SECOND UPDATE Hey guys! I've got some BIG news for this channel once again! Former Voice contestant, Brian Nhira.. Yes, the Brian that's in this video, has agreed to collaborate with WeThePeople! I'm so excited to announce that we're releasing the official music video for his newest single "Would You Still Love Me". Just a heads up, it's amazing.

The video is out right now and I would for you to go and check it out! Here's the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XGmC3S9SkM
drink more bleach
It makes me mad when they're really good and the coach who owns the song doesn't turn.
Jessie Kelly
Christine went to my school
faris abdul aziz
does anybody know the whistling song in the end?
Gumi Megpoid
The last boy is hella boy material lol mehhh baeeeee
Penkhae Hnoomsri
Earl Tarcenio
Joey Latoja
Blue Neverfear.
I Like Maroon 5 Very
Naughty Videos
52 million wtffff!!!!!!
Gilbert Duran
7:47 damn he's good
James Scarborough
I also like the look on Shakira"s face when Blake Shelton hit his button and when Usher hits his button when she presses hers
Lucas Cardoso
Kawaii Sprinkles
that first guy tho♡
cheeseburger4real ___
I would be terrified to audition with one of Adams songs
Muhammad Ardiansyah
rick a
still in love with you
Jon Hohensee
That must suck to hear someone do your song better than you.
Crystal Anime Fan
He is so hot handsome sexy and i like the best is his voice
I hate when judge's push the button at the very last second
Michael Lemus
Usher at 1:36 "well...shit"
Johanne Edouard
love the voice, but I find it a bit irritating when the judges need each other's validation to pick someone. if you're feeling it, pick them, you don't need support. it's almost like a guy who picks a girl because he knows she'll be desirable to other men.
The Beast
They should have Pique come on there and see how Shakira reacts
Pusheen Lover826
Wait... so if Christina said that she did the song with Alicia Keys... what if this was a later season where Alicia was actually in The Voice (like now) and Christina was still in it???? What happens then?? 😂
that josiah guy got me weak...
Youngdagertip crips
how tf is Shakira 40 years old
Laurel Fraser
Shakira looks like at 18 years old.
Zipi Zape
Hasta para escuchar música pone cara de guarra Shakira
Camila Francia
The first is very pretty!!!......😊😊😊
miss friday
where's waka waka???
Maple Syrup
how do the buttons on this work?
Ariana Daisy
3:42 ushers face omg
Olivia Shanks
Why didn't they fix Christina's chair?!
James Scarborough
Has anyone done a Blake Shelton Song yet?
Amy Sykora
Anthotron 1
6:39 last time I went on a rollercoaster
LINE :good512
Vanessa Hesse
loca...loca...loca..!! :) So good, haha!!!
Brother Faisal
So they sing a coaches song and then pick a different coach hahaa
Luiza Helena Chialvo
We ThePeople, I found great the way you edited the presentations, putting the singers names and songs they played. Because of this, you get another one inscribed !!! Best wishes from Brazil !!!
zomb13 mincraft
everything was sexy about that first guy...shew that voice
Iva Sanford
Oden Hero
Basically Kiss ups
Is it just me or doesn't the judge on the left look like that guy from maroon5(well left when turned around)
Moses Hmung
5:11 when I see my parents in the bedroom

; )
shakira is so hot
Shaina Sarah
shakira is so boujee 😭😂
3:40 when your mum walks in with a bucket of KFC
Call Me Meoww
the first guy look like Ant-man ==
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