Benedict Cumberbatch -- Behind-the-Scenes of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

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Benedict Cumberbatch -- Behind-the-Scenes of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, talking about the creative process and a sneak peek into what went into making Smaug himself.

Pissing myself laughing. He looks ridiculous. XD
Rob McQueen
His and Martin Freeman's performances were THE best parts of the trilogy! Smaug's voice actually scared me and gave me goosebumps!
I just realized. He has the Superman haircut
Beyond Alternate
I laughed this entire video

Ben is fucking amazing tho
Jackson had pictures of Smaugg yet made a damn drake...
LT Channel
no shit sherlock :v
Jolie Carroll
I never get old of watching this video. It's so inspiring, the way he dominates Smaug, encompasses the character so fully, so masterfully...Truly inspiring. A testament to the incredible acting prowess that is Benedict Cumberbatch.
Good thing he's not a method actor...
Joel Myers
Peter talking about smaug as such a deep different character makes me think about what stellar movies the Hobbit could have been 😞😕
Cherise HyduPerez
Absolutely wonderful.
Matthew van Tonder
Knock knock
Who's there?
Doctor who?
No, doctor Strange

I stole this joke ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Alessandra Forman
Oh my god I would cringe so hard trying to act this scene out LMAO
Osmosis Jones
The camera men should win an Oscar for not laughing
well thieff ..... I smell you , I hear your breathh , I feellll your aiiiirr . Where are u ? Hmm ? Wheeere are youuuuuuuuu
Jeff W
aww, why did the vid end abruptly like that? :c(
The voice is particularly enthralling.
Parsa Dorbeigi
Not many people can crawl around in a skintight suit covered in little white balls and still look cool.
Alex Smith
That is creepy as fuck actors are the weirdest people ever
klaatu baradaNIKTO
classic foreplay
asfandyar suleman
The voice that made me love this actor and watched all movies and dramas, 9:18 "so tell me, underling"
derric hyde
incredibly overacted lol
i need to know all the steps they took to create his voice at 14:30 that was amazing.
frizel francis
this reminded me of sheldon cooper😕
Nicolas Deldon
Merci Mikael J ;)
Anastasios Vlaidis
smaug talking was one of the best things in the entire trilogy..!
14:47-15:02 yes yup yeah yup yup yeah yeah right right yeah yeah right right right right right yeah
Jofkin Holmes
Sherlock tried to eat Baggins.
Hulla Baloo
so basically the first two recordings weren't used coz they needed it re-done after they realized that smaug needs to move his mouth when speaking?
Eddy Arnold
wow... fantastic voice... an amazing process.
Fucking actors
what a performance! his imagination is beyond measures
It's absolutely fascinating to watch him truly in his element -- and inspiring, even though I'm not an actor.
6:45 did they.............. 3D render his dick...............................
8:24 did he seriously made that sound with his voice only?! WOW
Benefit Cucumbersnatch is hilarious.
Ivan Nikitin
From Holmes and Watson
To Smaug and Bilbo
To Dr.Strange and Everett Ross
Raphael Baumann
The eyes on this dude 8:32 go like.....What The F... did i just watch!!!
If Strange had done this in front of Dormammu, he would not need to bargain.
D Carlo
that dude at 8:33 actually believes he is smaug
Who the fuck is Benderim Cucumbersnatch?
It's kinda hilarious the most awkward, dorkiest nicest guy plays the most powerful, terrifying psychopath in the film!
Severus Versus
Schimaug :P
don't know why i'm watching this again, but he's so fucking talented.
giorgi tatarashvili
God damn genius
MarisuZ -
Is his voice in some way modified by the microphone?
He sounds amazing
Where is Benedict's oscar?
Molly Francis
I started crying when he was throwing himself around on the carpet... 😭😂 5:33
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