FUNnel Vision
What do you guys think of Cozmo? We think he's pretty awesome! :D
Albeso Galvan
Do more cosmo videos
Uz Wells
Funnel Vision where did you find Cosmo he sounds really cool!!!
nikeyah fleming
Wow cozmo is really good at games that go with him he is really fast
David S
احمد حريري
FUNnel Vision please do anther video of cozmo
Jakob lyons
Best cosmo ever
Frank Grundy
Try metal cozmo
Nicole Wallace
Cozmo is awsome
Infinity Fist
make a nother cozmo vid
Alicia Hernandez
I ❤you Fgteev
Jolly Jay
I wish I had that robot 🤖👾
Jeremiah Thomas
Can you play robolx with me and can you come to my house
Long Dao
joel ooi
King Of Donuts
I laughed so hard when he said he said woah when he did the side flip
Cindy Howard
Can you send me a COZMO
Hilda Molina
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😙😙😙
Eh Thaw
Cosmo is in love with mommy💓
Tinisha McClellan
Awwww cute
Anthony Alexander
I want more cozmo
Jerry Perez
I love cozmo
Emppuzgaming 213
I have just bought cozmo and now im to come from post...
Sydney Richelle
Darin Kamaran
Every time I win in quick tap and keep away
Emonm 7.9
cozmo cheats in quick tap it says he taped it but realy it didnt hit
Kendall Sistrunk
I'm getting Cozmo for my birthday
Plush Trap
I have cozmo he is really cool
José Abraham Martínez
Tashira Medrano
Funnel Vision make a cozmo part two
Daysi Ventura
I have cozmo
Profesor Panson
Chase lokes so funny in dippers
Christopher Schooley
Advertisers: every time I see a product in this famliy's videos I do not buy it, nor let my kids out of spite.
manuel duran
Please do more of cozmo
Amber Malave
I love it
Secret Flowers
Wow 😎 !
Rebeca Golden
Dylan Hill
Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll Dylan Hilll 2 Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Nurzihan Hassim
that's cool how do you get that
Camryn Abutan
I dare you to get 10 cozmos
Vangie Abarquez
Cosmo is cute
Jimenez Jennifer
I like me
Silly Wolf
Astrid Hernandez
Cesare Pagani
Grassman Gaming
He's so cool
FUNnel Vision please do a part 2 of this!!!
Thata Roble
Hey I love ❤️ you can make it so I cud right now every day lame 😒 is really good 😊 yogurt 🍭🍦🍫🍬🍩®how great 👍🏼 Question goodbye
ramdhun anoop kumar
I have a cozmo
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