Lele Pons
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!! What was your favorite part??
Stephanie Morris
At first it was funny till they me they we dead then it was extra funny
Kawaii Anime Potato
That plot twist tho 😂👌❤️
Jody Feng
I thought it was funny how gaygod made a special appearence
Kids Loving Life
Maria Ortiz
ryan jacob
Hannah spelled backwards is still Hannah

I learn a lot from these videos hahahaha
Dylan Ross
James Tyson
Michael Isabar
I have room 822
Damoreian Richardson
WTF man
Alvaro Sanchez
the mare
Jelly Is the best
5:20 is the funniest party
ghany ventura
Lele pons piss your video ed edd eddy
Redhead Fight
Besh does she know she's dead

Dead 💀😂
Xerneas 23
"what the fuck r u?"😂😂😂the face
Juan Carlos Suarez
Hi I really like your videos
Marquaja Williams
I died when they you start singing Selena😂😂😂 hannahs Spanish is horrible
Kinzee Reopelle
you are scary but so funny
Renata Martin
the end was funny
Sanjay Bk
@lele pons please make a video about how you died in this video
Anđela Janković
whats the ending music
Sunessa Souksi
you are my fav lele pons😁
Kryzah Mae Palacpac
Can u do another one plss...
Edsel De Arce II
The electric pinch is a nailcutter
michelle akwo
every part
Erza Dragneel
How is Lele dead?
Yenny Vega
Como te duele
Gabby Wright
Liahoua Vang
im sorry lele pons for saying that
Liahoua Vang
are you sopose to be dead
Fangirl 500
When they started singing como la flor 😂
night blade
Ender GingerGT
OMG is she dead??!!!!!! 😮😨
Sadia Javid
"bish does she know she's dead?" LMFAO
Erin O'Brien
the maid sounded like joey
My Exquisite World
SELENA COMO LA FLOR sorry I'm Latina and I love Selena
Farren Stark
I liked the maid part and the end
Kayla Villalobos
Late squad where are you?!
Caydence Jones
LPS Spirts
Bish did she know she was dead?
Vishala Tomar
dang ur videos r such cliff hangers
haunted sisters
Best one yet! !!! Make a series!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Caleb Minto
Do you live in California
Caleb Minto
Lele pons you are my fav YouTuber
Chelsea Grace
My favourite part is when the guy said Bishhh does she know she is dead😂😂
Eliezer Esparza
so is creepy with the red eyes lol
FS dreamcatcher
Absolute masterpiece. 👌
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