10 Terrible Mistakes In Popular Animated Movies

10 shocking mistakes you missed in famous animated movies
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It’s easy to believe that animated movies are error-free, but that is a common misconception. Animated films are produced painstakingly slow, so naturally it would make sense for them to be completely polished… right? Wrong! No matter how many artists or writers shape an animated film, some mistakes, errors, and unresolved questions seem to make their way through the process. Not even these classic animated movies are exempt. From Toy Story to The Lion King, check out these 10 shocking mistakes you missed in famous animated movies.  

Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King
Lilo & Stitch
Toy Story
The Simpsons Movie
The Incredibles

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Solana Morris
In zootopia, at the part where judy ends her play she says: "thank you and goodnight! but at a shot later when they leave the barn it is pure daylight.
Princess Cinderella in shrek? No screen rant no
Baking Queen
Slap!!! people spent tons of money and time on those movies! You can't just make nothing out of them like that. You probably would have made worse mistakes!
Naima Martinez
yes in zootopiea claw hazerds name thing on the desk changes angels
Alyssa Alyssa
Look at shrek and look at the shoe when Cinderella was walking down the steps I saw a show
I like how they call the video "Terrible Mistakes", but in alot of the clips, you have really look closely to see the mistake.
Over exaggeration much?
Riham Haroon
nobody is perfect
This just ruins your favorite movies
michael dornan
WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Ala
the clawhouser name tag also changed to the left but when the camera angle switched, it was on the right.
JB Gaming0963
You have mist one
Beverley Blake
ya.I have one you said stakes not mastakes
sam ellem
at 4 minutes when talking about the simpsons who do they double i cant see who it is
the only thing i can think of that their talking about is lisa and maggie
Caleb Hessing
Violet's elasticity is just sqaush and stretch, one of the twelve principles of animation, so it's not a mistake.
Anna Martin
in the lion king you can see a 47 for 2 frames and that is at the scene when simba and mufassa are overlooking the savanna.
Craig Wellington
Sorry to be pedantic but these are not "terrible" or "shocking". However, what is pretty terrible is that the writer / producers of these "Screen rants" do not know the difference between a shot and a scene. Amateurish.
You've missed something in tangled when Flynn get stabbed he gets stabbed in the back but he's holding his front and It don't look like it went through his Front so
Sergio Jasso
in moana do you see the flower that's in Tangled like if you do
sarah ohara
how are these mistakes????? it dosent look like mistakes
Minecraft King
no way :o
That One Dude with Donuts
In brave, when the girl puts her bear mother between the rocks, she is suppose to say a few words. She never does.
The blood missing from Mother Gothel's dagger isn't a "mistake". Disney movies are notorious for not showing blood. I'm always more surprised when they do show blood.
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Sarah Weaver
the new bueaty and the beast
victor barrios
The deadpool one where he cuts his own hand off
Sasha Yurevna
May I just say: who didn't see the Lilo and Stich one?
Nessrina Mahmoud
And there is Gaston that he says in the book there wasn't any drawings but no there was the pictures
maybe lilo and stitch they switched instruments also the zootopia someone did the exact explaining
Nancy Thomas
This video has a mistakes. It's princess Fiona no Cinderella
You have to differentiate between the colors scheme, the evil plan and the wedding plan. Make sure you don't send Save the Date for War invitation to your enemies. And don't forget the light refreshments, very important.

R.I.P Mr. Wormwood, Best Wedding Planner in the Seven Kingdoms and a practitioner of the Dark, Dark Evil Way's...
Christopher Langman
In a film where toys literally come to life, you find a light fixture the most unrealistic?
Griffin Parrow
This is so stupid it's not shocking at all
umm those yellow bowling pin drums are called ipus pronounced eepoohs
Georgina Harden
you said Cinderella instead of princess.
Georgina Harden
why did he say Cinderella instead of Princess Fiona?
Nicola Alton
princess Cinderella from shrek???? he said dat
Bella Marie
I didn't miss the donut one
Madelyn K
Toy story had no mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! FWI
Kudian Gamer
I noticed that in the Simpsons movie how one person's hair is almost like a green screen causing the hair to be see through.
Maxine Casimir
Princess fenona
Victor Ordaz
the princess in shrek name is feouna not Cinderella
There is a braclet on both arm's
Baby D
At 3:05, the shadow of the bed's ball on the left, it has two instead of one.

Let's fix that with a controlled shock...⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️💥
Emile Oldenburg
Thanks!! Now I can tell my friends!
Zninja 1162
Those "bowling pins" are gourds... XD (no offense...)
Another mistake in Zootopia: When Judy's parents call to say hi, the time on her cell phone says 8:40. But when she ends the phone call with a 'bye bye ' the time says 9:44
nathan wright
In Hercules when the painter is painting Hercules with a lion skin on him it is scars skin!
Rylee Nicole
Also in Zootopia they show a moana Easter egg when they show a bunch of movies for sale
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