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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Jayden Rodriguez
i like guns
SmartSolid Gaming gaming
There was a rainbow when they where at the pond shooting the ar
Brian J
Hesham Kassim
And come today or tomorrow or after
Hesham Kassim
And by the way I am in oxford 107 hilside dr apartment 107
Hesham Kassim
Hi romanatwood can you give me your number and come to my house
Konnor Coffey
Matt is awesome
Game Task
3:12 hi-point carbine
Daniel Horn
There also used for farms the bird poppers if the birds are eating the crops
Brady. Ploenzke
like my post if you like Roman Atwood's videos.
Bosco Sweenie
8:26 The amount of sexual things i have just thought of
Jake Mullett
His password is "password69" 😂😂 I can read lips
Harman Khehra 2009
bleeps password, Matt says it right afterwards. Also Matt didn't bleep it out.
Tyle Perry
gun testerfee
youngie 8
this was published on my birthday
Richard White
You are the cooled
Joaquin Sotelo
can you cll me
Goaliecjw Mower
No guns everyday
Fear Scopezzz
I would love to see Roman shoot an ak47
Zach Shelton
Who else is here from demo/off the ranch
Charlie Richardson
#iloveguns #votematforgunpresident
Rayden Autumn
2 of my favorite American YouTubers in 1 video, i love it.
Christopher Eipers
I want 1
Saul Ramos
can I visit Matt so he gives me an AR?
chris tijamo
was there a rainbow when he was shooting??
WoW and Tech
So actual grnades... its grEnades, not grnades
Catie Lehman
Matt also is on the channel vet ranch
ruby s
the moment matt gives you 2 badass ar15's and you give him a sign to advertise for you on his channel...
Kasen Olson
wow just wow this is epic:o
Thomas Murphy
best VLog ever
H2OCaleb xx
I know demolition ranch
ask matt if i can get a gun
Sebastian Lucaciu
When you shot in the water, a rainbow formed
Chase Jones
I want a gun now
My pet rock died today

1 like= 1 person who cares
Nathaniel Sallee
make a Channel with DemolitionRanch again it was awesome
Nathaniel Sallee
Nathaniel Sallee
fidget Spinners are awesome get me one please
Micheal Rangel
Roman you liar you have a pool
Lenny Foster
Did you get that gun for free
Ruan Bester
How much does 5.56mm rounds cost in Texas? I'm from SA just Curious...
Pr0x GameR
1:42 wow first time im seeing roman dab
Gtaz :D
shooting starts at 12:00
Ryans vlog Channel
He said I don't think so Skippy😂🤣
15:19 Roman makes a rainbow
Hope Mabe
so that's what I here in my back yard during the . there wicked loud (the guns)
kristen schiaffino
Sw 31 ct
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