What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know

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"I had to teach myself about myself" 

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Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants - December 17, 2006
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WrestleMania XXVlll
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Queen Lydia
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Australia and Oceania map
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Hawaiian tropics from canoe
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Voters including U.S. Senator George McGovern cast their ballots during the 1972 presidential elections.
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Full On-set Attention to Glamour Model - Wide
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Aerial view flying over hawaiian canoes towards beautiful green mountains and
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Portraits and photos
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Group of college students walk into building
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Hawaii island tiki lei polynesia waikiki honolulu oahu maui
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MONTAGE United States Marines marching on the battlefield and on the shore and riding in tanks and double exposure of soldiers and American flag / South Pacific
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MS POV AERIAL Single B17 dropping bombs
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1930s Black and White medium shot young women putting leis around sailors necks / Hawaii
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MS three female hula dancers standing together doing arm movements in unison / ocean in background / Hawaii
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Alisi Tulua
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Mele Ihara

Faith Perez
Where's all of my Filipino's??? Many people don't think Pacific Islander's are discriminated against, but we are! Be proud!
Rasta Nerd32
We're known as "others" in the world race.
Least spoken race of ALL TIME.
It must be so hard to live and breathe in the culture that is responsible of your people's demise 😟
Larissa Reyes
To me the Pacific Islander culture is very beautiful. It's really unique you won't find it some where else. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting a Pacific Islander myself, but i wish i could learn more about the culture hands instead of just the stuff i've read about online and in books.
Nesiannn Blue
Where are my Melanesians at? I'm just disappointed that Buzzfeed couldn't include us Melanesians into this video. We make up more than 50% of the population in the Pacific yet there is hardly any representation of us anywhere.
Anabelle Carrillo
Why do people have to be so rude and nosy
Gin n
Theres not only a place called Guam for Chamorros but there are places like Saipan , Tinian , and Rota , home to other Chamorros too. Saipan , Tinian , and Rota are the Marianas Islands together.
Yeah yeah privilege privilege racist blah blah blah didn't even have to watch the video. Think of something new, idiots.
Taimane Ulutu
L.O.V.A empire
any samoan kiwis round dis comment section???
Brooklyn Toleafoa
More polynesian videos please buzzfeed
TheReal ShouldIStay
The Hawaiins had a revolution dumass it wasnt just us buisness interests
Jason Sanchez
I'm half islander half Asian #saipan670!!!πŸ‡²πŸ‡΅πŸ‡²πŸ‡΅πŸ‡²πŸ‡΅
earl sagucio
eyyy southside 808
KennDaPurplePanda Kenn
This needs way more views, people need to know what goes on out there.
Gabriel Bazan
Not only have "white people" always been a tremendously horrible race, they have been tremendously horrible to everyone on this planet time and time again. History will continue to repeat itself.
champagne kay
for me being a samoan/african american, it's difficult finding videos where i feel represented. bless the samoan guy who is at the beginning of the video, i related to him on a personal level. πŸ˜‚
Ali The Hufflepuff
OMFG I'm crying
Brian Finlay
Talk about what the British and Americans did. But be sure not to mention the Japanese
BenjI Timu
Cringed when I saw "Asian Pacific Islander". Please, it's two different categories.
THe reason not mnay people know about you is because pacific islanders make up such a tiny percentage of the world popualtion, same thing happens with poeple living in any small country
Maleaha Khan
Do this with Alaskans!!!
Sway Hullena
I think it's great that they've done this but there are still so many pacific islands they didn't target like Fiji and Rarotonga and Maori people ( I would know I am Maori ) deal with this as well and our ancestors came from the pacific island Hawiki
Treasure C
I wonder what the world would be like if white people never colonized and fought over lands πŸ€”
I felt deep sadness for the lady who is concerned about the native Hawaiians fading out. It is horrible to know that one day, your race could become a mere mention in history instead of there on the map. Your traditions, food, and the rest of your culture gone. I feel for her.
Ha'Ani Mendiola
Omg yesss so relatable
I really understand what it is like to say "I'm from Guam", and nobody knows what that is
OMFG finally!!! Someone from Guam!!! Im Chamorro and no-one know where Guam is and it's so frustrating!!! I'm so fuckin happy!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Spiden
I base my knowledge of Tonga on Jonah Takalua
Bella Hernandez
The people of my country were all Pacific Islanders until we went through 400 years of colonization from 3 different countries. Now there's barely any natives left and most don't even know the culture anymore. 😞 That's really sad
Khalil Mishref
These people are so triggered XD
Jensen Shogam
I think of Moana when I hear Pacific Islander
Alana Babilonia
Please do one from Caribbean. At least the United States Colony and Territories. We are probably less known because there are so many different cultures, all within the same group of islands. I feel you guys because we've almost lost our culture completely for being the Key to the Americas. I'm puerto rican. We are The Last Colony. The rest are mere territories. I, personally have concerns about us (the islands) getting discarded for being so small. Anyway, the video would mean a lot.
Dee Toma
That's why you guys all should come to New Zealand where you find heaps of islanders lmao
I liked this... love from New Zealand ✌🏼✌🏼
Gianna heartgaming
How about New Zealand? We have lots of Maori culture here.
Alayna Rodgers
Update: my social studies teacher asked us about stuff we wanted to learn and I said the Polynesians or the Pacific islands as a whole since we never learn about it. In response she says, "Ugh, really, I mean, just watch Moana." And I gave her the dirtiest look I've ever given a teacher and I will never look at her the same way ever again.
imelda muchluv
Kobi Anderson
ilysfm and feel for you hawaii is my favourite most beautiful happy loving place in the world
Hory SuggDonuts
ya'll should just move to new Zealand.
Hory SuggDonuts
Hit Music
Morghan Simone
Id be devastated if i thought my people and their culture were not going to be in this world anymore. I would also be pissed if i lived in the Us involuntarily and then didnt even get to vote. And to know that my "fellow Americans" are killing me because we dont get the vaccines that they do? Id be at the white house BANGING on the door. This just mad me so mad. Someone needs to help them before theyre NOT HERE ANYMORE.
Dezirae Annamalia
Samoan power!!!
Galactic kitten
1:18 You missed Puerto Rico...
Maddie Hiller
Did you know Barack Obama is Hawaiian??
Alayna Davidson
ha! i do that. everyone's like "tonga? wtf is that? hawaii?" or when they have no idea i just say "umm.. think hawaiian..."
I wonder if they'll ever do a video on Filipinos.
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