5 Contestants on The Voice who Auditioned With a Coaches Song

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A compilation video featuring 5 contestants on The Voice who auditioned with coaches songs! 

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0:13 Josiah Hawley - "Sunday Morning" | Picked Usher
1:54 Caitlin Caporale: "Impossible" | Picked Pharrell 
3:32 Jeff Lewis - "U Got it Bad" | Picked Usher
5:09 Monique Abbadie - "Loca" | Picked Shakira 
6:51 Brian Nhira: "Happy" | Picked Pharrell

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SECOND UPDATE Hey guys! I've got some BIG news for this channel once again! Former Voice contestant, Brian Nhira.. Yes, the Brian that's in this video, has agreed to collaborate with WeThePeople! I'm so excited to announce that we're releasing the official music video for his newest single "Would You Still Love Me". Just a heads up, it's amazing.

The video is out right now and I would for you to go and check it out! Here's the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XGmC3S9SkM
VeXeD Mainerac
Shakira is looking hot and bothered by the first guy.
Zaldy Caasi
i thought the thumbnail was "IS THIS MY SON?" LOL
Hsna بن صابر
Melanie Martinez
I love this song
Mec lanche feliz
Eles são ridículos
Jorge Camacho
Deeply verbal they eragozr classroom previously ahead that isolate.
Ohh Less
3:42 when you song better the the original song writer
Zahra Afghan
Zahra Afghan
Wowww very goood
Liza Tiotuyco
twinkle twinkle little star I want to hit you with my car and fly you up so so high until you die twinkle twinkle little star
Bye bye
DIY Feli
Shakira looked extra salty.
why can't Christina turn?
cierra davis
how come when Christina pressed her button her chair wouldn't turn around?
Michael Donley-Tutt
This what I don't get she lovin the voice but she doesn't turn around what in the world 🌎 Is that
Smilegirl 0909
Why didnt Christinas chair turn?
Madi Hi
The first guy is so cute my god❤😂👌🏻
moo milk
brian was good!
Lilly Mae Milker
I can sing.

Twinkle Twinkle little star.
Chloe Xu
For the last one "happy" I was being stupid and started clapping with the audience...😂
dena jr
I love the fourth
How come the guy that sang "You Got It Bad" Looks like Tom Cruise XD
Suicidal Freak
can coaches not hit the button on their own song?
Sailor Rap Monster
I can sing the alphabet songs but not twinkle twinkle little star
why wasn't Aguilera's button working?
Bitch You Triggered af
I can sing A potato flew around my room
Martin Debobes
you forgot Blake Shelton
Aish_ Giraf
Is this was X factor I think Adam Levine would be Simon cowell
Hailey Waite
Faiza Heena
in 1 month 29,000,000 views damnnn
Proshat Notash
justo 4
Mr LoveChubbyGirls
after that they steal their voice Illuminati
Celeste Lydic
who agrees the second person looks like Rebecca Black
Jonh Kerby Adao Vista
Beyoncé Sims
Jazzy Z
on the second one was the judge's button broken?
shakira jamming to her own song 😂
Sly Rob
First guy tried too hard to make it his own, it backfired. Most times sometimes less is more
Pierre Basta
Why can't Christina turn around even if she "buzz" ?!
Daniel Smith
Am I the only one that bloody loves shakira
cedric lugon
would not have turn back for the last one. This is too much similar to Pharell s one
josh wright
1 like = you talk to your crush 2 likes you get laid 3000 likes you become rich
Queen Bri
seems like Blake turns around for everyone
Donald Trump
Collingswoodkm Gaming
Surely there are more than 5 people who auditioned with a Coach's song
Isaac Joselyn
I can sing the alphabet, will that do?
Ale elsha
Minute 1:25... I dreamed 🙈🙈 Shakira 😍
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