Toxic Unicorn
I think the fact that people are upset at this commercial need to take some chill pills .... like there's nothing racist /homophobic ANY THING WRONG WITH THIS AD personally kylie is my fave Jenner /kardashian but Kendall is the best she doesn't have any butt implants/boob implants None of that but whatevs
Sanighia Jones
Out of all the supermodels... why not Tyra banks? Why not Winnie? Someone who stays OUT OF drama.
So people are so quick to put down Kendall but uplift and stick up for Kim and Kylie ... Kendall is a model she gets paid to do ads , at least she's actually trying to work her own fame instead of living in her sisters light . GRANT IT she's not prefect and made some stupid ass choices but Her and Kourtney seems to be the realist you'll get from their family 🤷🏽‍♀️
Okay why are people so stupid ? Like come on she is not thaaat bad !
Nana Frimpong
Ppl just hating.
Andrei Raul
Adidas proably has the worst Ad creative team.I didn t get the ad,i don t get what it has to do with originals, i don t know who those fucktard atheletes/actors, or whatever , are.
Kendall, pathetic as the rest of the family,but hey, she be makin more money than I am, so who cares right?:)
I don't think she should do anymore commercials since every single ad she makes is just going to get a lot of backlash
Phoebe's World
People just love to hate this girl.
riya joseph
Bitches tripping for no fuckin reason lmao
carine Taha
i don't think it's bad people are so emotional
Boo fucking hoo
Abigail Tohm
lol people are just so sensitive these days.
Katiann Rocha
People are so triggered
Chelsea Nicole
As a huge Frank Sinatra fan it makes me sad hearing his words come from someone who DID NOT DO IT THEIR WAY!!!! Frank Sinatra actually had to do it his way.
Joel Kotto
Jenner, just get done with advertising already.
Lol the thing I find really funny about this news channel is that they are so opinionated. It's a news channel, not a reacting channel or whatever. They take sides, choose the celebrities they want to support and make look good. That's what I don't understand...
Hannah Star
Not that the ad was that bad but you can't just compare every shitty thing she does to the Pepsi ad and then say it pales in comparison. She's not the best person (or hasn't presented herself as one) and needs to own what she's done wrong instead of hoping it'll fade away
Alston Renato
Leave Kendall Alone!
Ellandra Jane
the whole video is just based on a few Instagram comments!! Do they not realize that we KNOW that people write critical comments on everything!! every single thing you see on the internet, can be and is bashed in the comments, it's just how the comments are. The controversy in this video is just made up- means nothing
Gina Stubbs
Kendall is the most natural out of the girls
Dasha Parshina
Wtf guys it's an ad!! I love Kendall and I think she was perfect for the ad!!!
she gets blasted for everything lmao
anna sm.
Everyone is being so extra
Aglaee Alvarez
Ugh she has no talent at all!!!.... she doesn't inspire me at all the only thing she can inspire me is to tell my older sister to make a sex tape so the family will be praise
this ad made adolf dassler(founder of adidas) roll in his grave
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if this girl got into some sort of accident that distorted her fac and body. Honestly though what if something happened causing her to lose her physical beauty? It's obvious she'd lose her job but I'd like to see how quickly she loses everything else to and people stop buying her stuff and being her fans. Of course it wouldnt happen immediately, she would get a lot of pity at first but without her physical appearance she'd just disappear. I think it's safe to say her life would be ruined. Not saying this without reason guys, I'm not trying to hate just making a general point that if all your success is based on physical appearance maybe it isn't really success at all?
Tiny S
Trolls everywhere lmao
Cade Ainsworth
People need to shut the fuck up. You can't do anything these days
Ri Ranjo
Lol i feel like they attack every ad she's in
Winteris Coming
People need to stop trippin. Seriously I want to slap those little bitches across the fucking face and tell them to stop whining
Regina Clarice Alberto
why everybody hates Kendall? she's the only real person in that family. she works hard to be where she is now.
Its popular to hate a Jenner or Kardashian when they get a job. Relax find something else to put your energy into. We dictate what social media wants us to like.
Kyle Moschen
Seriously people? Let the girl slay🔥
Tina Hayes
It's so funny how you pronouce adidas with that accent XD
Sebastian Asher
you wonder why so many talented ppl wanna stay in the shadows while idiots like this bitch soak up fake glory an girls follow her when they have no idea that her job is NOTHING
8 Sea - shells of love
others have to actually work she just gets every thing handed to her I mean how hard is it to lay in a pod in undies?!
A. Kozielski
Screw that cut and paste cunt
Zach The boss
I liked that they did frank Sinatra's Iconic My Way I love frank and the rat pack
Lola dnx
Elle a réussi à rendre Adidas non-cool.
Joe Gillespie
Kendall is a Hot Slut!!!
BTW, Is Sinead dead yet?
Joe Gillespie
Kendall is a Hot Slut!!! I bet she does Anal! Just like her dear old Dad!!!
BTW, Is Sinead dead yet?
nabstablookie Minitale
It's kind of hard to get inspired by an alien adidas commercial...even if you used zendaya or lady Gaga
Amy Smith
Y'all need to pronounce Adidas the right way...
Sophia Gofia
Omg why do people have to hate on the Karashains and Jenners for the dumbest shit like it doesn't matter...
Notice how they didn't have her say the line in the song that says..."to think, I did all that"....Because she hasn't done shit. She got famous because her family is famous for sucking dicks so America loves them for some reason and now every sibling in that family is treated like they are something special. This entire family is going to burn in Hell. I hope their fans burn with them. It's pathetic that these people are this famous for no reason at all. This girl became a "super model" because of who her family is. She hasn't done a thing HER WAY. She has done nothing to begin with. Someone tell me why she is so cool. Please tell me why? Fucking weird. She's not even an athlete. Now to get endorsed by Adidas all you have to do is suck athletes dicks. Pathetic. They should have her saying..." I got my way" cuz my sisters suck dicks and now my whole family is cool.
kayla torrez
Trippin for no reason lol. Let Kendall have an ad she is a model after all. Any one of y'all haters wanna go ahead and do it lmao
Come on you guys, you just need a pepsi.
Laurie Dawson
2017 has been a problematic year for Candle.
Logan Peachi
"she is ain't original" lmao what
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