Alana Lewis
this made me cry... love you michelle
Laura Bollin
Why am I crying at this?? 😅😅
Kylie Jimenez
me during the video: I want to run a marathon
5 minutes after the video
me: movie marathon let's go
_ Albertson_
I'm going through chemo I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and I hope I can conquer but also be able to run like a normal person when I'm done with chemo I am so so weak I can't even walk downstairs anymore
Amelia Weltch
I have never posted a comment on YouTube before, but you are so inspiring Michelle. Your realization that this marathon was to prove to yourself that you could do it really hit home. I am working on a 5k right now, and this video has encouraged me to keep trying. Even when it gets difficult. Especially when it gets difficult. Thank you.
I'm exhausted after running 1 mile... :(
Naila Noor
The dramatic parts gave me fucking goosebumps
Hey I am 14 and I want to run a Marathon but I am mentally to week
i can run to taco bell
Elena Schuler
so proud of you!
Ariana 3456
now I want to run a marathon I would like to run more than ride bikes but my parents like riding bikes only 😞
molly katelyn
i cant even run half a mile without feeling like im gonna throw up
Isabella Stiles
What is that victory song at the end?? Please I want to know
Jordan Olsen
Alissa Lauren
wow she was really whiney
Savage Insight
I love Michelle - She did one of the hardest things in the world and was still so adorable about cookies and ice cream at the end - She's different, stronger, yet not really so muchchanged like you'd expect a lot of people to be - it says a lot about her character and how you don't have to be these growling tough life-changed people, you can be just like her <3 n.n
Zeena Atieh
Michelle inspired me so much! I love her😭❤️in 2018 I'm going to start out by running a half marathon🏃🏻💪🏼
Irregular Distortion
Shoots Michelle's legs Run now!
Klarissa Miller
I never thought I'd cry over a over a video about a marathon. Oml
Amy Valentino`
I've been watching her form in the videos, but I'm still confused. Are your feet supposed to go from heel to toe, or toe to heel? I've been told that it's toe to heel, but I've been focusing too much on it, that I end up running incorrectly which is probably why I'm getting Shinzsplints. Anybody know if it even matters if you run toe to heel?
Isabella Wahl
I ship Erik and Michelle
shitler 4519
I can't even run one minute
Anna Kőszegi
i cried i was so happy for her
Amelia Day
Yay awesome job!! ❤️ I need to get back into doing my 5k. I haven't done one in 3 years I miss it.
Felicity Anenson
I cried … I don't know why
I live for Exo's body rolls
I actually cried when she reached the finish line. Such an inspiration.
I love running!!! ☺️☺️☺️💖💖💖
Anna Rojas Munoz
I was literally crying, I know the feeling. I'm going to run in October and my family it's not supporting me at all, but I'm doing this for me. This video was so expiring.. thank you
This is why running is the best!! Love it!!
I eat ice cream every time I finish a run, it's awesome.
lol celia
Why am I crying omg
Amelie Marchand
progress excuse mark arise operate urban broad Muslim see.
Lauren Tuvey
Idk why this made me cry
Giggles Shade
I'm so proud of you bbg!!!! 😭😭❤️
Whatever mountain you're trying to climb, watch her climb her metaphorical mountain in this video and apply your journey to hers. It feels life-changing to watch this.
Liv Lu
This made me cry just because I'm trying to get into shape and I've thought about giving up and just being a couch potato but I always remember that I need to keep going and just do it for me.
Mari Hverven
You are so strong on so many levels!
Jennifer Montoney
Anna Thomas
I pass out after walking up my stairs. 🤷🏽‍♀️
The Real Vegann
I literally cried in this video 😵 She inspired me a lot ❤🙌🏼
Muskaan krishnaney
Omg it didn't expect this to make me cry so much
Pepper Corn
"my whole life has always been doing things to please other people so I'm running this race for me."
classic desi problem
my heart broke here
is that only my dirty brain or she reminds me a lot of mia khalifa?
Ally Ferguson
why did i cry when she crossed that finish line..? <3
Anonymous Person
is it bad this video made me cry?
dru w
i think this is the most motivational video they have done.
Rafael Díaz-Rullo López
I do not have any sports certificate but i have to say that running a marathom with only 10 weeks of training it is very dangerous cause the body has not had enough time to get used to it.
Stone Snitch
I ate half a tub of frosting while watching this...
Kyla Stewart
I got super emotional when she started talking about how she didn't need to prove things for others and that she was running the marathon purely for herself. I felt so proud that she achieved that
Jared Cox
At mile 10 it literally feels like your calves are being stabbed with dull kitchen knives.
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