Curt Christensen
arguing with laci green is a lot like arguing with a toddler. not much point to it.
Did it feel good though?
Vern Passmore
It is interesting that many youtubers I follow that are anti SJW are survivors of sexual abuse, I am too, and I appreciate your story, and I chose to not be a feminist because people who had no experience where speaking for me and saying what I needed, which was apparently be a victim forever, good advice on the self defense, I used to go in the woods and practice throwing knives lol, when you are more confident to defend yourself I think predators can recognize that as well. :)
lolguy trolguy
I'm looking for a ricegum reference in the comments 😂
You never got raped unless it was proven in a court of law faker.
Bryan Lightningrod
If you are gay or a tranny you deserve to get raped by another lgbtq+*&^%$#@ queer. Quit pretending you didn't like it, just so you can get sympathy on youtube.
cowley robin
I wish i could be raped.
Kamilla Iqbal
Sorry you experienced that. It's sick. I haven't been raped but I've been molested.
Thats srsly fucked up and all but im still thinking about that raging meat spin that was going on lol
Ellisar Atranimus
This is why my dad taught my sister martial arts... she could kick all us boys' asses.
You’re one of the strongest people i know ❤️
Kobra Team
how d fuck you all get raped i am not falling to some stories on youtube i am not defending those who did that shit but how d fuck...
The Narrator
i would bet those experiences are the main reason you "are trans"
MariaArra Bells
Keep being just as you are! I agree 100% that everyone processes emotions and just life differently, we shouldn’t judge others on how they deal. I agree with everything you said, I’m a rape survivor too. I was only 12. But it changed my life, and because my rapist was never put in jail or punished for what he did I lived with that fear for 16+ years. It was reported, I wound up in the hospital. My rapist left me on the curb by the ER covered in a blanket naked, and a nurse found me on her break, if she hadn’t found me I don’t know if I’d be here, thats how bad he beat me. But he left the state and only came back once to threaten me. He had my ID, my address everything! It was scary as hell. But eventually I moved to a different state and although I understand NOW you can t run from your problems I was finally able to actually deal with it and move forward within myself. My rape wasn’t something I talked about a lot either so it was something I dealt with alone.
I appreciate this video so much, you dont hear a lot of people talk about what they learned and how they processed it, all you hear is people playing the victim. And I’m not trying to trash on anyone, but I do agree 100% that victimhood is something that you choose. I definitely appreciate hearing how others deal and move forward because believe it or not it helps a lot. Sometimes thinking about what happened to me even today brings up a lot of emotions. And I’m 34 now, and feel fine talking about it but its just nice to know others are out there and have dealt with things similarly to myself or even just knowing your not alone. Thank you for another great video!
Aaron Porter
The thing where it takes time to process stuff happens to me to, it's just so strange it make me less human in some kind of way, but it does eventually hit and I lose my mind.
Im the only one of three kids not to have been molested/ raped which is fucking depressing and makes me want to curb stomp the people that did it. And If I did? I wouldn't care they got what they deserve for pretty much destroying my siblings childhood and life.
Warrior 0000000
I'm a criminal profiler and your eyes say your lying sorry honey but your full of shit.
judging for your body that is not a big surprise
Nice try but I know that's not a lamp, blaire
im asiaj
inquisitor 717
Wow!!! Are these people for real!? Do they actually live there life threw youtube. It's very entertaining to watch but i feel abit sorry for these people, they seem to think there life is some kind of public show, it's a real life soap opera.
Jihad Joe
J Fulkerson
Why is this anyone’s business
It's amazing that Laci Green brings up how much it impacted her that Sargon questioned her story (which he never did) and yet she pulls this crap in this case doing the exact thing she claims hurt her. Horrible.
septic me
What you said about 'victimhood is a choice'. Completely agree that it's a choice whether you carry yourself as a victim or not for the rest of your life but sometimes to get over a trauma it's better to wallow in that mindset for a little. That way when you've felt all the pain you can feel from the traumatic event the recovery process is much easier.
You look stunning in this video Blair. You are a very wise young woman. Remain a victim? No. I became the Victor. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

It has been over 25 years since my rape; and the circumstances of that, and the ensuing re traumatizing at the hands of many others, caused a deep crack in my well being that has never fully sealed. But what you say about lessons learned is key. The biggest lesson I've learned is to stop obsessing over what I COULD HAVE DONE to get out of the situation.
It was not my fault. I said no over 100 times. That should have been enough. I know others do the same. You have to stop blaming yourself. Love to ALL survivors.
Joseph Stalin
Nice man tits
Tara Wu
Thank you for sharing this i can only imagine how hard it was to make this video,It actually has helped me learn to overcome the a violence i went through for 10years with my ex husband and left him 6mths ago and how to heal from the situation and all struggles with the aftermath
Dragon Slayer Ornstein
I wouldn't even rape you. And that's a compliment.
H Aureus
once again, you are so inspirational.
Thumbnails switch on my youtube so I saw a thumbnail of MundaneMatt and the text "I WAS RAPED"
kim d
so a gay man raped you?
Wynn Gwynn
Also, you're lucky. If you were someone else (like me) they'd say "Well what did you do to get raped" or call you a "Slut" because you have to be a slut to be raped or nearly ANY OTHER insult I've heard when people want to hurt you. Good for you that you never experienced that, but fuck you for saying that victimhood is a choice and rape culture doesn't exist. Just because you don't experience doesn't mean others don't. I know someone that had to drop out of school because her rapist's friends would gang up and call her names whenever she went to class etc. "SLUT!" So uh yeah. Rape culture exists.
Wynn Gwynn
You cannot say just because you were raped you know what other rape victims experience. Great you got over it in some ways, but some people suffer PTSD (that they can't control), depression and other things that can have a dramatic impact even if they wish that it wouldn't. This is dangerous to paint all rape victims with a broad brush.
Soviet jerry Mouse
I still don’t understand what “rape survivor” means like you won’t die from rape
Hot Item
many people have had to deal with the IRS. hang in there.
Elian Herrera
I missed you, man...

Carlina Crimson
I was raped too, but the majority of the people I have told have blamed me. It’s happened literally 5 times, and I’ve also been groped multiple times and most of those were in a church of all places. I’m glad you aren’t scared of men anymore, though. I’m sad that I can’t say the same
Azerina M.
3:27 .. No truer words have ever been spoken.
thank you for sharing an open mind about this subject. when I share my experience with rape, people always act so disgusted that I don't feel sorry for myself or that I don't feel angry about it anymore. I did at one time, but I told myself to move past it and that I shouldn't worry anymore. I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere being so afraid and angry about something I had no control over. I did feel betrayed because it was someone I loved at the time, but I toughened myself up and got through it and just took it as a lesson. same with when I was a kid, my cousin violated me on MULTIPLE occasions when I was really small, but I had no control over it and it wasn't my fault so I felt no need to be angry. I will say I get scared of being alone now, especially at night, but I now know to defend myself in those instances. I can say that I am confident in myself now, and that it will never happen again. thank you for sharing such a personal, intimate window into your life. the memories can be the worst part of it. but eventually even they fade. love you, Blaire. 💜
Zeigfreid Xavier
At this rate every god damn woman in America is going to scream rape and sexual assault. 2017 will go down as the year rape and sexual assault lost it's significance and genuine victims will go further into hiding.
dzesi dzesi
I hope the bastard is in jail
Matt Petersen
im not trying to be an asshole but how?
@Blaire White - So beautiful and so Hypocritical … let me say what you are not saying with your mouth, but you are saying with your appearance and your body language … All you learned is that you want more actually … of course not brutal rape but, but the one that gives impression of rape and still it's not the rape … what is it called … extra excitement … and all women are just dreaming about that … however, only few would openly admit to that.

Oh, and by the way, you are right, it's not self-pity video, its promotional video, a longing for more excitements … effing excitements, and they are sooooo ….

Of course, all above is just my impression … based on abundance of experiences with natty knotty girls that like fooling around … and are sexy just like you
Big Z Dawg Illegal
Click baity attention whore. Being popular just because of being conservative and trans.
Jack Kemp
Also fuck youtube!
Jack Kemp
Love you Blaire! Sorry to hear about this happening to you... MAGA
Ashley Y
Were you raped because you are a nazi?
Why is he so desperate to prove he's a woman?
Gambit Godsey
I found this cousin "it" theme song.
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