If you love Samantha Jones, You'll love this


Includes some of my favourite quotes and scenes with Samantha! 
+ Also my couple of my favourite clips at the end with all the girls!

Hope you enjoy!


Zakaria Bendaoud
it's dickalicious
Adrian D
That was a good compilation. Loved it
Georgie Fekete
4:45 😭😂
Georgie Fekete
3:19 😂😂😭
Miryam Hernandez
Your edits are too tight and annoying. Cut off right in the middle of the line. You tried though.
Lue Entourage
The ending was so fucking perfect! "You got the love," Candi Staton- singer! Remixed version.
3.43 what episode?
Marek Cieslik
Samantha is without hypocrisy or affectation
Di q sí Jones!
Spice Guy
whats the guy name at 1.06 saying samantha should get wax for her pubic hair? he is hot.
Frank Van Buuren
Ahahaha lmao
Daniel Żmigrodzki
lol with her cupcakes charlotte was like bree van de kemp
Is this okay!
Billy Crawford
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Osnola Emiaj
I think we all have a friend like Samantha. I know who's mine :)
Ajith Krishantha
Do you need the license to upload clips from SATC?
George Rodriguez
"Hi, I need something that would make a guy cum in his pants as soon as he sees me" LOL I love Samantha 😂😂😂!!
Jason Blake
dave dan
i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep forgetting the show is called Sex and the City not Sex in the City
Marcelo Benitez
My favourite all the time. She was unpretentious, attentive a being full of love to give. Love you, Miss Katrall!
Nikola Mitrovic
She is a legend, there is no character like her on TV, so funny, so unique
The Misanthrope Channel
4:15 The doctor was in OITNB. I wonder what her day job is?
Rose Raphael
Thank you sex in the city, living single, and girlfriends.
rayana jahra
Samantha made SATC one of the best series ever ! Love you Samantha love you Kim Catrall ❤️❤️❤️
Samantha and Miranda were the best xD the other two were just so annoying
my dream women
worst part it's a dream
Intellectual Indian
Samantha is a size queen in this series? or in real life as well?
הראלי ענבר
Thanx , Kirsty love! What a great video! <3
Love , Harel from Israel
The pool scene cut off too quickly. One of her most EPIC lines was the way she said, "I was talking to this guuuuyyyyy.." LOL
mo brown
Hoes are us lol
Vicky 12
Ok great constellation, is there a reason for the horrible abrupt editing???
Kamuro Tetsu
"I masterbated to my preist....Fryer Fuck"
mediterranean summer
Queen of Pop
Shay Mischief & Music
I would love to find a friend in real life like Samantha. Never a dull moment. Lol
Jessica Love
honey you got AIDS 😞
Edem Mapper
Damn the ending is so touching i miss this series so much. The movies arent bad tho but need more series even if they are getting old they could be funny
Sybelle Benedict
omg i love samanthaa
James Campbell
Do you think I'm a whore? Oh, please, if you're a whore what does that make me? I love Samantha.
Where do you shop? The big tall whore store
Wen Keli
Join us
Many pretty girl
Gazza 4
What a way to shame Richard
Kendall Lehman
my favorite scene is when she goes off on Lucy lui over that bag lmao
luvluca toni
I love this show and the characters.... But I wonder why Samantha was so afraid of true intimacy... Of a relationship. Anyone willing to sleep with anything w 2 legs has to have some deep rooted issues. Just a thought
Policewoman: Mam, It's against the law to the deface public property.
Samantha: This man said he loved me and I caught him eating someone else's pussy
Policewoman:....Carry on, mam.
Mukti Deshmukh
The last episode made me cry. Going to miss samantha the most. She is beautiful and funny as hell. This video is really good. thank you
Jade Andreou
Nice choice of Samantha moments, but too many of the clips are cut too short. Disrupts the flow.
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