Crazy Wolfgang
That's not a trail, it's the groove left by his balls
Stephanie T
Wow you're so brave, I would've been scared to death if i've seen those bears
Mark Bivens
I wouldn't go out in bear country unless I'm packing something that would kill a grizzly bear, I'd like to have a bear rug for my cabin lol. Wait till I get back to camp and bring out my 50cal from Afghanistan and end those bears lol.
I could smell the guys shit in his pants through the internet....
Steven Bryan
they are pushing you towards the den like the Wolves did in the movie "The Grey" lol. Glad those cubs didn't run up to you and give the momma reason to close the distance.
Draw a circle to protect your self
Kari Waska
Didn't know I could hold my breath that long. Thanks for the panic attack!
This guy was 50 ft (or less) away from death by mauling and he still didn't film vertically. There's no excuse for filming vertically.
Adrian Peterson
This is why you don't go hiking in bear country without a big fucking revolver
sketchart photo
#brave if that was me I would be running
Leper King
Let's see a parody video of this with Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th). LOL!!
Strong Rock
You got to thank God you are alive!
Chris Burgholzer
Literally the stuff of nightmares
George Firman
all they wanted was a picnic basket
Pretty cool
Mike H
I started cracking up when he was getting pissed at the Cubs lol
All you had to do is retreat off of the trail and let the bears fo on about their day. If you are going to be in bear country you really shouldnt be ignorant of what to do if you encounter a bear like the person in this video is. Or were you really more interested in getting 5 minutes of fame for the video?
Hez not walking. hez probably in some vehicle or other safe armour. but still taked balls to shoot this.
Carry a gun dipshit
Ron deezzee
Reminds me of jackass episode with the gorilla and babies. Lolo cubs juts wanna play and mom gonna eat you
Steel Bender
Has to always be some white dude
Alexandre Beyeler - BiodiversitΓ© avec Passion
Gamez Gambler
Who's watching your back though?
We almost never got to see this video πŸ˜‚
Job Level Wandy
You have nerves of steel! You did everything right! Great job. Whew!
hugh mcmenamin
why didnt u get off the trail, dummy?
karen Martinez
Why didn't you get off trail like you were instructed? Why would you follow these bears to the water after they lost interest in You?
Shawn Caney
Indy Kicks
I would've hit the fuckn jets
Tyler McNulty
I don't know how you were able to do that and not fall. All I did was bend down and fell right on into a creek on a hike
Scary stuff!!!!!....and we are going camping next week. Buying more bear spray, and bringing my guns.
yus bak
You totally screwed man...

ah no... he's fine, what a plot twist M.Night Shamaladindong
Rasta Lion
Where is DiCaprio when you need him?
Was his lucky day...
Demi God2k
Tbu my ass would have ran fuck Tha walking backwards slowly shit my ass would have looked like the flash
Demi God2k
Facts kyle that's what I was thinking too
So, what, stumble on this great encounter and can't keep the camera steady? Jesus...
Matthew Ortega
It looks a little fake
aditya sanjeev
If you look carefully, you can see coyote peterson hiding behind a tree with mark and mario.
Keith Bramstedt
He should have moved off the trail, the bears might not have followed him into the woods
"hoping someone else comes along from camp" lol, so they will eat them instead, haha!
i love these grizzly bears 🐻!
Exploring Abandoned Mines
This was very foolish, you should have exited the trail and left the area. This put yourself and the bears at risk. When bears get this habituated to humans they become problem bears and are often have to be put down. Likes on You Tube are not that important!
Taylor Gaston
Not easy to walk backwards with your butt puckered up
I would've shit bricks. Then fall and die.
Aaaaand this is why you don't go into the woods without a gun, especially not in ALASKA! Lmao you almost became those cubs first kill!
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