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Colin Kolanda
spot the difrents

If you're in the LOGANG like
Maddie K
Did any one notice that Logan’s voice sounds the same? #respect #logang4life 😝
Chloe Spellman
wtf logan is a fucking awesome singer he said he was bad in 1 of his videoes but woah love u bro
Dareme Bros
Alisa Violet would spread her legs and fly away
Wrong Side Of Heaven
IlyRocks TwentyOne
Logan is the best
Jake Paul= C+R+I+N+G+E
Shoshone Alarfag
Logan is the only one who sounds the with and without auto tune #logang_for_life +Logan .com/shop πŸ’–
Firefly Wings
Logan is actually is a good singer and doesn't really need autotune but Jake is actually kinda bad and needs it
Kraccker child
Logan Paul is good with and without autotune
Gloria Benitez
logan sounds bette than usual help me help you
2:45 listen to all those 9 year old girls saying fuck, its a beautiful sound, isn't it?
Fernando Mendez
Honestly I couldn't Spot the Difference between Logan using Auto-Tune and not using it
Logan can actually sing unlike jake
Rebecca and Emily
Jake you sang 1000 miles wrong it's not I miss you And I need you it's I need you and I miss you
Dustins Gaming Channel
jake paul sucks
Angelina Aeppli
Logan paul has the best voicπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ“Έ
Daviz Bale
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah what the hell is that Jake P you don't know how to sing
Gamebros2 Best
#Logang4life Logan voice is nice
India Stiles
Jakes voice sounds like a dying cat or a donkey having a
Fit. Just saying on the title it says it is not atuochuned and .......... Well every day bro was . He is crap.
Eman Mifsud
Brooklyn Suth
Logan is the best one without autotune
Mr. hax
The only thing i can say is wow
Nikita Miller
Jake Pual
I think Logan did the best πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ’―
ccthequeen jjthebest
Logan still sounds the same
Alissa is second
Logan won
Sarah Vlogs
There all good except rice gums
Elizabeth Lezuch
I hate Alissa Violet the most but she the best singer in this vid
omgitzz.sariah hypes
Logan sings SOOO good!!!
TheHarvest Starfish
Alissa is so bad at singing
Venom Killz
1:25 flat tits
Ella Hardy
why does logan sound the same and if you listen to it's every night sis alissa sounds better without auto tune
Ashuru Buru
Logan's voice is definitely better than his brother's like the fudge. Jake should stick to auto tune.
Emelly Meldaa
Alissa and Logan are the best not like that fucking son of a bitch jake
Paws Of A Pup
That_ Girl_Ireland
Worst: Jake +Alissa+ Ricegum
Best: Logan + WDW
Xenon Raven
All of rice gums songs are so shit.. Its so sad..
Lucy Fox
Logan is the best
Frank Caylan
Logan is good
Super Savage
Sam N
Must play ricegum talking his lyrics explain them and saying that it is him without autotune πŸ˜‚
Noah BG
Jake was messing around
Yoosuf Alyan
Boi Logan and JAKE best
Aleena Magbojos
Alissa sings so good
Voice Duck
Arabella Cat Lover
Logan has good voice
jboy badass
Logan is best logang for life
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