Kendall Jenner BLASTED For New Adidas Ad & Here's Why

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Kendall is just not having a good month. First the supermodel was accused of not leaving a tip at a bar in Brooklyn and now she’s just getting a bunch of hate for her involvement in Adidas’ latest ad. In the advertisement, Kendall is laying in what we can only assume to be a hibernation camber in a crop top and undies while reciting a bunch of lines that were probably given to her. Take a look. 
That wasn’t so bad, right? Well, I mean I didn’t think so, but a bunch of commenters on Instagram thought it was the worst thing ever created. One person called out the brand and asked them to find someone more inspiring, writing QUOTE, “Use someone in your ads that actually inspires! And is doing something important and wonderful for others! This is just a bad ad. On many levels and for many reasons.” Andd that wasn’t the worst comment on that thread. 
Another Instagram user wrote, “bad move Adidas. Bad move.” While another commented with a harsher comment writing QUOTE, “Y’all are idiots! She isn’t “original” she and her family are fake!” Someone else echoed the same sentiments and said, “That girl isn’t original. What the hell are y’all on.” 
Um, guys, need I remind you about Kendall’s very controversial Pepsi ad? This one literally pales in comparison, but whatever floats your boat. 
What did you guys think of Kendall’s ad? Was it really that bad or are people just trippin’ for no reason? You know what to do, leave your thoughts and comments in the designated section below. Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I’ll see ya next time. 

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Roxanne Moultrie
Lmfaooo! Perhaps This Bitch Shouldn't Make Commercials?
Muria Endler
Reyyan Yıldız
I don't even like kendall jenner but this is getting too much. The internet is bullying her for no reason. At this point, no matter what she does, she will get criticized in the worst way possible.
Nuff Said
Yes let's get a overweight bitch to do it.............
Shiii just let Kendall live her own life
Omari Milano
So sad for these haters out here... She is absolutely gorgeous and she is an incredible model with a signature walk.....She is not a Kardashian by Kardashian standards....She is making a name for herself on her own and with her with her own name...Give her a break..People hate the Kardashians because they are famous and they all have galords of money.....well get your own tv show and make your own money and STFU.....stop hatin BIATCHES....
pickle rick
Bet yet all you girls try to look like her and her family
Tiki Baca
Wow ur hair is amazing
Annika Vesk
there's nothing actually wrong with that so she cant be bashed for that ffs
People need to give that girl alone she's beautiful young and on her way to supermodel like Taylor ,Kendall and shake it off them haters girl.theyre just making you more famous
Laura Gallaher
I use to think Kendall was a bad model and just there because of her family, it didn't piss me off too bad because the whole modelling industry, and every other hollywood industry is based on nepotism, it just frustrated me that a bad model could walk on the VS show and NYFW whilst a good model can hardly get past a small time photoshoot. But looking at her now she actually is a really good model, she walks with the classic model walk and its good. So I wish her the best
Who fucking cares
Jennifer Cromwell
If you're a major and respected brand, don't hire Kendall Jenner to be in your AD. Here's the list:
- the Ballerina Ad.
-Pepsi Ad.
-Adidas Ad.
How could she ever level herself to Jackson, Spears, Pink and all those that did a Pepsi Ad? Plus reciting a Sinatra lyrics? I know how professional Ballerinas felt. With all the hard work and practice those Dancers do everyday, only to be represented by someone that doesn't know a thing about their art and hard work?
Sarah Howard
So satanic
Sarah Howard
Stop being fooled by these devil worshipers
Ashley Morales
This poor girl can't catch a break
Marlynne K
I don't know why people are attacking her. She's just the model. Don't shoot the messenger. There are people who write and produce and film these commercials. Kendall has nothing to do with the content.
Jamie P
To the upside down crosses on their heads and I'll do it my way I don't understand how this is not demonic I ain't trying to do it my way I'm trying to die to myself daily.
fav van
Not her idea for making adds blame the creators ffs leave the poor kid alone !!!
therocknb100 therock
Haters gunna hate hate hate
Jennifer Strong
its not a bad add, its actually a cool ad. People are just jealous assholes
An original for a porn blockbuster.
Anoud Alharbi
So proud kenny
Ruth Anderson
I don’t get why it was bad....
Ellen ms
Kendall didn't write the ad.. lol
Vella Bella
Yeh ok, the ad was pretty shit and adidas fukt up... but who the fuk cares! 😒
uchechuwku Okere
people let her live her life.It's simply not fair
Christina C
i don't even like kendall but this wasn't THAT bad
Kylie K.
These commentators believe they have the right to bash her! She did what she wanted to- she worked towards her goal, at least unlike most of the haters who do nothing but spread hate.
That sucks she gets hate because of her families name👎, I thought the ad was fine.
patricia p
The commercial is dry asf. Can someone point out some originality plz. Adidas had sooo many other inspiring options
Michael Davis
People just hating and they mad that they not on there, so hop off Kendall like she better then all yall.👍
Zavis Gracias
She actually has no personality. Cara delevinge can take on any look and any personality.
Talia Dorr
Kendall getting blasted for everything
Trish Bautista
I get that you are free what to say but that's way too disrespectful for Kendall. She's human also. WTF
vickie g
This is just a bad channel. On many levels and in many ways.
Kendall is the only Jenner/Kardashian member that I somewhat like.
Caitlin Blazso
Omg can this girl get a break! Stop being so judgmental! She's barely even an adult and people act like she should know everything. The Pepsi thing... pepsis fault! Not hers!
camille caumont
she made a satanic Ad..nothing to be proud of
Selena Gomez
Anyone can take pictures and just pose with shoes and cloth. If she had a good catwalk then I would consider her a model but she can't just like her friend Gigi 😑
It was a visually amazing ad, people are putting too much focus on the models in this ad rather than looking at the commercial as a whole. The Pepsi commerical is way more deserving of the hate than this.
Taylor Knox
Leslie Romo
Oh my god her poor life :-( after being so horrible to the middle class she doesn't deserve all this hate. Not everyone can be rich and handed everything!!!
People are just tired of her AND her family. The show ratings are slow, and people get pissed off every time they do a project. It is what it is.
B Espina
The only beef I have with the ad is she's saying 'I did it my way.' Errrr, I'm sure it was her mother's way. She is no trailblazer. She's just a pretty face who apparently is trash to waiters.
Daniel Ruiz
pickle rick
Girls complain about the kardashians and jenners but look just like them smh
Chobie Chan
God haters just need to back off, they need to go get a life and do something better than to just hate on Kendall!!! Kendall is amazing
well... some has point. buuuut people are so angry these days.
they really need to chill lol
Alison Petrova
We've come to the point where everyone just hates anything she is in. Companies just can't make an inspirational commercial with a kardashian being the featured star. lol what is inspiring about them? How one sex tape can rise your family to fame? How being born into fame lands you supermodel status without trying? Lol
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