Plus-Size Women Re-Create Playboy Covers

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EveryBODY is sexy in their own way!

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Model: Abia
Model: Kelsey Rose

Dryad Cupcake
My eyes
Imogen MSP
Sheridan was just peng
I want the jazzmyne cover so bad its sickkk
Rosa Lina
Wow! These girls actually did amazing! I've seen other photoshoots they've done and they all turn These photos actually came out gorgeous! Especially the carmen electra one!
Vanessa Lechuga
Wow they all look stunning
tbh plus size woman look more beautiful than skinny woman to me.
Hannah Banana
Omg Kristen has lost soooo much weight. GOOD ON HERπŸ˜‡πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ❀️
rett butler
This is a great video on why people should not let themselves be the same size as a whale.
roaar tiger
Kristin looks different to me
SomaNoir DesolateWorld
the plus-size photos looks better than the originals
I absolutely love watching people with body confidence as I have very little. I'm quite overweight for my height but and am very insecure about it but cudos to them for being so confident!! my only issue is that a few of the women misuse the word "curvy" to describe themselves. Curvy is when your body ratio creates a curve, hence curvy. But, these women, all save for one, are very overweight. one of them, I can't remember who, is very close to being curvy. it was the one who did the electra one... but anyways, aside from that, I am so happy these women have the confidence to recreate such iconic playboy women.
Ariana Grande Boca
I'm so confused is this boldly or buzzfeed?!?
Jade Henderson
I love Kristen so much tbh.
Johanna Bard
Kristen looks so cute in this video!
Alyssa Prillwitz
I absolutely love all the pictures taken of the girls than I do the models. They look way sexier and more real
Dr.Magic 2003
4:02 Yep. You can think whatever you want to about yourself. But like I said in another of my comments, that doesn't give you the ability to force other people into thinking the same way you do.
Dr.Magic 2003
3:03 Mhm. Make of yourself what you will. Just remember that that doesn't give you the ability to force other people into thinking you're sexy.
Dr.Magic 2003
1:51 Yep. Some just more-so than others ;)
Dr.Magic 2003
0:51 Nope. But all those things matter :)
Denying that is just arrogant.
Mr. RandomPedestrian
there is a reason there is no plus sized play-boy models, its because no one wants them.
Mr. RandomPedestrian
Abby's Beanie boos
the girls were better than the playboy's because the women aren't fake and different sizes
Shenshah Malik
This is horrible
Victoria Lime
I love all the body positive things y'all do but there's never anyone with stretch marks all over their stomach. I think it'd be a cool video to incorporate someone who does just to get another point of view
Breeza betts
Well I thought that " plus size " women are hawt =3
Jo Beauty
This video make me so happy!! Because I think I'm one of those there never is being beautiful! Thanks!!
AG awesomeness
all of the w ones were better
Sunny Verke
the last one with the guitar looked better than the original!!
Lady sauce
ok but, why are they prettier than the actual original models like πŸ”₯πŸ’«πŸ’–
Andrea Leaff
They all came out so good
Isabella Johnson
sexy is not a size!!!
Heather Hjertstedt
I cant believe someone actually
kristen isn't bad looking because of her weight, i just dont particularly like the look of her face.
Machado hell
I think I just threw up.
Basic Bella
theres a difference between curvy and fat
That Lesbian chick
I godda say they are WAYYYY hotter than the originals
Bae that likes kpop
they do so many videos with overweight ppl but what about the underweight people,,, I love the "every shape is beautiful"message but I feel like it's only normal weight and overweight but underweight girls get overlooked,,,
Gabby Tobar
Slay honey slay
Tumblrgirl CC
OMG you are all so beautiful! This is so inspiring!πŸ˜„
playboy always reminds me of Kim kardashien
Karen Karen
kristen's hair looks so pretty omg
Kristin's hair looks great with texture. Sheridan and Abia should model, they have the bone structure down. You are all lovely ladies. Own it!
Slay_ Bae
This is disgusting. Why do they call them "Curvy" they are just fat. The last girl that is what you call Curvy.
1 more thing they are obese. Instead of dressing up whales in bunny outfits that doesn't go together
Gorillaz Fan
Jazzmyne is so beautiful!
Shayna carey
Slay ladies slay 😍😍 tbh I like their photos much more than the originals, they all look much more natural and beautiful! Plus you could tell they felt good because they looked good it shows all over their faces!
wait did buzzfeed change their name?
Jaleah Allen
all of them are super hot
linden s
Love this.
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