What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know

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"I had to teach myself about myself" 

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San Diego Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants - December 17, 2006
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WrestleMania XXVlll
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Queen Lydia
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Australia and Oceania map
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Hawaiian tropics from canoe
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Voters including U.S. Senator George McGovern cast their ballots during the 1972 presidential elections.
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Full On-set Attention to Glamour Model - Wide
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Aerial view flying over hawaiian canoes towards beautiful green mountains and
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Portraits and photos
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Group of college students walk into building
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Hawaii island tiki lei polynesia waikiki honolulu oahu maui
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MONTAGE United States Marines marching on the battlefield and on the shore and riding in tanks and double exposure of soldiers and American flag / South Pacific
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MS POV AERIAL Single B17 dropping bombs
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1930s Black and White medium shot young women putting leis around sailors necks / Hawaii
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MS three female hula dancers standing together doing arm movements in unison / ocean in background / Hawaii
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Alisi Tulua
Tanya Sapa
Viliami Tillage
Shelden Agbayani
Analyn Cruz
Oston Saralu
Nolan Talavou
Lourdes "LooLoo" Amante
Meghan Blanco
Mele Ihara

Rikipotiki Manuel
Māori ki te manawa that lady talking about her culture disappearing made me cry pacific all day :)🌺🌴
Aishoo 1234
But why can they still not vote for president though? 🤔🤔🤔
Zeke Hernandez
Maliah R.
do more videos with pacific islanders
Monnae Ross
Yass I'm Tongan and African American TT thought I was the only onnne
I thought pacific islanders were Filipino too.
The Dope Lemon
Good try buzzfeed. Next time get more people from the South Pacific, where the majority of us live.
Puyi Hsieh
A lot of these people are actually Filipino or Chinese with very little Polynesian blood or none at all
Kaiariki Taivero
Omg... I'm just so happy that they had Chamorros in this video, but when she mentioned the Marianas... my heart filled with pride.
bastian tuliatu
i wish buzzfeed australia made more videos like this because we have a wide range of pacific islanders and i know alot would appreciate it and i know that its well needed as well like i take pride in seeing these kind of videos because it i can identify to something rather then something about latinos
Octopie Monster
My impression of Pacific Islanders growing up in Australia, was a group of people who were strong minded, proud of their culture and valued family above everything else.
Joshuah Hester
buzzfeed... THIS is what your videos should be about; real and honest topics that matter.
Moana Mau
I can relate to each and everyone of u guys
I'm there with u
lanie hood
well guess what we have chamorro chip cookies so we win
Ronnie Avillaiongi
Cuhz🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ if you have to teach yourself about you're own culture blame you're parents don't look for a professor to teach you about you're roots and you're culture you'll have the misconception when you met other polys
Aralinh T
It's a common belief that Pacific Island cultures are dying out; like that women who was crying said. But that is a neocolonialist belief started by colonialists 100s of years ago, who thought that Pacific Island cultures and people where weak and less than them. But the cultures haven't fully died out since then; so there is hope, we aren't doomed. If we make an effort to understand and keep our cultures than they will continue, even if they evolve and combine with other cultures, they will never truly be lost.
Moana wakes people up; leads to digging deeper. America.
This is awesome!!
Izzi Playz
Why can't they vote??? Seriously if you're going to even bother getting the land and not even hotter giving the people you now have citizenship of basic rights?!?!
Missy debatingaftershock
We should never be angry when people ask questions or believe something incorrect... when they are desiring to know.
It's those who ask when already being corrected and mock others based on ignorance.
X_supafangurl1_ X
I'm from Hawaii. BUT, I feel these people. People should recognize that Hawaii isn't the only Pacific island. There are much more islands like Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, etc. Not just Hawaii. You should've learnt that in school. And we're nice, not lazy. Yes, we have a culture. Yes, we've had bad times. But we're​ OHANA. Treat each other with Aloha. Love and respect.
Mark Angelot
Whoah whoah whoah, we annexed Hawaii?
we white people are a plague! who did those white men use to think they were, invading lands and killing the locals?
Marlene Prokop
god bless you Pacific islanders💙 youre cultures are so fascinating and you are all so unique& beautiful!
I pray that you dont fade away, it Would be a big lost!
Austin Dill
I don't get how people are actually mad that they the world doesn't know every detail about their history
Saskia Sofia
i kind of understand these people. when i say that i'm half german, people automatically will say that that's not possible because i'm not tall, blonde, have blue eyes or fair skin. some people will even call me a nazi. most of them joke about it but it hurts my feeling, even if they don't really mean it.
then i say i'm half latina, they ask from where, i say brazil. people will say that brazil doesn't count as "being latina" (even though it does tho). also, some people wil immediately compare brazilian women to sluts. that upsets me.
Banana Bro671
671 anybody?
nice to have Chamorros being recognized. most Americans or even ppl from other parts of the world have no idea we even exist.
Samira S
Oh my God. The injustices of this world. I'm not crying. its onions
Paris p
Who else is P.I ? ❤
All I'm saying is that Hawaiians and Chamorros make the greatest food on earth
❤️ all the way from hawaii
Harry Hhhhjtfhn
hooka mooka leka laka
Fox Champk
FINALLY!! Samoa represent 👏
Francine_emma_videos Squishies are great
I live in Guam
Melino Liu
Love to the all Tongans out there!
Brooklyn Toleafoa
Natalie Tammad
Micronesian and Samoan :) Always gotta go on a 10 minute explanation of where my island is when I tell people no, I'm not Mexican...or Hawaiian!
megan kelley
I was also born in Guam
megan kelley
I live in Oahu Hawaii
giselle collazo
White people man
bella gutierrez
bella gutierrez
Project Create
Woah I so people in Pacific Islands don't get to vote? That's messed up.
Kealii Clapp
I love seeing the adding of Pacific Islanders to these BuzzFeed videos it makes me so happy
Cindy Luv roblox
I'm from New Zealand
Amiya Hansen
i grew up half white and half black, and i have had struggles like these. Someone came up to me and asked me, "Youre Mexican arent you?" so loud in class that everyone could hear him. I have been told i look Mexican, Porta Rican, Japanese etc. ppl have even told me that my hair is gross and thick because im white but black. And even after i explain to them my race they have the nerve to make a joke about it. Im so sorry you had to go through stuff like that too. (Honestly im pretty okay with these things, so ill still be ur friend if you say it once if you dont know better.)
Rodrigo P.
its not an old island
Amiya Hansen
i have never assumed anything of any race, mainly because i dont care, but just because idc doesnt mean im a bad person, i dont need to care about what race you are. We are all human.
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