10 Terrible Mistakes In Popular Animated Movies

10 shocking mistakes you missed in famous animated movies
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It’s easy to believe that animated movies are error-free, but that is a common misconception. Animated films are produced painstakingly slow, so naturally it would make sense for them to be completely polished… right? Wrong! No matter how many artists or writers shape an animated film, some mistakes, errors, and unresolved questions seem to make their way through the process. Not even these classic animated movies are exempt. From Toy Story to The Lion King, check out these 10 shocking mistakes you missed in famous animated movies.  

Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King
Lilo & Stitch
Toy Story
The Simpsons Movie
The Incredibles

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Anna Whitaker
In lord of the rings, Legolas's eyes change color between scenes
Emily Dixon
The way you pronounce "Gaston" made me happy.
Nerdy Artist
Yeah , they are 'mistakes' in the movies , but hey , we aren't perfect!
Jeanna Shellenberger
umm some of these aren't even mistakes?? just quick fixes or changes???
SkyBreeze The_Alpha_Wolf
On Zootopia there is a hidden πŸ† in the scene Judy and nick were running away from that Panther
Jessie Kempf
The zootopia one isn't a mistake, it was made so then clawhauser o there u are little dickens! It's supposed to be like that!
Rap Queen
I am in the hospital right now watching this,Pray for me please
Sonu Binu
I feel sad for Flynn nose in rapunzel
Minecraft Monkey
not bad
you seem to have spotted a few
Kara Hanchett
in toy story a troll appears when he is saying bye
Osmeridium Sir
I wonder what the highest grossing film of 2016 was... *cough cough star wars cough cough
Elizabeth Montgomery
4:53 is when screen rant says "princess cinderella in shrek" hm hm CINDERELLA IS NOT THE PRINCESS IN SHREK FEONA>:(
Bo209 Cat
In Marse needs moms the
Kid magically changes his
pjs in to daytime clothing
kylie minton
"Incredible" storyline for the incredibles lel
mikaella dyna
pause at 2:03πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Riana Walker
are you kidding me
marionette RULES
I saw the donut problem and I went what the
Emily Steckly
I'm in school for animation, the two points in the incredibles dinner scenes aren't mistakes. Violet stretching is called a wipe, animators use it a lot to make a character go faster across the screen and dashes leg breaking is done on purpose. It's a trick we're taught show impact. Those ones aren't mistakes, they're very clearly planned. If you pause a lot of your favourite disney movies, you can see these alot. Like Aladdin's morphing chest, it's done on purpose
Jenna Bell
everybody does the shackles in tangled STOP DOING IT UHHHHHHH!!!!
Mark Mckee
Judy hoops broke the law it is ealegle for you to carry a marker pen like the carrot one she has
Dee dee Chao
lookin vrbk, NY I'm not . p
Phan'sPilots attheDisco
"the action is not physically possible"
Fluffie Bubbles
Princess Cinderella??
Chocolate chip Cookies
i learned a lot of good info
Ursula Cortez
Repunzals hair length also changes all the time in the braided seen her hair is considerably shorter while her hair is enough to creat a pulley down the side of the mountain.
Risha Panigrahi
The one with Officer Clawhauser could have just been angle change, so I think that there is no "Blooper"β€”Whatever that is...
Mary Abdelmessih
in toy story it looks like poppy's hair from the trolls
sophia jerue
You skipped a mistake and Rapunzel how can she let her hair down when mother Goffle was holding her down I'm trying to put her in that little secret place in the palace
Jennifer Moran
In zootopia that wasn't a mistake that was suppose to be a joke!
Madison Forrest
He said princess Cinderella in the shrek movie but it is actually Fiona
dg s7
dg s7
in aladdin her band was on the left than the right and on the left
Popcorn Lol
Yeah I know 2 from zootopia. 1. 2 kid elephants were wearing Elsa and Anna costumes.
2. In the begging with the school play when it ends she says thank you and goodnight but when they walk out it is day.
Dracunyan nya
none of these are really shocking or terrible at all
onyi chukwu
Bella Freestone Vlogs
i never notice any eggs
Emily McBride
There was no mistakes in Lilo and Stitch so what if there were different drums!!!!😑😑😑
When hank hits the little girl when she drops her popcorn and gets on her knees her shirt changes
There was another mistake in finding dory
Valerie Tamayo (569valtama)
in the movie "The Cat Returns" there is a mistake in there
Mary Cummings
my last name is cummings
joshua the noob of gaming
In the simpsons movie that was maggie and lisa not two different characters or maybe I didn't notice two other characters
Laura AHernandez
Because these are killing soooooooooooooooo many people... right? πŸ™„
Deeya,Nisha,Deena Gurung's
my favorite movie is lilo and shtich
Paige Moore
Mv vvmmhmhvb mo I
Olivia Creagh
there's another one in beauty and the beast
Ana Saldana
after Cinderella got married she lost her shoe again
Amber Bengtson
the donut is part of clawhouser's magic of food
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