Angry Chinese woman kicks and screams after she missed her AirAsia flight at Kuala Lumpur Airport

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Shocked passengers filmed a woman’s furious reaction as she dashes to open a plane door at the gate, after learning she has missed her flight.

Two separate videos show the passenger forcing her way through security and trying to open the Air Asia plane door.

The incident was captured at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and shows the female even attempting to kick security guards after being turned away from AirAsia flight AK380 bound for Jakarta.

The airline have told MailOnline Travel that the passenger was Chinese, and was handed over to the police for further questioning.

The aircraft door was closed and was waiting air traffic clearance for push back.

The first video shows two security officers try and pull the woman away from the door, as she shouts, ‘why are you going for me, tell me, why.’

‘It’s my flight, you have no right, okay,’ she continues.

The passenger is then filmed aiming a kick at one of the officers, before she says that they ‘have to open’ the door for her.

The second video then shows how it took four men and one woman to drag the irate passenger away from the plane entrance, and out of the restricted area.

The security door is then closed, but the woman is still furious that she was denied boarding the plane.

‘Why are you going for me, why, why,’ she rages.

‘I have a ticket.’

One of the female security officers responds: ‘Yes you have a ticket, but you are scheduled to be at the gate.’

'It is supposed to wait for me,’ adds the passenger.

The person who posted the videos, Xiaohong Xiaohong, tagged them by writing: ‘Comments and share so that unreasonable passengers should be banned from flying with a restriction order.’

A spokesperson for AirAsia said: ‘An AirAsia passenger was late for her flight and turned aggressive towards airline staff, AVSEC police, and airport authority’s staff when denied boarding.

‘A police report has been lodged on the same day with regard to the incident.’

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