''It isn’t a game.'' Chris Wallace and Shep Smith tear into Trump’s troubling actions

Chris WallaceShep SmithDonald Trump

Chris Wallace and Shep Smith on Friday were perplexed by the recent developments in the ongoing Donald Trump/James Comey saga, with the hosts noting the president’s actions only serve to erode the trust of the American people

The pair discussed the stunning exchange between Reuters reporter Jeff Mason and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer; during that back and forth, Spicer declined—three times—to say Trump is not secretly recording conversations in the Oval Office.

“When I heard that exchange today between Jeff Mason and Sean Spicer, speaking from the podium in the briefing room for the president of the United States, it took my breath away,” Wallace said.

“That was what in Watergate they called a ‘non-denial, denial,’” he added.

Wallace said it’s possible Trump is simply “trolling the press corp, and working them into a frenzy about all this,” adding, “but, why would he do that? Why would he want to decrease the credibility—which is already in question—of this White House.”

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