Rihanna Unfollows Nicki Minaj and Follows Remy Ma On Instagram

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►Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj Beef: Remy Ma just realesed a diss song called Sheter to Nicki Minaj. Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj Beef Shelter Aftermath.

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Ms tissy
This whipped her plastic ass jacket open like she worked out for that body! Her ass bought that cheap Shit just like that jacket. It's sad how other people misery can affect billions of people. So many women have DIED trying to be FAKE like this STANKY PUSSY BITCH
Director Fabz
I see the plastic "Nicki" #teamriri
June Mac
was she in a paper bag ctfu
5H Fenty
I'm sorry but her hair ugly as FUCK.
Md.Jaman Jim
Meme Jones
Why tf Is everyone coming for nicki nd bitch she aint no porn star its an fucking outfit hoe
Kyara Bruton
This fack bitch her and her barz the navy is get at her
vedji barb
Nicki got more followers on IG than Remy and Riri togheter
ms sexyred sm
love you Nicki,😭😘🙌💕
Fucking weirdos in these comments lmao.
I swear her pu**y probably smells like BACALAO. lol
Manii Mooney
Rihanna follows wetminaj a fan account of her 😂 maybe she got tired of twerk vids
Manii Mooney
I like how everyone sees one clip then knows how Nicki acts all the time 💀 I understand what y'all mean but chill not that big of a deal y'all don't know her personally calm down stop taking it to heart 😂
Aminat Ismail anuobi
what the heck 🙄🙄
that's a true people's star she hold her hairs so they don't block our view to her magnificent boobs.👏👏👏
Dexta Rolle
Dexta Rolle
bb I still cum baebe
it was all good a few months ago now everyone hates nicki right 🤔 #flipfloppers.
Tracy KaPoni
fame and money really can pump ya head up..But it happens; we're only human ...hope she humble up a bit
Tracy KaPoni
She walking like she FULL of SOMMMMETHINNNG but it's nun like a boss or a confident woman...it's toooo much and idk what to call it
Cassandra Amore
I believe Nicki had shown her true colours and it doesn't look very pretty. She tried to come for Remey and remey put her in her place. Now she's trying to come for young Cardi b. Let me say this Nicki your not a rapper your pop instead of running your mouth why don't you go up against Beyonce she's pop if your so big go against queen bee.
Chelsey Martin
Anyone else notice how small her coochie is? Like if you have so much ass and hips your pussy suppose to be fat so that definitely proves her ass is plastic af cause her kitty kat small ☹
villager cutie
murat karatas
guys whats that song at the end
Heldert Thelot
stfu BITCH 👇
Cuddley Bear
Mya Toure
why this chick always taking her clothes off
Miracle Gowing
no rihanna is just a back stabbing bitch who think she is a bad bitch ugh
Ribea Watson
Nicki dissing could take Remy so now bitch dissing my boo cardi b bye Nicki lol
Lol your video seems legit but nicki minaj is following rihanna but rihanna not following her
Goldie Love
now she rockn the Remy signature hair. smh Nicki ain't got no creative style. fuckn swagga jacker. can't stand her over arrogant ass.
Dolly K
It took you 1:30 just to show that she unfollowed Nicki???
King Javonique
Nicki so sexy but that hair childish lol .
Amoy Blake
ofc rihanna is following Nicki minaj only thing is that it's not her real page
Oumer Hab3shi
she should be labeled as a porn star. fake ass bitch
Naomi Sparks
Yeah all this drama omg can we go back to the good times. This too much my
angelo trajano
so fake body dirty black pussy, satan fuck u evil ......
Laysiaa Maraj
Respect My Rasta
Nicki is the real MVP!!!!!!!!
Maria Tee
drake seems ....responsible.
Teresa Barrett
too much weave! I hope it's a wig ,how you sleep in that, she popping the hell out that gum 😂
why was she walking saying "oh god" and smacking her lips.. 🤔😑😂 she always seem uptight and annoyed.
The Revolution won't be televised
neither one is Africa American fuck this fuckery
Krissy Norman
thtz why ??? is Nikki okky.
did anyone notice her walk..them injections cutting her walk off😂😂😂😂😂 i sometimes wonder do they really look at themselves
N 1206
She is such a b*...reason I don't like her. Not because of Remy but because of her. I always loved Remy though soooo...and she can't dance.
Kai Rod
Nicki is bad!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 💋💋💋. Haters Hate thats what dey do... Like she said she got half a mill for remy to go do shows w/o mention to her name.... Waiting.....
Yelly Yellez
Lmao ugh this is cringey bitch is walking like she is the shit flippin her hair with garbage bag on
cattleya z
WTF is she wearing
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