bom89 ar
wat a gay speech
lina Dang
"this is lovely, thankyou" aww I can't stop repeat that. That accent, that look. He is so sexyy :D
Isaiah Gomez
This is the speech he apologized for? Really? It dragged on for a bit, but there wasn't anything insulting about it
Sally Dillon
Louie Genini. Tom isn't old, he's only 35! Don't get your point. He is a superb actor who also has other talents such as si singing,, dancing and impersonations. He's highly educated and a kind and gentle soul. He is also known for his humility so to think he was humble bragging in this speech is just awful.. he didn't deserve the nasty comments and he should not have felt he needed to apologize! This is a quality human being.
Someone stole my sweetroll
Fuck what you think about his speech, let's focus on how sexy the guy is! 😍❤
Actors live up their own backsides. Me me me me me me. Did I mention me me me me. Oh let me tell you about me me me me me. Something about a charity. Me me me me me me.
caramia Nardone
I honestly didn't think his speech was self-glorifying at all. I did not know of those things going on in Sudan.
Tom is such a sweethearted and honest guy, if people think his speech was offensive I'm sure that was not his intention I think they were reading into it wrong.
Club Leo San Miguel De Piura
fuck him!
Roberto Carlos
I love how there's no longer a big screen/small screen division among actors. Now we have amazing actors and actresses in every end of the industry (cinema, theater, television).
Braz Andrade
not a native English speaker here. he is VERY nervous and choose wrong words. but i undertood what he try to speek.
Fucking idiotic Twitter generation.

And I quote:

who are fixing the world in all the places it is broken


So I dedicate this to those out there doing their best.

Selfish c*nt eh?

I am so done with society!! There was nothing- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with his speech! The people who reacted negatively to this are just weird, and not a good weird, but the weird that leaves a pang of frustration and confusion in the mind and soul....I hope we can leave the trend of 'being triggered' behind in 2017! ✌🏽
It was just a bad Segway into the second part of his speech. He has good intentions but it comes off strange. Don't know why it was so overblown
neil eastell
Tom looks much better with a beard
Chew Barka
His intentions are obviously charitable regardless of how it was said. Words are only tools anyway. People getting their trousers sucked into their asses over how his point was articulated, yet what do they do for the indigent?
Tim Hiddleston is a lovely human being, no need to apologize for this. Hugh Laurie's speech, on the other hand, was pathetic.
Percy Cat
feel so bad for all the bad publicity Tom Hiddleston has been getting over this speech, but it will probably all blow over once the new Thor movie comes out lol hang in there Tom!
James Matthews
people are just pissed he wasn't a good "comrad" who made an anti-Trump speech. That's why he was nervous because he knew he was gonna get backlash for not going with the flow.That what all this is about.Good for him. He did his own thing and a told a good believable story. Not some phoney hogwash filled leftist rant.
Ms Pepper
I think the main problem with his speech was that he started talking about awful things going on in the world and it looked like he was building up to this philanthropy inspired speech that would bring awareness to what's going on in Sudan. But instead he talks about how people their love his show, and how he helped them out. I think his heart was in the right place BUT his brain was on vacation.
Andrey Vishnevskiy
By the way some people almost forgot about South Sudan. Now they recall
wow it truly makes me laugh my ASS OUT to see people who are wearing color glasses and saying that he is talking about those stuff just to show how great he is. He is a humble man with good intentions and you guys are not seeing that. No, more like REFUSING to see that. I really don't know what's you guys' problem is but seriously you need to take that color glasses and super "stubborn" earplugs out now and just freakin TRY to listen
Well atleast messing up his speech spread more awareness about the situation in south sudan
Funny Bunny
I think its great because he is also raising awareness for this cause and since people watch him more people will know about it also he was just happy he could put a smile on peoples faces
Leave the man alone. He's been a punching bag for do-nothings since the Swift debacle. Seems like a decent human being, as well as a fine actor. That's more than I can say for his 'peers' that were upset.
Grace Joe
omgggg..... hes so nervous u can tell w/ his voice because its all shakey an his body languge tooo
Sally Dillon
Perusing the comments here, most believe that Tom had nothing to apologize for in his speech. He was nervous and that may have affected his sentence construction. The man is a true gentleman and has been noted for his humility. He has done a lot of work for Unicef and other children's charities. He is currently working on a documentary about the horrible situation in South Sudan. Those in the audience that criticized him were ignorant of his work so they did a knee jerk reaction saying he was self-serving. There is such negativity done for sport out there nowadays. Maybe the snarkers should have taken the time to fnd out what Tom has done before unleashing their mean tweets. Of course they won't because that won't get them any publcilty and i thnk that's what this whole episode was about. Attention and publicity for those smug bastards who likely have done nothing for anyone but themselves!!
Eligant Appiah
I understand his show helped those people get through their times in war zones and it brings the workers happiness but the way he said it may have sounded like he was bragging to some people but he is raising awareness indeed but his way of raising awareness through that speech wasn't right
Randy DeFloon
He's no Danny Kaye.....he's no Kaye Ballard either.
nothing wrong in what he said at all. Unless praising aid workers now makes you an arsehole.
Sarah Shenkan
the negativity about tom is only about that he once dated taylor swift... guys, this not fair.
he is still a great actor and his speech was other than selfish. read between the lines he was talking about.
Andrey Vishnevskiy
Normal speech, not very intellectual or sophisticated, but normal. Not insulting. Why to apologize?
Sarah Ashley
I thought his speech was one the best of the night and very heartfelt. Very suprised to the complaints i saw on internet after that. He always tries to catch everyone's attention to UNICEF and the children all around the world in his twitter and on his instagram. I think he is different from the usual so people judge him away. He is enthusiastic about the things he cares about so much that sometimes it's hard to explain the things he wants to say which happens to me too so I really get what he means.
MC Fitz
I actually don't see anything wrong with his speech.
john adams
I watched the night manager and it was shit.
I think he can say whatever he wants it's his moment and he's probably never won a big of an award like that so it's understandable. If I were winning such a big a award as an animal lover I wouldn't forget to mention or raise awareness on any type of animal related situation cause that's really important to me and we'll of course thank my fans and those who have been there for me. I'm sure Tom is going to be super big he's so elegant and charming there's nothing wrong with his speech. People get mad at everything
What a brainfart.

"The people in South Sudan love me!", okay Tom...okay..
Aww they should leave him alone he was nervous! He wasn't bigging himself up at all
His heart was in the right place.. but all you haters have none.
Bee Bee Roberts
Yadda yadda yadda.....I'm so wonderful and such a good little hollywood puppet!
Sammi ss
He must of made the rich people in the room feel uncomfortable by reminding them there are people who are suffering
Sammi ss
He tried to pull a Dicaprio Oscar speech but just ended up bragging about himself
James Miles
He's a priviledged little wanker. That "little story" was thinly veiled self promotion from a man with a big ego and average talent.
Merrin Buchan
Nothing wrong with what he said. The onus is on the eyebrow-raising, glaring also-rans in the audience.
What is wrong with this speech?? The media is a joke. They are just listening to his speech!!!
There should be a trap door, as soon as these fuckers start blabbing, boom. Into a pit of gators. Fucking cock suckers the lot of them, so fucking brave.
The guy had was nerves with good intentions. Fuck off Hollywood and give the guy a break!
Iceman LeDouche
How the hell can anyone be offended by his speech?! He's actually making people's lives better!
Elfheim Akbar
total piffle...
Celestial Shadows
I really don't see the problem with this speech
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