The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The First 10 Minutes

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Watch the first 10 minutes of the wallcrawler's latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in advance of its Blu-ray release. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Hall H Segment - Comic-Con 2016

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Bad boy Super
l love spider man
R. Dragonil
I want more Amazing Spider-Man Movies!
One Day
Goes to save a man in the road lets the truck ram and kill everyone in the cars..
Maria Luzimar
q ria ser o homem aranha
Tùng Dương Fn4
#HotNewsDVT /zYvfI9tpMb4
Francisco Miranda Jaramillo
mister criminal jjaaja ,
fifa Mobile
vivek mishra
9:11 the most beautiful thing i've ever scene, and the only good thing about this movie is Emma stone.
Tony Capulong
Spiderman: Come to daddy
Gets all of them
Spiderman: Phew
one falls
Spiderman: Oh Camon!
Tony Capulong
I watched the whole Movie, but I ain't gonna spoil
Robert Bieńkowski
Fanboy1998 _
Wouldn't the first 10 minutes include Peter's parents death during the plane crash?
sadekql Islam saddam
l like hme
Alexandra Zirini
Arvind Prabhu
kurt angle vs spiderman haha
JotaDe 96
Stupidest Spiderman ever.
nikhil vishnoi
why is it here?
BIll C
I thought gwens dad was dead
محمد احمد
بطل بات منا 😚😚
Kevin Jarin
Really sad the only good 10 minutes of the film
Abeer Farouk
is a very amazing
NEOs Neowise
esta pelicula es malisima
Jhon edinson Bravo
Veronica Mancera
Veronica Mancera
This is stupid
Robert Ferguson
what kind of phone did he have?
Betse Esparza
ish niin fiftey niin minuuts actualy
toxic gamer
little help little please
tiago hediger

Un like ?
tiago hediger
Bananas like ?
I hate that movie tobey is the real spider man
Rizqi Athallah
1:50 Funny Moments
Joshua Santa
I'm sad cause I really like Andrew garfield
Maria Dobreva
og, j
Rey garcia mtz
me gusta mucho
حيدر الجوراني
adoro homem arnha tenho vaios personagens do fime dele
Smokey 420
Always remember that with great power comes great responsibility.
Spider-Man is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
how is mr Stacy alive?
Sanjay Katariya
i search Spider-Man 2 i better see Spider-Man 2. not this rebooted piece of turd of a failure 2-movie franchise
Rey garcia mtz
esta chida la película
mark hutchinson
The song sounds like overwatch so much
Mansoor Khan
my hero
Lightavenger 2
jerry heller from straight outta Compton is rhino
GauCon ToysReview
gau con thich vi deo nay
Roger Rabbit
His ringtone 😂
Ross Boyzzz
nice video
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