Rihanna Unfollows Nicki Minaj on Instagram and Follows Remy Ma

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►Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj Beef: Remy Ma just realesed a diss song called Sheter to Nicki Minaj. Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj Beef Shelter Aftermath.

►Nicki Minaj Responds to Remy Ma ShEther: Nicki Minaj Challenges Remy Ma to respond in 72 hours and offers 500k

►Nicki finally responded to Remy Ma, and she enlisted the help of Lil Wayne and Drake to sweeten her revenge. She released three diss tracks, on Thursday: "No Frauds", "Changed it", and “REGRET IN YOUR TEARS"-- the last of which, addressing her split from Meek Mill. She went from no songs to three songs in one night, and they're all gaining traction. Meanwhile, Remy spit over a Nas beat, so she's apparently not getting much in the way of coins. Nicki feels sentimental (and possibly a little patronizing) and told the Terror Squad queen that she'd give her a half a million dollars if she drops a hit and books a show, in 72 hours.

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The Querulist
Song at the end of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqYg7kxtzt8
Link to all videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIti6Qdqyf8kotOAIx9P5GULr1Aw84w4a
Lol your video seems legit but nicki minaj is following rihanna but rihanna not following her
Goldie Love
now she rockn the Remy signature hair. smh Nicki ain't got no creative style. fuckn swagga jacker. can't stand her over arrogant ass.
Dolly K
It took you 1:30 just to show that she unfollowed Nicki???
King Javonique
Nicki so sexy but that hair childish lol .
Amoy Blake
ofc rihanna is following Nicki minaj only thing is that it's not her real page
Self-made Uneake
If I was Nicki I wouldn't give two shit who un follows me or who doesn't like me and laugh my sss off
Oumer Hab3shi
she should be labeled as a porn star. fake ass bitch
Naomi Sparks
Yeah all this drama omg can we go back to the good times. This too much my
angelo trajano
so fake body dirty black pussy, satan fuck u evil ......
Laysiaa Maraj
Respect My Rasta
Nicki is the real MVP!!!!!!!!
Maria Tee
drake seems ....responsible.
Teresa Barrett
too much weave! I hope it's a wig ,how you sleep in that, she popping the hell out that gum 😂
why was she walking saying "oh god" and smacking her lips.. 🤔😑😂 she always seem uptight and annoyed.
The Revolution won't be televised
neither one is Africa American fuck this fuckery
Krissy Norman
thtz why ??? is Nikki okky.
did anyone notice her walk..them injections cutting her walk off😂😂😂😂😂 i sometimes wonder do they really look at themselves
Nell 1206
She is such a b*...reason I don't like her. Not because of Remy but because of her. I always loved Remy though soooo...and she can't dance.
Kai Rod
Nicki is bad!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 💋💋💋. Haters Hate thats what dey do... Like she said she got half a mill for remy to go do shows w/o mention to her name.... Waiting.....
Yelly Yellez
Lmao ugh this is cringey bitch is walking like she is the shit flippin her hair with garbage bag on
cattleya z
WTF is she wearing
The one.
Too Perfect
Tremendous Long inches of weave, transparent jackets with a leather bodysuit & a broad who can't keep a man, who also makes stiff ass twerk videos lol😂😂😂😂 Y'all idolize that girl?
ghost dagreat9
nick supreme
Hahaha this has actually been watched 76k times despite the headline clearly revealing the fact that this is mindless, meaningless nonsense, reminds me of the "rip journalism" joke when katy perry unfollowed russel brand on twitter
David Rodriguez
LOL why is she wearing a shower curtain for
she's wearing gift wrap lol
Um where does it mention it at I see nothing about Rihanna unfollowing her just her walking which is strangely satisfying
S My
Wow she's beautiful.
Kong Pel
Cringy to watch 🙈🙈🙈
Soulja Boy
you can tell this bitch treats ppl like SHIT, that's why remy went in on that ass
Lyndon Fair
she fine af
Courtney Holloway
Daisy Ellis
rihanna stills follow nicki u can go check on insta its even in nicki bio😕
Hippie Feelings
I'd love to just throw darts at her and deflate her entire body
I here for it riri! that's to much plastic! they talking about sauce.... the plastic is in ! Omg
i think nicki said oh God when the dude walked by her bc he kinda brushed up against her tryna squeeze through w out saying excuse me..i mean we all would
okayyyy nickiiii i seee you
Tamicka Caster
nicki looks lonely without safari
Space time Theory
That's shit sound like a grocery bag
RihWorth It
Why start drama the last time Rih followed Nicki was 2014, she follow Remy for a year now Remy just start following Rih back a week ago and Nicki start follow Rih again last month
Vineeta Pathak
What's the music track used at the end? Sounds beautiful
Xian Qin
truly,i really don't like nicki minaj since then. but rihanna i really like her so much since first time to see her video.
little lisa simpson
She's all plastic
MissE YouBeen
she's all plastic from head to toe sorry her teeth is porcelain.
Daphne Dapper
She's so disrespectful like that white man was trying to get past her and she rolled her eyes and said "oh god" u dislike boujee bitches like her .
Sharissa Feli
Rihanna unfollowed nick long time ago before the drama !
S. O.
guessing its her response to nicki telling all the flipfloppers to pick a side in her new "no frauds" song
Xavier Randolph
who cares that rihanna unfollowed nicki minaj. why would nicki care. Rihanna and nicki or on the same level
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