Plus-Size Women Re-Create Playboy Covers

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EveryBODY is sexy in their own way!

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Model: Abia
Model: Kelsey Rose

They look like fat pigs. Disgusting and dangerously unhealthy.
Quinn Rogers
Feminism is dead
tom tommy
Carmyn Nightshade
Dude!!! Kristin!!! You looking goooood girl!!! All the women look great, please don't think I'm not saying that but I just noticed and I know she won't see it but you look great girl!
Creepypasta Town
These women are so amazing and I'm proud of all the plus size women out there who are brave
Adriana Lopez
Sheridan!! 😍
I love all the girls,, but Kristen is the best! I love her so much!
Reggie Kray
Wow, does Stephen hawking and Neil degrass tyson design u fat sluts clothing cause u would need some serious mathamatics to calculate the curvature every 100miles of ur morbidly obese putrid bodies
Ronnie Kray
The only things you fat pigs will attract is an asteroid cause your fat asses gravitational pull distorts the orbit of everything in our solar system
Ronnie Kray
The only curves I see here is a curvature of space time cause you fat pigs are causing a gravitational disturbance of space
Silentsilver 0
Jazz my wife and Sheridan, rock on!!!
Shantazia James
omg great.
Jessica drew
Fat much ?
Ria Parris
loved this video. fresh concept
please stop inspiring people to have obesity like being plus size has health risks so y'all "feminists" fist search what being fat can do to u before talking
I have a secret crush on jazz
Sugar pop The Bunny
Rude comment scan be prepared!
mouse art
I think they look better than the covers
Cameron Hagon
I love being a woman. don't ever listen to the "can't" and you can't cause your a woman. You can do whatever you want. when my mom was 10 she was homeless and she built tents and fires and survived for 5 years all by herself.
Angelina Finelli
all of you look so beautiful and in my opinion way better than the play boy magazine cover girls you are so empowering to me and my friends thank you for making these videos and keep on doing what your doing
milky moo
why is everything about fatasses
Ellie X
That girl is not curvy she's fat, you wouldn't b plus size if you were curvy.
Aurora Andrew
Sheridan is Killin it
Roxy The wolfcat
Still hot
bethany ramsey
I don't understand why recreating a prostitues photo is empowering in anyway...
Lisa Lisa
tbh honest; Skinny is cute, but plus size is hot 🔥😍
Puppy Cat
Anime Trash
I actually find these girls more sexy than the actual ones, because they're confident enough to put there body's out to the internet when there in a body that's not a lot of cultures ideal
Vivian Laing
Is it just me or should Jazzmyne be a hot topic model? That would be beautiful
Emma Johnson
All sexy
they all look sooooooo good
Hei C
Don't judge me for my body... (Judges men on their body)
Lea Sanches
Shut up sheridan
There is nothing sexy aboute fat women trying to be sexy...
I believe in body positivity to an extent, but when your size is a danger to your health and impacts on your quality of life, you should work to become healthy. If you are healthy, then be happy with your body. If you are overwieght or underweight to the point that is impactful to your life, then you need to work to get better, not just accept it in the name of 'body positivity'.
Mich 1404
whoever thought this was a good idea is an absolute moron
Adam Manering
There is a difference between curvy and fat. I understand that their trying to use a different word other than fat to help there self-esteem. But don't get me wrong in some cases u can use curvy in some bigger women but not that big
Ricky Spanish
DAMN!!! Look at those beautiful sea cows. Nature is truly amazing
Jazzy Baskin
I liked everyone's pics except for Kristens
Carle Gomez
you all look so pretty!!
Ideldoofer 67
All of u looked so amazing!
Moon Walker
Diana Lis
Sheridan <3
yo i can't be the only one that thinks jazz is sexy af!!
Elise Vellekoop
Can I just say that Sheridan's version is better than the original? I love how her photo turned out!
•Schleich animal lover•
Honestly, in the thumbnail Sheridan looks better then the girl on the left
Janalie Tang
abia looks better than the original
Lynn Lee
Kristin omg u look different your HAIR!!!
Jessica AF
Jazzmyne is so beautiful😍 I have the biggest crush on her🙈🙊
Sumedha Sharma
they all looked wow
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