ROOM 823 | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

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Lele Pons
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!! What was your favorite part??
Pewa Love1042
When he said Hannah spelled backwards is hannaH I literally had to go figure it out😂😁
Nguyen Hang
You're very creative, Lele
Lar Frank
that last part tho LOL
Donna Vitale
Soooo good. Must say I never saw the ending coming. By far my favorite, esp since I'm a horror fan.
Holly Whale walsh
I loved it when the maid came it was hilarious 😂😂😂
Liz Quezada
that was funny on the end
Nicole Martinez
bishh does she know she dead HAHAH!!!
Nicole Martinez
Hispanic Menace
📌pinned by Lele Pons

I had to do it my self.
_ SuPeR GiRl _
Omg noooo 😰 now I'm scared 😞
iara rubio
VIVA VENEZUELAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariah Lynch
whos the black dude who told lele to shush in the shower
Ninja Gaming Yt
the blueberry part was so funny 2:07-2:58
Sampada Regmi
i wonder how someone can be so funny and beautiful at the same time😍😍😍
Juliana Rose
This scared the crap out of me 😂😂
Morgan Gain
Marisol Menchaca Herrera
My favorite part is when she knew about when they were did
Burtonboards Cogeco
OMG, that ending though!
I love como la flor, Selena is great
Lele is so funny and beautiful
Sofia Villanueva
Itzel Aguilar
Omg that dude wearing that Blie Devils sweatshirt, did he used to go to Richmond??'!!
Destanasia Boalds
the guy with blue hair is funny
i want to know how she died
quieroo saber como ella murio
lecory mckeithen
and my other favorite part is when the mad choked on the ring it was the cutest part
lecory mckeithen
my favorite part is when the mad sad bish do She nows she's dead
Nana Intra
My favourite character is the maid the maid is so funny
Golden Generation
always u have " the best ending " in all ur videos
Blackhat JM Gaming
I don't exactly get the ending. Lele is dead, but in the beginning, she could be seen easily by the receptionist.
How exactly did that happen?
mohamed alaa
That's scary
Heather J
Bitch does she know she's dead? LMAO 😂
Janni& Lilly226
you are the best youtuber 💖
Akshaya r
Who is the maid?
Jackline Mc
jajajaja! Lele cada vez te luces mas! Amo tus vídeos, so funny!
Lila Turtlezz
4:02 THE AGONYYY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
bitch does she know she dead.
Forever Sone
" Bitch does she know she's dead? " LMAO
Quintin Hodges
Cake pastelito
hablan español ?
Joaquin Zamarron
I want a part two to this so bad. like if you agree😁
Como la flor 🌺 😂
Daniel Plascencia
I love the song they sang😍😍😍😍 COMO LA FLORE BY SELENA!!!
Juan Hernandez
My sisters name is cynthia!!!!!
Neon Beat 395
I love your videos
Kriz Writer
dont she know she's dead? OMG !!!
Alyssa Hadley
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