Tonight Show Family Feud with Steve Harvey and Alison Brie

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Steve Harvey hosts a special Tonight Show edition of Family Feud with Alison Brie, Jimmy and Steve Higgins of the Fallon family facing off against Questlove, Tariq and James of The Roots family.

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Tonight Show Family Feud with Steve Harvey and Alison Brie

Boyscout Reichard
shots fired
DRich M
Steve Harvey is funy as hell!! lol hahh
footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live
Steve Harvey💙💙
Gamerboy 14
4:39 steve throwing shade at jeopardy
Babydoll Hawaii
Hilarious !!!! Steve Harvey is awesome!!! So are u Jimmy !!!
Take Detour
Helen Clarke
I can't figure out whether Jimmy was being serious calling out Steve Harvey for saying James shouldn't be up there. Any thoughts?
jonathan love
2:35 #Baby69
I would fuck Allison Brie so fucking hard
John the fanboy
No moshing, no croud surfing; I'm surprised
My own boss
6:39 was the part that drove me crazy hahahahahahaha
Ashley Bailey
My two fave shows collide!
Justin White
Quest Love looking a bit upset that Steve is attacking his boy lol
scars joker
black vs white
A King In My Own Mind
The GLORIOUS irony of Steve Harvey calling Thought our for doing a chicken commercial and saying "Don't do that to US no more..." LMAO.

Chickens coming home...they always seem to come home.
Danail Ivailov
5:26 steve looking at some boobss
Chaitanya Reddy
I am disappointed that no one said bitch when the question was Whats a nickname you might call your spouse
Steff Amestica
Steve with no tie on??? No shiiiiit....😮
Fallen Angel
Man, Allison looked hooooot in this video.
Sabrina Besh
This was obviously stage 🙄
Leo Von-Kraven
He was thinking boo boo kitty fuck from Jay and Silent Bob. XD
Lord Aku
tarik is wearing a suit under a jacket? whats the point might as well just wear a t shirt
Jordan Garcia
5:28 steve be staring
Jake Alimam
what is dear, steve? 😂
Random guy On YouTube
Lol he checked her boobs he didn't like them 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sarah Britton
family feud fail. no unsaid answers shown. these guys are hilarious! love y'all
Nikki Keller
Jimmy running into frame to tell Steve they cheated was too cute
I need more Steve Harvey in my life lool
That was fun, but i wish Alison had participated more.
5:25 - 5:28 anyone see that fly? Steve probably saw it
Ming Chang
No one ever takes out their phones at concerts now? My ass. This segment was written by 40 year olds
Donut brown
Blonde what?
Joshua Kirubagaran
"Yep! That's what you said!"- Right after he said 'Get Drunk' HAHAHA xD
Why is that guy wearing sunglasses indoors.....
Johnny Cash
Nobody wanted to watch the black people play bruhhh like I was trying to see what Alison had to say
Pony Princess
PHILLY IN THE HOUSE. #215 #northphilly
King Sora
That one lady as soon as he said drink 😂😂
Who is that chick Allison? She's cute!
BooBoo Kitty 😂
Power Glove
Steve Harvey is a goofy toothed buffoon.
Tommy Williams
Fast forward can you say Met with The Clown In Cheif. That definitely set us back lol couldn't resist. We live and we learn.
That's right. You doin' it right. Ain't no family feud without Steve Harvey!
im totally in love with alison brie. not only was she on community, she looks like a hot version of my "school" wife from grad school <3
Fiona Chen
Whenever I watch the real family feud I can only think of Kenan Thompson's face.
Another nickname would be "bunny"
Marc Maravillas
"What is dear?"
kemar Brown
fatz joe
what's deer steve
Valerie Toure
Whoop! Whoop! The RoOOo👀oOots 😊
reply if your name is also alison
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