yamato Z
Md Remon
she need red chilly spicy
Matt Johnson
What a monkey.
Nadea Tembam
I hate chinese so so fucking much.they got no class at all even in high class boutiques such as in Paris.they are your nightmare whenever they are around...yuck !!!
Crazy bitch, don't come to Singapore
julie Kayliand
Pasti orng Singaporean ...idiots
I'm Chinese,I apologise that the Chinese women is being so rude
Tom TTWAR Vuong
Tiffany Guo
malaysia is shit country. full of beggars.
T Rex
... all this drama for a cup of freakin noodles.
Lol 😂
Vj Logan
Airlines nowdays.... they only think money!
Kay Lee
I'm a Chinese but I just want to bunch her in the face
Complicate Democratize Channel
Yeah. The woman will need a new set of lungs after a screaming marathon. Duh.
such a disgrace
fadly A. Rahman
Bitch need a good slap.
Udinah Rimas
It's ur fault u idiot. U should be in time
Lan Cau Lu
how can you let Pigs enter an aircraft? she should be sent to the sty. only happen to filthy chinese pigs
Mr J
You can find any race with this shitty attitude upon missing their flight which were their own fault. But yet this report choose to go with "CHINESE" to make it controversial in order to sell a "news piece". But the real culprit here is you lot in the comment who can't wait to go after each other just because you don't like a skin colour. So I'll say this it instead, doesn't matter what skin colour, gender, or religion you are, I HATE ALL OF YOU EQUALLY. ALL OF YOU COLLECTIVELY GO SUCK A DICK!
typical chinese
Barry Obama
Some FACTS for you (liberals HATE facts, common sense and reality)

Since the 2010 Election, the REPUBLICANS have........

Taken back the House

Taken back the Senate

Taken back the Presidency

Picked up 14 Governorships

+1000 in state level congressional seats and state wide elections

5-0 in Special Elections

WAKE UP LIBERAL! You LOSE every election! The American Public do NOT want Dum-o-craps fucking everything up anymore!

The Middle Class has spoken and said NO to the $20 trillion in obama debt you clueless idiot dumb fucks!
Jerungbiru55 #2 Xteroid Team
How dare she fight with the police
Doubt she's from mainland China. She speaks with a Hong Kong / Vietnamese accent.
Uno Ching
i fuck malay police
Obake Tora
Chinese don't give a fuck.
Hiep Nguyen
The cultural China like that.
They are always like dominate other people. Don't come to my Country please......MTK.. ASSHOLE.
Rania Khan
sadly I'm their neighbor , RIP Indian citizen
Janet Chin
It's time to have tranquilizers gun or injection in every airline for special case(s)😈😈😈
Adi Syahir Supian
Not every Chinese like that. And she should be arrest for being so abusive.
Ken H
one less potential terrorist off the plane makes a bit safer flight for the rest
Surayna 1606
Stupido chinese
Tony Smith
The woman in the black hijab was ready to fight! lol Did you see the fighting stance she got in?
Erin C
If she screams loud enough, the plane will fly back and pick her up
This is why i hate chinese tourist coming to sabah
chinese people suck
she in need of a bitch slap
OMG, very rude and stupid
Yijun Hu
All countries have it's assholes. Look the next video, "Lady at airport screaming over her missed flight." is about an obnoxious lady from America (I assume) missing her flight, yet no one is commenting specificly that Americans are the disgrace of earth.
I wanna see her try that shit in her own country China or in the US. She'd get slammed to the floor with broken ribs in a sec. Bitch.
wannipha Chitsuphap
Kich that bitch lol
Doctor Doom
How do Chinks name their kids? They throw silverware down the stairs xD
Tiada Nama
hahaahaha what a funny woman throwing tantrums like a child
demon Dick
fucking chinese
Biskut Oreo
Walawey chinese laaa... lately getting famous by being rude and disrespecting people.
Olawale Adetokunbo
My 12 inch black mamba would make her calm down real quick
Golet Josh
Time is gold...be punctual. The boarding pass has mentioned clearly what time to check in, basically 2 hours before departure. If the passenger unintentionally missed the flight because of unexpected matters (traffic congestion, family matters, emergency case, etc), the passenger has no choice except to change/ reschedule the flight time/ date.....So, be prepared with plan A and plan B.
Paul H

Go to the airport early!!!!
i will fock her
zulfadli wahab
cina bukit!!!
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