Star Trek Discovery – April Update - 1st season starts in September

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Star Trek Discovery – April Update 

Twitch :

There was some alarm in the media and among fans over past few weeks that show might be cancelled. 
Rest assured, that is not the case. However, there are some concerns that need to be addressed, Anyhow all this in April’s update. 

Star Trek Discovery is a new Star Trek series being planned by CBS and Netflix, It’ll air in the US on CBS all Access, and in Canada it’ll air with Bell Media, presumably on CTV, Canadians Television Network. For the rest of the world Star Trek Discovery will air on Netflix. There’s no air date yet, but I am betting it’ll be in mid-September, between 15th and 25th. 


Filming on 3rd episode is almost at an end, and 4th episode is in pre-production, filming should start in early May and be done within two-three weeks. Episode 5 will also be filmed in May, probably mid-May. 

The show will be the most expensive Star trek or Sci-Fi series ever aired on TV, first season is projected to cost $110 million. This includes $25 million two hour pilot and 12 episodes, just over $7 million per episode for total of $85 million. CGI in new Star Trek Discovery better be really good. 

Originally Bryan Fuller was a showrunner, however due to his commitments on other major series, he had to step down as a showrunner. Fuller handed reigns to his colleagues Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts. Bryan Fuller might take over in later seasons as a show runner when his schedule clears a bit. However, we now know why Bryan Fuller resigned, it was cause CBS was moving too slowly and things were really chaotic at CBS. Which is really sad, because Bryan is a true Trekkie and believes in the show, he might return in for 2nd season. He is too big the name to ignore in TV business. 

Most of the pre-production and post-production is done at Pinewood studios in Toronto, with some of the CGI work done here in London. Casting and management remains in Los Angeles. 


Discovery Crew finally is complete. 

Captain: Jason Isaacs, he’ll play Captain of USS Discovery. If you watched Hatty Poter or Black Hawk Down, Peter Pan, Soldiers… you’ll be familiar with Jason Isaacs, if not, time to watch these before you tune in to Star Trek Discovery.  
Sonequa Martin-Green is 2nd in command and she is cast as Rainsford: The lieutenant commander on the USS Discovery. She’ll play main role in 1st season, however this is a Star Trek, so there’s never main role in this show.

Anthony Rapp who will play Lieutenant Stamets  Lt. Stamets, an astromycologist, fungus expert, and Starfleet Science Officer aboard the Starship Discovery. Anthony Rapp is openly gay actor and he played the title role in Broadway Musical “The Rent” and follow up film. Rapp’s character is also openly gay, and this will be the first time in any of the Star Trek series as well.

Mary Wiseman will also be joining the cast as Cadet Tilly, a Starfleet cadet joining the Starship Discovery
Doug Jones will play Lt. Saru, a Starfleet Science Officer and a new alien species to the Star Trek universe, those who followed Falling Skies will be familiar with Cochise, Volm alien who was helping the humans fight off the Espheni Aliens who occupied Earth.

So there are some changes to casting, the changes or re-casting - Shazads Latif who supposed to play Klingon commander, will now play Federation Lieutenant on USS Discovery. He’ll play Lt Tyler on-board of USS Discovery. 
 Rekha Sharma will star as Commander Landry, Starship Discovery’s security officer. Battlestar Galactica fans, should take note here!

Crew of Starship Shenzhou

Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng  a Chinese-Malaysian actress, best known for performing her roles in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, playing Wai Lin, and the Chinese-language martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Michelle will play Captain Georgiou, the Starfleet Captain aboard the Starship Shenzhou

Maulik Pancholy, another brit actor is to play Dr. Nambue, chief medical officer on USS Shenzhou
Sam Vartholomeos is a junior officer on Starship USS Shenzhou.

Terry Serpico known for support role in Purge, the 5th Wave, limitless, will play Admiral Anderson, High ranking admiral in the Starfleet.

Klingons ...

mic of orion
Star Trek Discovery - April Update finally out. Video was done in Adobe Premier CC, with help of after effect as well.
My next Star Trek video should be up by next Sunday, I'll be looking at Star Trek's JJ Universe and i 4th film is a go.

It is official now, first season of Star Trek Discovery Starts in September. Even though I said it in my video beforehand, it is now official. involvement of Netflix is crucial here.
Daniel Brown
Discovery looked like a 'Connie' had sex with a D7. I sure hope you folks moved the nacelles to the rear 25m, moved the primary hull back, refused to add a 'neck', and bent up the 'wings' like on Voyager before she went to warp. ( I know, I know). I'm convinced Discovery can turn out to be a good looking lady. Just shoot the people who approved the first designs.
I say the release date will be September 8th..... the same date as the original show aired
Braxton Curry
Should be called Starship MoHomo
Braxton Curry
Enough with the homosexual agenda. Shit! Go for broke! What? No Homosexual Klingons like Michael Obama?
Samuel Kirk
Trek is dead. We don't need more JarJar Abrams garbage!! Plus we have to PAY to see it? Why not put it on Netflix for everyone or stream free like SUPERGIRL or THE FLASH does on plus focus on ONE character?? Not the entire cast like TOS & TNG & DS9 & VOY & (even the poorly done & inconsistent) ENT!!??? JarJar Abrams killed Star Trek & Star Wars. And that ship.... my dogs leave better shapes in the front yard!!!! Hey, lets be dumb & lazy & use rejected ship designs from TOS!!!!
The Klingons called and they want their D7 hull back.. lazy fucks..
Don't you have a MIc. not going to waste my time reading this shit.
Daniel Yahudah Israel
I can't stand that shitty ship design
Michael McCarty
Thanks for making an absolutely useless video for those who cannot see the screen. Consider your entire audience when you create something.
Ken J Boyd
They need to get it out, or leave Axanar & Renegades to do the new Treks right. All they have done so far is sabotage everything!
Bruce Cox
well I have NO desire to pay to watch this TV series, I can almost hear Gene turning over in his grave.
OMFG. I hate people that use text and music instead of talking. Hey asshole, If I wanted to fucking read I would pick up a god damn book! Not to mention this isn't even a fucking update, it's you repeating the same info that is already out there fuckface.
FD Mackey
This will be a sham of a Star Trek show much like the failed JJVerse movies were. If it survives a single full season I'll be shocked....And won't watch it. CBS and Paramount should be ashamed.
Brett Cooper
The music being used here is ridiculous.
Why are there so many butthurt people here complaining about diversity? Have they completely forgotten about the other Star Trek shows? Even the original series had Mr. Sulu, who was Asian, Uhura, who was black, and Mr. Chekov, who was Russian, and everyone's favourite, Scotty. We all know where his character was from.In DS9: Captain Sisko was black, Dr. Bashir was Indian (played by a non-Indian, Sudanese born actor who grew up in England and was a Muslim).In Voyager: Ensign Harry Kim was Asian, Commander Chakotay was Native American.In The Next Generation: Jordi Laforge was black and so was Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg), the Klingon Worf was played by a black guy (Michael Dorn), Deanna Troi was a British actor whose parents were Greek immigrants.In Star Trek Enterprise: Ensign Mayweather was black and Lieutenant Hoshi Sato was Asian.So really, why is it NOW such a big deal with this new series? Who cares?
Having an ongoing story arc is a positive step which will help eliminate the oddball boring episodes which have peppered the other series over the years. Is there a reason that the captain of the Shenzhou happens to be Chinese? If a starship was named Soyuz does that mean the captain has to be Russian? Is this a reflection of the underlying politics of Starfleet? Does anyone with insider information know what cadet Tilly's first name is? Thanks.
Steven Fidler
10 minutes of text reading in a video? I am going to go read a book instead. By the way, I didn't get past the first 30 seconds.
And here we go with the ripped off idea from Axanar.I'm a huge Star Trek fan but cbs screwed it for me.Not really fussed if this works or not now..They should have still worked With Axanar.Would have been a win/win situation then!!
Joshua Calkins
Good info and pics. Pleasant video.
The shows have always had a main character, and it's always been the person in charge. They may have loosened up a lot since the days when Shatner was counting lines, and there are entire stories without the "star", but if somebody told you there was one person listed first in the credits and making the most money, you'd know who it was. With the exception of the "Commander" Sisko years, the captain is always considered the top billed star.
Bradley Fortner
Please do it right...Please. I need me some GOOD Star Trek.
Season 1 starts in september ... because that's your GUESS?! Please don't write something like that in your title if you're not sure!
B. Carlsen
Prepare for the death if Star Trek...This juggernaut of SJW stuff will be weekly lessons in all of us checking our privilege...What mess. This will make Ghost Busters 2016 look good by comparison.
Red Alert,.....Venereal Disease Starship STD approaching up the rear, all photon torpedoes at this piece of shit and get us out of here full warp.
This will be an epic SJW FAIL of the highest order,.......
Ben Cook
i want it to be good... but know inside it probably wont be
Brian Beard
Brian Beard
SO the bad guy from "The Patriot " is the CAPTAIN????
guy tremblay
really ugly design for a ship from the startrek franchise even the Faraget and the Nostromo looked better
jeff clark
Fuk CBS for ruining the franchise.
Kikaha Starmade
That ship is ugly.
Noah Boddy
This show will go down as the most expensive flop in television history and will most likely kill the franchise. If that is not yet obvious, then take off the rose-colored glasses and smell the politically correct bullshit.
VR 360 TV
What a waste of time, people are busy man, can't be waiting around all day for little slides of information with very bad stock music behind . Sorry but got to give this a dislike. On the bright side it's someone interacting with your content and good for your YouTube stats.
Jadin tenax
I have a BAD feeling about this...... But in all honesty I have little hope for it all. A lot of what I have seen and read seems to scream "Reboot". And if they would just come out and say it was, then I could ignore it and move on. But time will tell. I'll watch the two hr 1st showing. After that, YouTube will go crazy and we shall all be there.
Shawn Hall
for $10 million one would think they would come up with a ship that isn't ugly as a mud fence.
prince vince
they need to cancel this show. have you seen the dumb looking ship...
Word of advice drop the stupid music. And stick to a specific print color and solid background.
Ryu Soma
really great update - a bit of constructive advice - lime green on white background is really hard to see and the fontsize throughout the video changed - some was bold others wasn't. Might pay to just add a black strip at the bottom of the screen to put the writing.
Well, since this show has gone PC, where are American Indians, or Eskimos or Buddists? Gays are only 3% at best of the population, but the GAYSTOPO demands there be one on every tv show and movie in existence. Pathetic.
Mark Mejia
Mark Mejia 2 hours ago
Space race ism....No Hispanics Allowed?

Captain April to Mark Mejia

Highlighted reply
2 hours ago
Would you care to explain this??

Mark Mejia 26 minutes ago
Hi, Just got back from Wendy's when I saw your post.. "Sure, I would. What would you like me to explain"??

Mark Mejia
Mark Mejia 25 minutes ago
Never mind. I think I know what may be on your mind; and explanation for the post "Space race ism...No Hispanics Allowed.?

Mark Mejia 11 minutes ago (edited)
Ok: Put simply: Star Trek Discovery appears to purposely omits Hispanics from this new series, despite the fact that - Almost half of California appears to (as of 2017) be made-up of Hispanics. I don't know how close you are from Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. I however, worked just down the street from the studios. Used to pass by the front entrance every week during my lunch hour at Los Angeles City College. And, I can tell you this: That area of town (the Los Angeles Metro Area) IS filled full of 1st and Second World Hispanics and their extended families. ....But, this new series intends to create this wonderful fiction, that Hispanics simply - "Do Not Exist In The Future; My Future.

Now, you have to ask yourself: What kind of message does this new series intend to send the public this year? Are they telling me/my child/my family/my friends/my contemporaries/my friends who are not in-fact Hispanic, that [my son] or [my white stepdaughter] will never be allowed in space because he (my son) and she (my stepdaughter) is Hispanic and has a Hispanic Stepfather, - who is neither White, Asian, Indian, or maybe Black....? Is this the message because that is the message that is being projected as of now.

From what I see as the current line-up, everybody is anything - but Hispanic. That my friend IS the message whether the powers that be care to acknowledge it or not, and it really does need to change. It's unfair and very 50's and 60's - and not in a good way. *On another note: How are you getting on? I hope and trust all is well. It does look like things are looking up with you. You take care of yourself Captain April. All the best, Mark Mejia, J.D. Candidate
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Mexican Star Trek - Mad TV
They're going to have some really heavy actors and with the money they're spending if they have strong script writing, STD should be a huge success. I'm looking forward to seeing this;)
Rob Evans
Shame I couldnt read the light green font on a bright set of pics... Guess that didnt matter as nothing new reported
Illusive Man
Why is it worth mentioning if actors are gay.
Daniel Appleton
I'd rather watch a good series with solid character development & good storylines, good backstories..... Like The Expanse. & I don't have to join a streaming subscription service & pay extra to see it. Never mind that it doesn't have warp - drive, etc. Also Dark Matter & Killjoys are quite enjoyable too. Discovery pretty much dropped off of my radar screen earlier, sorry .
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