Star Trek - Missile Alert

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Seven tries to convince Captain Kirk to let him disarm the warhead - with Spock unable to do it himself, the crew is left with no choice but to trust him. (Assignment: Earth)

The irony here is that the same generation depicted here is threatening nuclear war with Russia today.

The boomer generation grew up with the threat of nuclear war, and they are the ones dead set on bringing it on. Bastard scum.
1) Is that Teri Garr?
2) Is Siri based on, or otherwise inspired by, this computer's voice?
3) Mr. Spock looks great in a suit, doesn't he?
Just watched that for the 1st time. Wow what a great episode!
An amazing episode! Now it's 2017!
Why do the humans need to be trained for generations? How slow are ancient people?
Kit Kellison
So weird to see real acting on on Star Treks! Not that bad acting makes me love it any less.
Love that music towards the end! That is what I play in my mind when my mother in law comes over! Battle Stations
In novels, Gary and Roberta have many adventures (including a major one invovling Khan). When Gary finally retires, the agency Gary works for promotes Roberta to take his place. She gets a cat assistant named Rameses. The character played by Sarah Silverman in a two part Voyager episode because her assistant.
John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier
This would have been a lot better if they tried harder to find some real cat sounds.
Dennis Mackey
this episode seemed like it was trial baloon for a t.v. series spinoff....
kayla wilson
À qaf fda. X!?
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