The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The First 10 Minutes

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Watch the first 10 minutes of the wallcrawler's latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in advance of its Blu-ray release. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Hall H Segment - Comic-Con 2016

Spider-Man & Deadpool Show Comic Con Some Love! - IGN Access

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sooo this didn't get taken down by youtube because...?
freedomfar gamerTv
I like homecoming but I like this spider more than homecoming cause Andrew is a brave spider man
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Zach Horvitz
Peter wasn't the cool guy, they got this completely wrong, he was the nerd
zozo zahora
halaw TP
Thx garfield you arr my best chillhood ever, you are my 3th spiderman
Bruno Santos
This first scene is awesome. But The rest is bwee... :-/ electro... Urgh... "Green Gobling".... Bleeeeagh
Hiccstrid ghoul
Man this movie was bad. But Andrew Garfield was amazing. I hope they tribute him and Tobey Maguire in the second homecoming film.
They both support Tom Holland, so to me all 3 of them are Spider-Man
Sienna Styles
X w. Hi.
Owenirie LS
how about those people in taxi he ignore them for a man
Nordamia Mohd Rawi
CMarcel 96th
Homecoming made me anxious throughout the first 10 minutes...
bimbo swagginz
jamie foxx is a man of many talents
Tuan Tran
wtf. it spoiled my mood.
Kyle Flash
wish Spider-Man homecoming had some of these classic swinging in NYC scenes
Brooke Ligon
The pile of police cars... :)
mansoor mansoor
He's an amazing Spider-Man movies in my opinion that you are a bit of time with your family
Andri Saputra
Jacob Povlotsky
You lied it's not ten minutes you were one second of
JoyBox Trickster
I just realized he was wearing a Thrasher shirt. Jeez he was a great Spiderman, but a horrible Peter Parker. They made him look too much of a stud lool.
Emiliano MO
Me Encanta la música 😻🤑
shivam goel
Omgb148 million
Mohamed Saidana
Pandemie Spider-Man jxhfjf Spider-Man
Lorenzo Medici
GTA 5 online duemme4
Marios Papadopoulos
We know something about the amazing spiderman 3 ??????
D Rizzo
never seen this before....but the 10 mins I just watched.....I'm satisfied not having seen the rest.
D Rizzo
I thought this was a video game.........until I saw the truth and figured it was a movie with a badly rendered cgi Spider-Man.
Tamir Ginon
ספיידרמן המופלא 😎
Matyas Tibor
njdjbn mmc mcvkh

gppkpőjk hőém,,jp
jean flores
الشاعر علي محمد Ali mhmamd
MS 13
I love the part when he said " ight let's get to work "
tPREZ FitNess&healTH
Mohamed Amro
I bet they're gonna post Spider-Man homecoming first 10 minutes
Chris Conejo
I love Andrew and I loved tasm 1 & 2. My favorite spider man and favorite spider man movies. But not better than homecoming. Tom holland was insanely good. Such a great spider man and I can't wait to see more of him in the future.
TheLegend27 ,
The scream at 4:17 killed me 😂
Victor Sandoval
Jose Salgado
leave a 👍if spider man is your favoritos in the marvel univers
The Dragonborn
Andrew Garfield: best spider man and tobey maquire: best Peter Parker
Alton toni
Sony had so much potential you can see it from when the movie started, the stunts were great but just from the minute the villain rolled in started feeling like im watching cartoon network, that villain wasnt srs at all it was all a joke to him
Qee Xdr
Still the best spiderman suit
Friendly Neighborhood Spidey
This is my favorite suit of all 4 of them, it just catches my attention
obito taka
right here at 8:23 for some reason, Peter looks like Roger Federer....idk I could be wrong
اقلبر قيمر
Nihaar Bharat
اياد وائل
هاذا الفلم جميل
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