southern California, my beautiful sisters in Mexico also love her, my treat is seeing her, not without difficulty, laying down, a couple of days ago she lay for a little over 20 minutes, and I was happy to rub her baby, and soothingly talk to her, silly? maybe, but I think she knows. We have a bet with my two sisters. I'm betting for a gorgeous girl and wil love to call "Mimosa" one of the trees they eat from in the wild, which in Spanish means someone of loving or tender nature. I have learn through you and in my own research quite a bit, about this marvelous creatures.
Thank you all very much for giving us this incomparable experience, God bless you all, cyber kisses with hugs to April, Oliver and your daughter.
Love, gratitud and prayers from Riverside California, greetings to all loving people of the world
C. C.
Jeannine Harczuk
Thank you so very much for sharing April & Oliver with us, I am disabled and in bed most of the time and I am glued to watching April, I hope after she has her calf you will keep the cam going for us who enjoy this experence so much so we can see how she takes care of the calf, I also want to let you know your Beautiful Daughter is in my prayers, I just watched a clip you and your wife did, May God Bless her forever! Thank You from Louisiana! Jeannine
Ruth Lillvik
Why are we not able to hear the other person?
Susan Christian
I like hearing the answers, but can't hear the questions.
pam McDowell
you are as handsome as april is beautiful
Barbara Abel
Are we going to follow April and the calf for awhile after the birth?
Cat G
Aww what is wrong with the sound? Can only hear part of the conversation..
Control CAM
Best of luck April. Where's the Chat ?
Barbara Ponting
which is the best live feed to watch
Linda Jay
thank you so much for sharing. this is an amazing experience.
ralph deangelis
it's a boy lol if i'm right do i get naming rights lmao. Mares that carry to the left side they carry a colt. If right it's a filly lol
ralph deangelis
We start foal watch at least a month prior to labor, just be patient for the gift of life. I imagine Adventure park holds the same practice since this is a breeding program in that they begin watch a LEAST a month before the birth of any mammal. I used to HATE foal watch, documenting, long nights ect. Our college had us all do 6 hour shift each students. None of us were happy to have to offset our lives for a whole month prior to a live birth. Can't wait to see the baby Giraffe.
Patricia Young
Thanks ...For giving this to us...I think Dobby would make a good mate if April has a girl...and Willow would be a good mate if she has a boy ..Luv April ,Oliver soon to be baby and the crew involved in the care of them ...I have told my Granddaughter we will be visiting your park this summer looking forward to seeing all..
Teresa Morris
can't hear the questions
It would be cool to have a youtube 360 video on april cam
Pamela Valley
Thank you for all that you do. God bless you, your family and all of the animals. I have loved giraffes since I was a little girl; I'd run to the stall as soon as we arrived at the San Antonio Zoo (Tx). My honeymoon consisted of a trip to the San Diego Zoo. So, I am anxious to go see a giraffe; it's been too long. Again, you are amazing people!!!
Lisa Cobb
Thanks for answering questions, but we couldn't hear anything he was asking.
Susan Mclean
Thank you for all your info....God Bless you..and your work!
David Johnston
I remember Catskill Game farm, what a neat place. It was well ahead of it's time in zoo care for all of it's animals. That is where I first learned giraffes can spit, like their relatives camels, llamas and alpacas. Fortunately it was a near miss.
Mary Stewartjr
plz do not shut down global news feed....PLEASE ITS THE ONLY clean feed for me
Christine Elsbury
we can not hear the fellow in the little box that is asking all the question's
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