''It isn’t a game.'' Chris Wallace and Shep Smith tear into Trump’s troubling actions

Chris WallaceShep SmithDonald Trump

Chris Wallace and Shep Smith on Friday were perplexed by the recent developments in the ongoing Donald Trump/James Comey saga, with the hosts noting the president’s actions only serve to erode the trust of the American people

The pair discussed the stunning exchange between Reuters reporter Jeff Mason and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer; during that back and forth, Spicer declined—three times—to say Trump is not secretly recording conversations in the Oval Office.

“When I heard that exchange today between Jeff Mason and Sean Spicer, speaking from the podium in the briefing room for the president of the United States, it took my breath away,” Wallace said.

“That was what in Watergate they called a ‘non-denial, denial,’” he added.

Wallace said it’s possible Trump is simply “trolling the press corp, and working them into a frenzy about all this,” adding, “but, why would he do that? Why would he want to decrease the credibility—which is already in question—of this White House.”

The only guys on Fox News with any courage. Brett Baier is good, too. I used to be a conservative. Never again.
Slim Arkane
You don't even have to give the man the rope, he is making his own damn rope to hang himself...
Fox News will continue to lose Rating because of Chris Wallace and Shep Smith...OOPs I guess not they have a huge following who love how they report.... Democrats ..the left..Hollywood! outa here..Feel like I am watching CNN..MSN...Its just that every thing out there is totaly Hate. from the left. .. and we have to put up with the same o same o Bull
An idiot and a Fag cutting down our President Trump!
J. Muller
If Comey did write the memo in Feb. why did he wait till he was fired In May to say something and if Pres. Trump did do what he says and Comey didn't report it to the AG he is the one that broke the law.
James Dee
Americans...you guys are being deliberately distracted and in the end will be completely blindsided. Whatever is coming...you wont see until its too late
Tara Rose
Chris Mathews is a hateful bigot and puppet to NWO
They guilty as sin. So they feel embattled and nervous. All because of the orange five year old with zero impulse control.
So expect more blunders, more cris-crossed lines, more loopy tweets, and so I say stock up on popcorn and stay-tuned.
North Pole-emics
As a Canadian I have no dog in this fight...although living in Southern Ontario I am almost surrounded by your country so I am affected, the entire WORLD is affected, by what happens in the U.S and lemme tell ya the prestige and authority of your Government is in clear jeopardy under this administration. You are quickly becoming the laughingstock of the world and that is truly sad. Partisanship has NO place here...Dem, Republican or independent you guys need to act in the best interests of your storied institutions and rich history or the world will remember this...and ONLY this for a very, very long time.
Those two are the best at Fox. Fair-minded and logical. Props to both Smith and Wallace
Sivanesan Nadarajah
Chris Wallace is a veteran at this and if he is shocked then America better pay heed..........
Emilia Kaplan
Trump objects leaking to the American taxpayers who pay his bills and his family but says it's OK to leak to the Russians
Golden Wizard
Fake news retards.
Everything that TRUMP accused Hillary of, lying and corruption, he himself is more guilty of. FUCKING HYPOCRITE!
Lew McCorvey
I am a common sense son of a WW2 22 yr Navy vet born on a Navel base , raised with no BS . When I tell my two teenage daughters " You do not want to lose my trust" and months later I tell them both , " I don't trust either of you " That is hard to say , but its a must . This President cannot be trusted at his word , that simple , and that is hard to say , really at this point , its sad to say, its not . Now i sit back and watch the comedians tell the truth, at least I can laugh with them, with our President , at him .
Richard Garner
Trump is a GD moron. I wish he would just go away. You can fire me. Want to talk to me? Call me. You know where I am.
Thank god for Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, basically some of the only sane and morally sound Fox News anchors left.
While I hate this....there is one good thing brewing. The majority of Americans are either democrats or some type of independents. This idiot is motivating, otherwise idle Americans, to finally get involved in the election process. The sad truth is we, as a country, have one of the lowest turn outs in the world for congressional elections and presidential elections. For example, I have never voted for a congress member or senator. I am not proud of this, but it is true. This disaster of a president has motivated me to really get involved. I will be never again neglect to vote in any election! Republicans have always planned on lazy voters like myself to not show up. Hell, they have even bragged about it (its on tape)....Well, they are in for a rude awaking come the next election cycle. Now, there is a serious problem, a very serious problem, this idiot could do some serious damage to the country in the meantime. We can only hope whatever he does is repairable.

I have to say, never really agreed with the Republicans or Democrats. I don't like "Parties" but I have always thought, at a minimum, each would always put National Security first. Sadly, Republicans are not doing that. They choose to defend him at every turn, despite all the evidence and incompetence . I mean come on people!!!! We are talking about TREASON here. This has gone so far beyhond Republicans/Democrat bullshit....... What the hell happened to "AMERICA FIRST"?????

The response from the Republican/Trumpies makes me sick (honestly). They are putting country aside and choosing to defend party. Shameful!

As your wannabe dictator Trump would say, "SAD".
The Dog Tutor
if Comey recorded their conversation, he's in big shit
...while mass media continues with the speculation news...if...if...if...if
The Cassius Morris Show
Did Chris Wallace just say "trolling"?
Weezy Wesley
what a joke... ridiculous
Don Peterson
attack by the mentally questionable deep state protecting there control of the average person life and liberty
To everybody whining that Wallace is supposedly a "liberal" voice...doesn't Fox claim to be fair and balanced? If Fox has an "it's unimportant, just ignore it" stance, it's just an echo chamber until you have another person say, "well, what if?".

No one but Trump and Comey truly knows exactly what happened, so all we have to go on is the evidence we currently have, and our interpretation of it. Think of it like a trial; both the accused and the accuser have the right to speak. A juror that plugs their ears because they don't like or automatically dismiss every word one party speaks doesn't hear the whole story, and can't be considered reliable. You don't have to change your mind about something, but unless you're open to actually listen to the other side with an open mind, you're choosing to be ignorant.

Also, Wallace is a republican conservative; he's not magically a liberal democrat because you disagree with what he's saying.
J. Muller
Wish Fox would fire these two dem. hacks.
aX Rapture
republican in defensive...
Wow! A
t 4:05, Trump calls his own letter to comey a Lie!
These two men are the only respectable, credible, decent thing FOX news has going for it. Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are American Heroes at time when we are lacking men who stand up for truth, regardless of party politics. I have been a republican voter for 16 years, and this is the first time in my life I have doubted the party in all aspects. With men like Trump and Paul Ryan representing us, I am filled with embarrassment. I know we have better men than this to represent our values and beliefs, instead of tearing apart the legacies left to us by our RESPECTABLE republican presidents over the last century. Nearly every policy they have ripped apart was brought to us by OUR REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS. The last four months have been a sad mockery of our great party. But it isn't broken beyond repair, as long as men like Wallace and Smith continue to insist on keeping discussions focused on fact and reality. Party Politics should never come before country, We are making the same mistakes liberals have made for years, putting policy before people.
David Szakacs
This is hilarious. Throughout the campaign, these Fox News jackasses ate Trump's shit with a spoon on a daily basis and NOW, they criticize him! Were they THAT stupid to believe his bullshit promises? Too bad.
Is there any way we can send Trump back up the escalator?
Grant Durnin
Chris Wallace is making a lot of sense in questioning the situation Trump has put himself in. He is worth listening to but I'm not sure the others at FOX are worthy. When this is over, Fox is going to look like a news agency that got it wrong except for Chris Wallace.
Jon Hulka
It's Sean Spicer being careful what he says because the president might come out tomorrow and cut his feet out from under him.
m beginization
In Watergate it was shown their is a audio device so why is he acting dumb
Bora Sener
Does this guy really work for FOX ? Is this some alternate universe I am watching ? someone please pinch me I am freaking out.
this is exactly what russia wanted. complete and utter distrust in the WH and democracy.
b m
turn this queer fucker off !
Zero Zero
What has Trump to say about all this? "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" No reflection on his mistakes, no remorse, no self observation its all the fault of the others again - typical narcissism.
Zero Zero
The "game" is gross incompetence - this is obvious
Advocate For A TYT Canada
Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc, Times running out, Mr Trump!!!
I would not run for President because I don't feel I'm knowledgeable enough. But even I saw his train crashing months ago. Fucking moron.
Nart ali
here you go a one honest man on fax what a little effort to look fair bullshit wallace is the only one on fox who discussed the matter as a serious matter fox and friends look now so dumb just to cover trumps ass
Jon Brewer
Ham fisted crap management seems to be the POTUS's only skill set.
Jon Brewer
Maybe he has early onset dementia. He is a septuagenarian. Unfit to serve any way you cut it.
Hal Jordan
the fag,and old hag
Trump is responsible for all his own troubles. He, himself, has been the origin of every negative story about him.
Joe Mamma
The Orange Goblin proves time and time again just how DUMB he is. He is literally sabotaging his own presidency and it's amazing to watch him blame everyone else but himself. He is truly a man-child if there ever was one.
dont talktome
the trump administration is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Shavonda Campbell
Hey Trump Voters is this "FAKE NEWS TOO???" I mean after all it is on Fox😂😂😂
Fox Facts: Only on Sundays
artiste soundbox
best soap ever
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