L Niel
Francine is so adorable ! Her voice is cute โค๏ธ
Manuel Rodriguez
Suscribe to my Chanel please
God iz Gangsta
No homo but this man has become a part of me I watch all of his vlogs, kina creepy
Wolfgang A. Rivas
Congrats Roy ... I hear the baby is now much taller.
Collin Richardson
Congrats Roy I know it's late but...
Jessica Mitchell
Congratulations Roy !!!
Tim G
Decisions. Decide something risky everyday, even if you are wrong. U rest, u rust.
Congrats Roy
Jay Felix
Like a Boss- Good for you, man. Enjoy
sarah lopez
jan patrick
She look like a peach
Stefan Baboviฤ‡
congrats roy
Rob B
Its nothing like a rich white person winning a trip. Oh the irony.
Taylor Alwine
Candice is me ๐Ÿ˜‚ loving it
Nagiah Ferrell
Congrats Roy!!
Paul John Balderston
Yeah Roy!
You go to the doctor when you're sick.. That's the point of going to a doctor. Casey what are you hiding?
Christian King
I will be like 27 when I can call Francine hot
Maddy Hall
Candice is so beautiful
Local Appel
Congratulations rod
Just found this. Global travel day - same day I was born in New York City in1966. Somewhere on the lower or upper east side. I don't really know New York that well. My parents moved to Seattle when I was 1. Been here except for army time my other 49 years. I always trip when I see that date 16 Oct. I forget why its should mean something then I remember like a big derp.
Le Ximxim
Casey: 'Would you like to be on my video?'
Hot Babe: 'Ah! Yes, of course.'
ha ha
Wesley Dunphy
disillusioned about your marriage.
Stelian Lacatusu
Who want to subscribe to my channel is my guest ๐Ÿ˜‚
Stingray b
I'll go to New York just to meet Casey.
Micah Bragg
Roy, congrats. be a great dad.
how does no one ever take his camera when he leaves it there for time lapses while hes like in a store or something
iqmal goh
North Korea๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Is that your plane if so it is so nice
soumyo maddx Das
congo roy
holy sh*t that one song is terrible xD
Robby Fowler
Notice that only white people won the prizes..secret nazi hotel chain..like if u agree that Marriott is racist
Steve Titford
Congratulations, Roy.
Joshua Fletcher
Congrats Roy!
John Haile
Congratulations Roy!
poro leader
omg does Candice use android? That is so hot.
Awab Yagoub
Name of the song in this video please ?
JRH in K Town
that ass tho candice
Michael S.
I saw when they started to built up that Marriot stuff ... would really like to visit NYC again ... miss that town :-(
Lucas Fraser
One day I hope to be where you are Casey. Keep inspiring, love your videos!
ak Fisher
Congradulatins Roy.enjoy them while they are young. they grow up why to fast.
Lordy... Candice has a sweet ass!
gg roy
Hamza Bilal
4:06 beautiful....
Kennan Davis
Isn't wheels up the company that transports the College Game Day special guest?
gaurav Bhangale
Dan Kent
Why is she drinking g she has a baby
Ui Neil MahEl Sandage
Congrats on becoming a Dad.
Rajiv Nigam
I don't understand why people unlike vids like caseys
Nils Engstrand
Congrats Roy
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