Dude Perfect: Restaurant Stereotypes Deleted Scenes

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Check out the hilarious deleted scenes from Dude Perfect's new Restaurant Stereotypes video! Watch as the Dudes prank Coby, prepare to film the always epic Rage Monster scene, and make excuses for being late (again).

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If you somehow missed it, see the full video here: 

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Stephen Grisoli
How did they not think of the name: "Underesti-waiter"?
Genaro Villa
We are on our way now to get the kids to the park and kill them
Danny the great
0:13 if you saw you should be blind without the glasses
Olivia Hayden
sweet vid
Brennan Mcbride
Cherise Bee
why coby?
Christopher Boylan
Coby's excuse, "But I have a piñata!"
AyerLion Gamer
Who watching 2017
thousand foot deep end
So Coby was the first to take a sugar bottle to the head, but now it's always Cory who gets blindsided by them. lol
LSTAR BaconNaztor26
What happened to panda in the vids
victor caggiano
It must be so fun for you ty. Cuz your always the rage guy. I would love it if I was the rage guy.
This is where the Bottle Buster was born...watching something this historical...man.
Rem Fire
Why coby
Crappy Username
So Coby was the first one to ever get hit by a bottle but now Cory gets hit with one in every video.
Now do. That bottle thing always
New England Patriots 34
the beginning of the bottle busta
Andrew De
Archery stereotypes like if u agree
collin McCalpin
Chief Wugim
They swore in the vid
Stacey F
Me after vid 😶😆😂😂😂
Kelly monahan
Do pool stereotypes
Dude Perfect 2
guys why didnt u put these scenes in they we reallly funny
Ricardo Pineda
And so the bottle busta was born
Birth of the ultimate Bottle smash
GamingTubeTV - Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2
Swimming Stereotypes!!
JJ & Laney Forever
this was 8 days before my bday
Jonathan Morales
yall should do a stereotype of soccer
courtney chen
Airplane stereotypes !!!!!!
Hoodz HD
HeyItsMagicalBunny 55
Wow, No one even helped open the door for Coby, instead Tyler broke a bottle on his head LOL. Poor Coby
Speedy Sweeney
Classroom stereotypes
Phil Cove
u guys r awesome!
Dan8875 //Dan
Why coby
Inspiring boys
been here since 80k subscribers, you guys are awesome!
A Google User
What dp stereotypes are predecided? Scripted?
Roblox Lover
TugaaPowwr I totally agree cause I love soccer and airplane and mall stereotypes seems like a good idea!
Cory Dudley
the bottle smash was obviously staged
Matthew Toyabeans
You should do football serotypes
Everything Rees
If that's a glass bottle, that's gotta hurt!
Beth Phillips
I mean bottoles
Beth Phillips
These bottoms are fake then
My favorite was the refiller
Christian's reviews,Gameplays,and more!
Was this where the sugar bottle prank came from?
_- _-
Mr. Anderson
What kind of bottles are those love the stereotypes
Aaron Ford
could y'all do football stereotypes
Chelsey Gonzalez
Sami Ullah
Hey , Is that tyler's Wife?
Leighton Gair
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