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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

AA Productions
What is gun powder made from, if not: Charcoal, Sulfur and P.N.?
Miguel Lozano
When roman goes into the gunstore it starts to make me cringe
Bennett Doerr
so he gets a gun for him and then roman just gets a smile more sign thats a big money difference
Eva Gonzalez
i love it Roman the gun
I just bought a f1 skeletonized ar15 its sweet. You can't break it. And their accurate as hell
Danny RBK
Well you have a pond now
Jonathan Castellanos
Jonathan Hi
Mark Morejon
Roman points at pond and says, "We aren't getting a a pool or a pond."

Gail N Gerdts
Hahaha Roman said he'd never get a big pond
jacob duffy
I live in texas
Colton Rufing
Nooooooooo pls more guns
Trent t.
So I guess millionaire people buy other millionaire peoples wives who they barely know( because you know these 2guys are not really friends youtube forces this) 2,000 dollar guns oh yah he gets one also.
Rene Ramos
Tropper Pascoe
I got those same headphones
collin ferraro
Quote "were not getting either one"
Roshan Reji
Loved it
Trent Yates
wot shop do you gat the guns ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Trent Yates
where do you get the guns from?????????????? :)
Narendra Kanaparthi
Your gun looks better than the plank won
Narendra Kanaparthi
I love ❤️ that gun 👌
Narendra Kanaparthi
The hat 🎩 looks good 😊 on you
Narendra Kanaparthi
Roman I am a fan of a fan of you
Colin Turner
I am scorpions where I live but I live in Arizona
Ashton Jones
The tennis launcher has more kick then the Barrett like if agree
Diego Escamillavlogs
Colette Case
it is the real gta gun shop
Gordon shumway
It's demo ranch
Gordon shumway
Rickey Williams
Declan McCarthy
You actually got a pool and a pond
ros tom
lol he was dispointed off roman's gift smile more hahahahhaha
Kalli Abing
I love those guns
austin stewart
roamatwood i love you bro youre the best
Anthony Dunn
you and your family should have a Nerf war
Luis Sanchez
Roman I like blogs
Gavin Trainum
I'm playing GTA now
Latest Toxic
Demolition ranch
Liam Stringer
Have you still got the fidgets available
Johnrobert Ocallaghan
I miss juice
Diane Harrison
Smack your mom and smack your life and I want you nutcracker and can get a load to carry
Right now it would be one dog :-(
nattie chickens
I love off the rach
Cory R
Do you guys know if that was the only one in existence?
"Were not getting either one" (gets both)
Jordan Parks
And it has been 9 months
Jordan Parks
She doesn't use it
john dorsey
CXS 11
Congratulations Roman! You have the pool and the lake!
It's weird cause now he has both pool and lake (2017)
The lost Warrior
could you put an aerosol can in that thing
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