Alina Collins Msp
Damn I almost cried
Awesome! Inspiring. Thanks so much for this. And congratulations Michelle.
Sajra Mujačić
Omg this made me cry,wow girl 😭❤️
Mercy Totty
Wow motivation! I started running and have been getting so much better. Blogs on my channel
oh my god im sobbing??
Nope. Unless I am avoiding being eaten, killed, or zombified, not running.
Shannon McGill
I cried, smiled and am motivated just from this video
I wish I enjoyed running... I have to pretend I'm being chased by something.
I'm only here for Michelle!
Claire Elizabeth
why am I crying?
Anne Gendron-Herndon
ahhh i love running and like rght from the beginning i got like chills serious chills i loved this
Joy Goodgine
Cajsa Ravn
The guy in the shoes shop looked like the guy from the prison some of the guys in buzzfeed vistited to workout with
I'm litterally

I'm litterally

I'm litterally crying
Sarah Mae
Idk why I was about crying in this, but I'm so proud😭❤
Elle Desperado
God this is so gay
My mom is also training for a marathon in the fall
Hailey Holbrooks
This video makes me emotional . Ugh it's so good
kiss fashion vee
my cousi's bike got stolen but she found it outside her gym a month later😂
Donna- Riekie
I like this video, she actually put in the effort not like previous buzz feed videos where they didn't really even try and complain the whole time
Vilde Laukslett
Gotta be honest i cried when she crossed the finish line 😅
brad haisler
One like = 1 week without junk food.
David J
3 days is all you need, how? well check out the runners high and the correct jogging technique.
This straight up made me cry
Mia Kewasi
Haha😂 when she gets upset about her bikes. Omg girl
so emotional and inspiring...I have wanted to run a marathon for years; maybe now is my time...thank you, you are awesome!
Ileana Miller
All I can say is thank you. I've always been hard on myself cause I can't run fast... but this gives me confidence...
Avery Nicole
this is everything to me
Claire Bear
am i the only one that cried watching the end
Elizabeth Arredondo
This just made my day❤️ I cried with Michelle once she finished!❤️💕
Tayler Ramirez
This is insane. I'm a runner. Never a marathon but my grandfather has done several. I've seen my grandpa train for a marathon. He runs 3 times a week if that. Longest run might be 6 to 10 miles. But alot of 3 mile runs. Does that a few times. And magically he's ready for a marathon. I have no clue how he does it. How anyone does it. I hope I can one day..
Jules Logen
I loved how honest this was, she did such a good job 🙏🏻
Richard Watson
I've struggled with running all my life, from form to breathing, it's mostly mental the longer the distance, and quite physical the shorter the mile times. Michelle has made me cry twice in one video, seeing the pure struggle.... Haven't balled like that since me mum passed. I truly feel for her, i came home to a broken in apartment after a 16 hour day and it just saps everything from you. This is a true accomplishment, i hope you and the team look back on this and smile, it's truly what the channel should strive for. Much love from SoCal
lú rojas
love her
fiona jane barrett
never watched a more inspiring video
Lily Howarth
Patricia Carmona
This got too deep for a marathon
Kai Eden
Why was she crying?
Peter XYZ
I named my bike "Red Shift" and "TARDIS" because they're red and blue. I may re-name the blue bike "Blue Shift"
Gilbert G
There's a difference between being fit and being conditioned to run a marathon. Fit people could condition themselves to run a marathon pretty fast and by fast I mean 2 months like the girl from the video. If you're overweight and not fit, you can't condition yourself to run a marathon that fast.
Mary Mac
This video legit made me cry
Asian Smurf
this is so dramatic it's funny 😂
Megan Maier
I atcully started crying when she stared crying because of how much pain she was in. Like if you felt sorry for her (I'm not like thirsty just showing support for her and everyone else should as well)
Kaethe Kerosin
I didn't expect to cry whilst watching just another "I did thisandthat in inputrandomamountoftime"-Video by Buzzfeed, but well, I did.
Creative Username
Is it sad that people can run 26 miles and then I can tear a ligament walking down stairs?
Liliana Estrada
i love this so fucking much... this is why im subscribed to buzzfeed..
Lucas Jordan
When your a runner and can't run cuz you hurt your foot and the season starts in a week
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